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Tuesday, April 24

Mexica Movement - Roosevelt High School Mural

WOW! These people make Don Imus look like a saint! Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, CA proudly displays THIS MURAL which "celebrates" the history of the Anahuac, Hispanic, and Latino people. Pictoral images depict "evil Europeans" destroying their people and causing the demise of "their nation". They claim that white people are the illegal aliens, they call us colonial squatters and say we have caused the artificial division of their people.

Many claims of outrage have been made to the powers that be in Los Angeles County, but the school board administration's official response was that there is NO INTENT to remove this mural, as it merely presents a "different perspective".

The group responsible for this outrage call themselves the Mexica Movement, and they vow to take back the continent that belongs to them.

They claim groups like the Minute Men are white supremacists, and demand they be deported back to Europe. They show them depicted like the Klu Klux Klan wearing white hoods. They boycott Disney movies, and march in our streets. They claim the borders of our nation are artificial, and they hold claim and rights to the entire continent and all of its natural resources. These people are a disgrace to the millions of citizens of all colors that have made America their homeland and live as free, law abiding citizens.

Come on, Americans OF ALL COLORS AND RACES...how is this allowed to continue? The white people have become so insanely politically correct to avoid "hurting anyone's feelings" in conversation, that now ANY WHITE PERSON that makes any form of comment whether joking or not that refers to any other race or group is immediately chastised, fired, and beat over the public chopping block. Yet, powers that be from all cultures in America needlessly let this kind of thing go on while turning a blind eye. UNBELIEVABLE!