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Thursday, January 3

Fred Thompson ROCKS IOWA

Look left. I like that look, that look makes me feel confident in the man I am looking at. I am actually excited about the results in Iowa!! I don’t think it’s a big secret that in the beginning of all this campaign hoopla, that in the beginning, it was a “given” that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were to be the next candidates for President of the USA. That’s what we all thought.

Then, FRED DALTON THOMPSON finally announced his candidacy. There were obstacles like Barack Obama, John Edwards, and John McCain. There were also the Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney obstacles. But, we all knew that Hillary Clinton, and Rudy Giuliani were probably it, and if not…Obama or Romney probably were.

NOW…Huckabee, or the Huckster won Iowa, WITH Romney second and FRED THOMPSON THIRD!!! Go Fred! Hillary Clinton CAME IN THIRD, and Rudy Giuliani came in DEAD LAST! (Oh Yeah, Duncan Hunter got 458 votes, and a three rednecks in Iowa forgot Tancredo dropped out.) Ron Paul even beat the given Rudy Giuliani!

So, if one “given” (Hillary Clinton) came in third with basically the same percentage as the third place fighter Fred Thompson (if you consider caucus wins against individual votes), and the other “given” (Rudy Giuliani) came in dead last…I THINK FRED HAS A REAL SHOT.

I am so jazzed. Reality is coming back to America! I officially endors Fred Thompson as the next president of the USA. I just hope he can keep up the fight. Gotta go, off to make a small donation :) You too can donate on my sidebar at right :)

NOTE: I use SnapShots on this blog. I LOVE THE TECHNOLOGY! However, for the first time ever...if you look above at the name of Fred Thompson, there is a SnapShot icon next to his name. It refers you to a website with a negative story about him. I DID NOT PLACE THAT LINK. I'VE CHECKED HTML CODE, deleted and reposted this post, and it still appears.

I have nasty e-mails into SnapShots.com and also to whatever website you are referred to in the icon...I did not post it, nor do I want it on my blog. If this is a new trick of SnapShots...I will no longer use their services. Beware, I know a lot of you use it too. If anyone has any idea how this happened, please comment...