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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, March 21

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things about Being A Mom...

Boy, you start out as a little girl, grow into a teen, do good in high school, and go through everything everyone else goes through. Most of life is wonderful, but there are those times... A few of "those times" occured in youth. Actually, most of those times occur in youth.

No matter how mature you are, no matter how much your parents prepare you for life, life does come. And sometimes it comes hard. Now, my sons are 6 years apart. And, six years is really a long time. I remember the times 6-10 years ago when it was my oldest son (now 23) that had those times. He has grown, and outside the run of the mill bad times and days we all have, he is growing into the man. My youngest however is just about to be 18 and entering college, and voila...we are going through some of the "hard times" again.

I have one that's "known" his girlfriend since 8th grade, and has been "steady" since late freshman year / sophmore year. We are in March, and graduation will be late May, early June.
And...yes...for those that regularly read me...WE are all early or full blown middle age.

Remember...Oh Lordy...I do... That lure of college, future, and all that goes with that rushes all in that age group. Well, my young man has gotten the "let's just be friends" speech. And that's after being the perfect couple for several years. Both incredibally good looking, and both successful, both star athletes, and etc., etc...

And, as Mom... several years later than the last time I had a child in this spot... It brings back high school and life, and normalcy, and the abnormal pain of it all, and the joys of it all.

This weeks 13 is to BOTH of my wonderful sons, and the wonder and amazement they both bring to me, and the huge wish that I could always fix what is broken, but I cannot. It's the list of random thoughts that who knows what comes to mind, but life goes on, and the greatest thing I have ever experienced is being BOTH of their mother's... IF I COULD TAKE ALL OF YOUR PAINS I WOULD...BUT I CANNOT...You must grow and feel it all. Remember, without rain, we would never have a rainbow...and SHOOT FOR THE MOON...IF YOU FALL...SO WHAT, YOU MIGHT LAND ON A STAR!

1. Remember the humor of Caroline with the saddle oxford shoes? She was the humorous one, and the youngest of all the "boy" delimmas I remember.

2. Remember "Shiela, or Elisha"... that I took you to the movies with... that when I met her at a school function, that I could not believe how much she looked like me?

3. Remember the many girls you had...remember Katy that I thought was perfect for you but later turned out to be that perfect friend that you and I now love to say hi to and is always welcome.

4. Remember the first time you sat as a grown man and cried with Mom over Kim? And now, although you will always remember, you are so much better off where you are?

5. Remember that you always swore that you would never need a girl, that who could ever need anything beyond dirt bikes and fishing?

6. Remember skate boarding in the park, and "girls" just didn't get into the REAL stuff?

7. Remember (BOTH of you) the times I took you skating and when I came to pick you up in the parking lot, and was waiting for you to come out, that all the little giggly girls (all georgous) would swarm my car and tell me, "Oh, you're HIS Mom...he's soooooo cute", and you just didn't care...

8. Remember when I married your stepfather and we moved into our new beautiful home in August...and at Halloween we had a house warming / trick or treat party that the "girl / granddaughter next door" came dressed as a total princess? I commented that Mia was SO beautiful, perhaps you should say hi. You stated that NO...she is the village bicycle! I asked how a 12-13 year old could be that!

9. Remember being the young man that was allowed to go alone (dropped off) to the Arena Cross races and later picked up...and only being given enough money to buy a ticket and buy a hot dog and a T-Shirt...and coming home with expensive goggles or other "biking" trinkets... and mom accusing you of possibly stealing... And then when the truth came out... a young lady of not so moral fortitude had a "pit pass" and lifted her shirt for the pros and scored you the goggles?

10. Remember the many Christmases and Valentines and Birthdays we've shared and given cool presents to girls that come and go.

11. My sons...many will hate me for this, but women come and they go. It's the normal course of life. MANY GREAT WOMEN come and go...I know this because I'm a woman. I cannot save you from the female heartache, but I will triumph with you when you find the one.

12. I wish for both of you all the happiness in the world. Both of you have been angered with me when I did not like a girl of your current choosing. I stand by my principal...It matters NOT to me the material worth, or social status of ANY woman you choose to bring home. As the mother of my sons, it only matters to me that you have a responsible woman, and a woman that has your best interest at heart. And...to the liberal folk that may read this blog... I DO WANT MY YOUNG MEN to have women that whether raised in the South or not... KNOW that it IS A WOMAN'S JOB AND DUTY to have her man, her children, and her household as her first priority. YES, all of us women do have to work in today's world, but a woman's true place is in the home, and a good woman must find the ability to balance the career, her husband, and her children. END OF STORY!

13. THE HARDEST LESSON I EVER LEARNED IN RELATIONSHIPS...ARE YOU HEARING ME HERE...The hardest of all is DON'T CALL. Ooops...nowadays, it's texting (I call it thumbing)... you should see these kids these days finger fiddle a cell phone. I'm of the age that cell phones are still an amazement. I DON'T GET THE EFFORT TO HIT LITTLE BUTTONS OVER AND OVER TO TYPE A DUMB MESSAGE THAT IS LIKE ( h r u) and that means, "How are you?". FREAKING push 7 buttons and CALL THEM!

AND BTW young sons...when I was growing up...GIRLS WERN'T ALLOWED TO CALL BOYS!!! It's the normal course of life to have a courting process which involves manners and men courting women. STOP LETTING THESE GIRLS CALL YOU AND GIVE YOU SHIT~

Papa Bill would have put his arm over your shoulder and told you that, "Son, she's not worth your time"... My Daddy would have told you about the cracked vase...you can glue it together, but it will always be cracked to the owner. However, some cracks give a certain glory and antique value to an object, so you decide... If you still love that glued together cracked vase, then keep it, if not...OUT!

AND...although I don't live by it as I should... my favorite quote is...Grass isn't greenest on the other side of the fence, it's greenest where it's watered...Go home, water your grass...

Love ya boys...AND every story needs and oxymoron..BEHIND EVERY GOOD MAN IS A GREAT WOMAN...

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