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Wednesday, September 5

Fred Thompson Announces Presidential Run

Fred Thompson has so far been my favorite possible candidate for president. Yes, he’s been silent for what some believe to be too long. However, I have believed in him for the simple fact that he seems real, and Lord knows…we could surely use a dose of REAL in this nation. NOT reality, as the new catch phrase is reality TV and reality Celebrity, that’s all BS. USA NEEDS REAL. George Bush, one of my favorite Texans, had the ability to be real, but somewhere along the line, he lost his nuts, never passed English obviously, and just didn’t have the Moxie to stand up to more against him than for him. The only man that can save this nation will have to be able to stand up against, and explain to, and make understand, and defeat more people against him than for him. Otherwise, we might as well get prepared for more trouble than good.

I’ve been absent from this blog for over a month. Not because I want to, just simply because life in general demands my attention. I think Fred Thompson is smart enough to know that his world is no different than ours. There is truly NO NEED to hammer us all “average Joes” with an election more than a year from when it takes place.

Absent though I’ve been of late through a new computer system costing over $50,000 for my companies, becoming an empty nester having just put my youngest son in college, gaining a new puppy, and wheeling and dealing a new building for one of our companies…I’ve just not either had the time or some of my desired energy to attend this blog. But when it’s important, and the right time…I try to make it a point to show up and do it. Tonight is the time. Fred’s coming out :) And, I believe he’s coming out at the right time. But, let’s see…

Now… in my absence, I have been saving things that spark me about Fred. I hope he’s the one, I reserve my decision until voting day, but so far…he’s my pick.

Please click on the links below to see why I’ve so far considered Fred the man. Keep in mind, his decision (or not) depending on the links below could be a deal breaker. Spencer Abraham is NOT A MAN OF CHOICE… is he a pick or not in the campaign…see links below. Also, rumors have flourished that the retired Karl Rove might get involved. I’ve sent a mere $50 to Thompson so far. If he decides to surround himself with less than competent leaders, or fallen “fall guys”, I may not continue my support. We’ll see. For now…COME ON IN FRED…LET’S SEE WHAT YOU’VE GOT :)

My links stem from June until August… see if these stories still ring true, or if some of it will be forgotten and misspoken…

Thompson on the Queen / Salmon Rushdie

Thompson on Darfur / Genocide / Global Warming

Fred Will Speak Out!

Fred’s Comments On Many Issues

Malkin on Thompson & Spencer Abraham

Texas Fred / Fred Thompson / Abraham Out?

Now, I've not checked on any of these sites to see if any changes have come since original articles, but it's always interesting to see what's BEEN said prior to seeing what's ABOUT to be said on the Jay Leno Tonight's Show in one minute