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Tuesday, January 29

Immigration Gumballs

Exponential effects of immigration. It is already happening in our country, yet people turn a blind eye. Most of us, unless employed in a field of business that deals directly with illegal, or legal immigrants, don’t grasp the effect. Heck, most of the sheeple out there don’t even truly understand the meaning of the word EXPONENTIAL.

EXPONENTIAL: characterized by or being an extremely rapid increase. For those of you that cannot grasp that true definition, I will say it in the “new school” abbreviation that most modern text message types do understand. EXPONENTIAL: WTF! There, do you get it? Another simple parable (yes, for the simple minded, logic is now a parable), is that 2+2 = 4. That too, I think most understand. If you STILL cannot understand, think of this. You normally cook dinner each night for your average 2 to 6 people, depending on your age or how large your family is. If tomorrow, you had to cook dinner for 12 to 30 people it would be like your yearly Christmas party. It would be doable, but a real chore and expensive. If you had to cook dinner for 12-30 people for five days in a row, could you do it? If those same 12-30 people came to your house naked and it snowed a foot overnight, could you go to Wal-Mart on sale day and buy clothes for all of them? What if they stayed at your house? If all 30 came down with the flu, and you too became sick, could you afford to take all of those 30 people with no insurance to the doctor, and then pay too for the prescription antibiotics at your local pharmacy? Within ONE DAY, these guests would bankrupt your household.

If you still do not understand…maybe you like gumballs. Maybe the colorful display of simple gumballs will perhaps get you to fathom EXPONENTIAL. Take nine mere minutes of your miserable misguided lives to watch gumballs in action. FATHOM THE EFFECTS OF EXPONENTIAL!