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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Thursday, April 12

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Things about Malinda's Week

This has been one of those whirlwind weeks. I’ve had my hands in so many pies this week, I’m not sure if I’m the cook or the gooey black stuff that remains on the bottom of the oven when the pie is baked. It’s been a crazy news week, a crazy work week, and a crazy personal week. In that light, my list this week is about Things Learned / Or Things I’m Reminded of That Haven’t Come Up In Years…

1. My oldest son works for me, but at a different location than I. He was by my place the other day and gave his Mom a big ‘ole hug on the way out. It reminded me of how special those hugs are, and how many people live so far away from their kids they cannot hug them often. I was also reminded to cherish every one.

2. People usually work for us for some time at a stretch, so interviewing is something I haven’t done in a long while. We’re hiring a couple right now, and I was shocked at how some people actually come to an interview. When asked, “So, where are you employed now, or what kind of work have you been doing recently?”, and the person GLEEFULLY answers with great enthusiasm and confidence, “A-B-S-O-L-U-T-L-Y NOTHING!”…and says it with such joy… like coming back to work will be a nuisance. Not a good thing to say on an interview. Or, for someone applying for a mechanic’s position to saunter through the door dragging up their baggy gangster pants hanging far too low even when pulled up, states, “Uh…hmmnn…so like do ya need to have tools to work here?”…Well…like DUH…it is a repair garage… Or like the fellow that e-mailed for an application from the Ivory Coast of South Africa? Weird…

3. While keeping my eye on a certain very young man in his first real job…he’s been doing a good job for his employer, and the employer had to leave town on an emergency. The young man got a key to the place for access in the employer’s absence. His eyes beamed, he was proud. It reminded me of how good it really felt so many years ago when you tried hard and your boss acknowledged it, and how good it felt to gain new trust and responsibilities. I decided I will let my employees know a little more often when they do something special…not enough of that going around in today’s corporate America.

4. As with family and/or good friends, if you love someone long enough, and are around them enough…sooner or later…you will offend one of them, or they will offend you. Sometimes heart felt apologies cannot fix it, it leaves an imprint of sadness on the heart that takes a long time to work its way out. Life goes on.

5. Spring can be eternally aggravating. Just when you come out of the winter doldrums and begin to enjoy the sunshine, Old Man Winter decides to mess with your head a bit and it snows. It gets all nice and warm again, then here comes a rain and wind storm. I’M READY FOR SUMMER!

6. I must be getting lame in my old age. After really busy and trying days, I find great comfort and joy in chilling on the couch with my laptop and punching away at various games at Pogo.com. Is anyone else about half addicted to Pogo? Love those weekly challenges and badges. It reminds me of free day at school many years ago when the entire day was devoted to fun and games on the playground.

7. Attempting to be healthier is VERY HARD. The effort to eat better and things of more nutritional value, trying to drink less and get at least some form of regular exercise is not very fun. Again, I’m ready for summer. At least when we go boating and camping, I get some physical workout and some needed sunshine and outdoor labor.

8. Through some trying times lately, I’ve been reminded of the old saying…”Don’t sit in your glass house and throw stones”. Many people see one little thing about a person, or hear one thing, or read only one piece that someone’s written…and suddenly…that person’s entire character, life history, and personality is judged by a minute portion of a couple of hours. That’s really sad that the world has become that shallow, and I think we all find ourselves guilty of that at times…so the lesson is a blanket to be laid across both sides of the fence.

9. I think I miss Walter Cronkite. I miss the news coming on once or twice a day, or reading it in the paper a couple of days a week. Even though I’m a cable news junkie now…it really seems that in order to fill 24 hours in a day on several news networks…we rant on and on about stuff and people that just really don’t matter. There are so many other things that our news could be teaching us about and informing us of…my brain is growing tired and apathetic about all the useless stuff it gets filled with.

10. I didn’t realize how very many “laypeople” have no clue what a blog is. It’s a personal place where individuals vent their feelings, write about things they find interesting, newsworthy, or humorous. I’ve even referred to it as the place where sometimes my evil twin comes out to play, or the place where my supposed intellect occasionally gets to spread its wings and try to fly. A blog is a place where people who may have great writing talents, but don’t do it for a living, express their writing styles. Some advertise, some give tips and tricks of their particular trade, many are personal diaries and family pages. All blogs though are personal on some level. Funny thing is…nobody really reads the stuff anyway. Usually, only other bloggers read your blog. Usually, even regular blog readers live in a far away city, state, or even another country all together. Reading others’ blogs is a great insight to the wonderful human race and all our differences and likenesses. I enjoy blogging; I intend to continue to do so. I LOVE TO have readers and lots of them, but I don’t. I’m just a chick in Reno doing her thing like everybody else. Blogging is sometimes like great therapy, but you don’t have to pay anyone $125 per hour to speak twice to you in that hour to only say…,”So, how does that make you feel, and why do you think you feel that way?”, or “Well, our time is up, I think we’ve covered some good ground here today.” People will leave you comments on “how you feel”, and let you know if your covered ground was good, or not so good…it’s wonderful. We all become each others therapists…and it works wonders. Some think it’s a lame hobby, but there are several million of us, so I think it’s a great thing, and a wave of the future. For those people that do not understand the value and worth of blogging, don’t be so quick to judge the millions of us that truly enjoy the process. I had a couple of e-mails this week from readers that do enjoy my little space in blog world. It’s so nice to hear that I make a few laugh, or that you read a post that helped you through a troubled time in your life. Thanks to those that take the time to comment, or write a special note. We all like those warm and fuzzy e-mails…it keeps us writing. BUT MOST OF ALL…WE LIKE COMMENTS :)

11. I’ve learned this week that if I don’t learn better how to compose my Thursday Thirteen’s…I may get kicked out of the club house :) I’m such a babbler. My “lists” always turn into essays!

12. Boy the news lately huh? Everybody wants a ride on that Freedom of Speech bus as long as they are fighting for the freedom of only speech they approve of. People have really got to get thicker skin. You just cannot go through life running to the teacher every time little bobby calls you a poopy head (as another blogger said in a story I read). And for those that get caught in the hell fire…be a little more careful of what you say, and where. People aren’t afraid to fight back these days.

13. IT’S THURSDAY…Girl’s night out on the river for me. I don’t get to do that but every few months…YIPPEE! My best friend is old enough to be my Mom, and we have a few in the group in between. But evenings spent at her house listening to the river water rush down its banks in the back yard will sooth any tired ‘ole Thursday Thirteen soul…

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