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Tuesday, April 3

Tom Coburn Defends Pork Spending

I have been so angry for a long time about all the “pork spending” that gets approved within bills put before our USA congress. (Pork Spending is the MILLIONS of dollars elected officials SLIP INTO legislation to further causes that are STUPID and will gain “somebody’s” respect that DOESN’T HAVE A DAMN CLUE OR CARE to the individual needs of “-‘WEE’ THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE” Until not too awful many years ago…ME AS A NORMAL USA CITIZEN…had NO IDEA that a bill put before our congress EVEN HAD THIS BULLSHIT IN IT.

I’m of the old-school redneck type that first learned about a “bill” from Scholastic Rock! How cute and informative was that in the 70’s and 80’s? (Another worthwhile effort no longer around)… CLICK HERE to hear how I learned about a BILL…

When I became a business owner, many organizations hit me up to “learn” about what is and what isn’t good for small business owners, and normal Conservatives. NFIB has been one of the best organizations I’ve found that taught me a lot.

ONE THING I’ve NEVER UNDERSTOOD is WHY NO PERSON IN CONGRESS will stand up and protect all of us citizens (that vote them in), and why NONE OF THEM EVER HAS THE BALLS to stand up for the constituents and PROTECT US from useless spending of our “leaders”.
PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to watch this SIX MINUTE VIDEO of Tom Coburn’s (Senator – Oklahoma) interview on 20/20 with John Stossel regarding wasteful pork spending within the latest bill before Congress that the President will VETO. Among MANY wasteful spending suggestions was an “emergency” $100 Million for security at political campaign national conventions. Tom Coburn stated that our “leaders” would need to choose between booze and balloons over bullets and body amour. What a sad state our country is in that OUR LEADERS choose to spend our money for parties over troops that VOLUNTEERED to save us from radical terrorists! I’m personally ashamed.

It’s a mere SIX minutes out of your life to see where ONE MAN who was elected from the private sector as a doctor REALLY WANTS TO PROTECT ALL OF US from Congressional Bullshit!

As badly as President Bush is NOT a great public speaker, there is even a “blip” of HIM looking dazed and confused at how our Democrats want to spend YOUR MONEY for superfluous causes…disguised as “EMERGENCIES”… There are EVEN threats by another woman in Congress vowing to (in so many words) “Watch out. if you pick on my spending efforts, I will be watching you very closely to pick on yours!” HOW STUPID…this is KINDERGARTEN CONGRESS…STOP IT NOW!
It wouldn’t matter to me if Tom Coburn was a Democrat, a Republican, or a GREEN MARTIAN!...this is the kind of response I WANT from ANYONE who’s in charge of my PAYCHECK!!!