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Thursday, January 3

ALIPAC Responds to Iowa Caucus

I just received this e-mail from ALIPAC. I wanted to share it with you...

Friends of ALIPAC,

We did the best we could in Iowa to warn GOP voters about Huckabee's hidden amnesty.

Tonight the results are showing a clear win for the Huckster in Iowa.

While many Iowans heard our message by automated call and about 15 minutes of radio ads, they were very likely puzzled.

How could it be that if Mike Huckabee really said he had a plan for the illegals to leave and be back in days, that it wouldn't be in the newspapers? Wouldn't it have been reported on Fox news and CNN? Wouldn't that information be in the candidate commercials?

The truth, to our knowledge, is that no major network covered the story and no newspaper in Iowa covered the story. The only newspaper in the nation to cover it was the Washington Times. Even the Lou Dobbs Show failed to warn Iowa voters about the Huckabee 'back in a day' amnesty.

So, as we spent our few thousand dollars amongst the millions of dollars being spent to influence the campaigns and unfortunately the failure of the Main Stream Media to do their job as the guardian of our Republic was to much for us overcome.

We were able to get the word out in certain places, however, the corporate media shielded the Huckster on this one.

We know the truth. We have watched the Fox video from Dec 9 with Huckabee's comments and we know the Pence Plan and the Cornyn & Kyle bill which contained the same thing Huckabee wants.

Another conflicting factor is that GOP voters did not have many directions to take their votes to a perceived front runner, since McCain and Guiliani are known amnesty supporters. Both of these candidates did not fare well in Iowa.

We want everyone to keep in mind that we are fighting our elite adversaries on their turf. We have pushed this issue and this cause right up on the doorstep of the most expensive office on the planet!

We are eating them alive in the states and towns! We defeated them in the Senate, where they thought they could not be beat! Now they have most of their cards in the Presidential races, where their extreme wealth has the best chance of influencing the outcome of the races.

So many of you gave generously and worked very hard on this effort in Iowa and we want to thank you from our hearts.

While ALIPAC has enjoyed a great success rate with many other campaigns before now, this one did not go our way.

There are so many things which influence the outcome of campaigns that are simply beyond anyones control.

The truth is that our supporters did an excellent job on this effort. We fought smart and efficiently. We fought very well as a team. Most importantly, we fought on behalf of the truth against an opposition strong hold deep in enemy territory.

The Open Borders Lobby is not happy that this issue is on fire and they are having to go to such elaborate measures to try and secure their agenda.

We will take what we learned from this effort and use it to become even stronger. We have picked up many new supporters during the course of this effort.

Each week we get stronger and our numbers grow.

We will stay the course and many battles will be won and lost.

We will have future victories, perhaps in the states, Congressional Campaigns, and campaigns for US Senate.

Win or lose, we will trudge forward with resolve and absolute determination.

Let us pray for guidance and lose a round with the same grace we would display in victory.

Our eyes remain fixed on the objective we share to save this nation, reverse illegal immigration, restore the Rule of Law, and restore the American Republic.

Thank you all for your hard work and sacrifice.

William Gheen




(#'s at the time of this e-mail)

Rep votes are individual voters

Mike Huckabee 35,401 34%
Mitt Romney 26,167 25%
Fred Thompson 13,834 13%
John McCain 13,556 13%
Ron Paul 10,040 10%
Rudy Giuliani 3,590 3%
Duncan Hunter 457

Dem votes are Caucus wins

Barack Obama 929 38%
John Edwards 738 30%
Hillary Clinton 728 29%
Bill Richardson 52 2%
Joe Biden 23 1%
Uncommitted 3 0%
Chris Dodd 1 0%
Mike Gravel 0 0%
Dennis Kucinich 0 0%