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Friday, February 23

Who...Who Are You? - The Who - That's Who

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Yes...Yes I DO have 10th row floor seats for this concert this evening. I will be rocking tonight! Hopefully, I won't be too hung over tomorrow to come back and update with a story of how fabulous the show was!

I must go now...dinner reservations at 6pm...at Sterling's Seafood & Steakhouse at the Silver Legacy...then off to The Who. Wish you could be here :)


Yes, the show was amazing. There aren't quite words to describe an awesome show. Well worth the price of the tickets! We were on the 10th row with center isle seats. The band rocked non-stop for more than two solid hours and brought the house down. The Who easily ranks right up there with the known show bands Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith. Great show, great time!