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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Thursday, March 8

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things about Malinda
Daylight savings time comes back this weekend...YEAH!!! Every year when this time comes, I have that "moment" of rejuvination that makes me want to accomplish a lot. It usually goes away quickly...but here are thirteen things I really need to do with the onset of spring... Wish me luck, this may be my post next spring as well :) Damn the procrastination!

1. I need to clean out my clothes closets and GET RID of that tired old stuff that's "too good" to throw away, but I will never wear again because it's "not good enough" to wear any more.

2. I must organize the office in my home that looks like Hurricane Katrina stopped by and blew through.

3. I must go through endless boxes of files and shred the crap that no one will ever want to see anyway and I don't know why I keep it.

4. I have a dying old PC in my office that's been neglected for the laptop I can sit on the couch with. I have it running just for the simple reason to "connect" our wireless network together. I must go through it and debug it, get all the files I want off of it, and give it some much needed TLC and peace.

5. Oh, the horrid "tupperware" cabinet and pots & pans cabinet. I need to park my lazy ass on the kitchen floor and go through it all and organize the stuff so that when I open the door, at least something doesn't fall out on my head or in my lap. (We went on a vacation once for a week and my Mother-In-Law stayed with our son...when I came home, she had done all that...DAMN, I couldn't talk her into moving in)

6. I must purge all my files at my office for 2006. Buy new folders, build boxes, and get it all stored away.

7. I need to go through all my e-mail addresses and phone numbers (many on scraps of paper in a drawer) and see who's still around and who has changed, and make a better attempt at keeping in touch.

8. Husband & I need to spend an entire weekend at least and go through tons of boxes in our garage. If we haven't looked through it in the 7 years we've lived there...we probably don't need it. We might be better served to just burn the garage down :)

9. I need to get outdoors more. With the onset of spring, I need to take my new camera out and get photos of the beauty around me. The exercise wouldn't hurt me either :)

10. I need to go through all the dead drawers and under-counter space in our bathroom. Why do we save tiny bottles of shampoo and boxes of every kind of OTC medication known to mankind for years on end? I could heal and beautify a small third world country I'm sure with all the "goodies" stored that I never look at :)

11. I need to drag every photo I have stored on about 4 computers together and organize some kind of real photo album....put the photos on CD's and actually give each of the hundreds of them a better title than POOO3497.jpg

12. After I've accomplished these things (NOT...) I need to reward myself with a dozen stiff cocktails and just walk around the house smiling :)

13. I NEED TO GET THIS BLOG FIXED!!! My design girl is very busy and hasn't returned my e-mail yet, but I'm still working on it! Thanks for being patient with this crappy design, and stay tuned for a better look :)

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