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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Monday, March 19

Monday Mailgasms

Monday Mailgasms…

What are these you might ask? Well, a favorite blogger of mine, Jim at Life On Planet Jim, started publishing Monday Mailgasms a while back. I laugh at all of his, and told him we should all start doing these for extra humor… I warned him I was going to copy his idea, and I have. Jim…I still think you should start a Monday Mailgasm Blogroll :)

Mailgasms are the trash e-mails we toss from our boxes daily and never even bother to read the content, because the subject lines (and senders) are so ludicrous. We are all bombarded with the standard Viagra, Cialis, Ambian, semen increasing magic, and penis enlargement possibilities. Mailgasms are the other ridiculous things that might surprise you in your junk box. Jim always provides a humorous caption or comment, I’ve decided to try…I’m sure I cannot do him justice:).

From / Subject:

  1. BNoe BRead: inconsistent agricola - Does this mean there’s a problem with the growing of Coca Cola products now???
  2. Warren: hospice indistinctly – Oh no, is this like a blind date when you’re terminally ill with a random date of no distinction?
  3. Patty Dudley – dignified getup – Patty, your name alone is a getup…not so sure how dignified…
  4. No Name: overbearing noxious – If I smelt like you, I wouldn’t leave my name either…
  5. Wilfred Avila: With an obscene blonde mullet – Joe Dirt – you’re back! We’ve missed you!
  6. Julius Wells: so go voluntarism – So go you…right into the trash bin!
  7. Kaufmann: unless you protest naked – What? If I don’t protest naked, no one will see my sign…geezzz…

Well, have a nice day all…we’ll laugh again next week at the new junk mail…