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Tuesday, March 6

Get White - Get Bright - EveryDentist.com

SMILE! – Show me those pearly whites. Oh, you don’t have pearly whites? If you’ve never tried out cosmetic dentistry, don’t wait any longer. I finally purchased the products for teeth whitening, and with regular use, it works like a charm.

Cosmetic dentists (and many general dentists) will have you make an appointment and take an exact impression of your upper and lower teeth. They will make a mold for you, and give you a bleaching substance for you to fill the mold with. At home, every other day, you will fill the mold and place the bleaching material in your mouth and leave it for at least 2-4 hours. Many people just sleep with them in for longer lasting results.

The bleaching substance doesn’t taste bad, and in a couple of weeks, you can really tell the difference. Check out the dentist directory at EveryDentist.com and search out a dentist in your area. I found several dentists from Reno listed here. Get white, get bright!