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Tuesday, February 26

Gennifer Flowers To Auction Off Clinton Recordings

Remember Gennifer Flowers? She was Bill Clinton’s “other mistress”. Well, the taped recordings of their 12 year affair and phone conversations are about to hit the auction block.

Asked about the timing of her announcement coming out as Hillary Clinton continues to slide in her presidential bid, “I don’t need to hurt Hillary. She is doing a fine job of that herself, along with her idiot husband. Karma is an interesting thing. If these two don’t get elected, and they are a team, it will be karma coming back to visit them. It's about time."

Oh...Karma is truly a bitch isn’t she. A Japanese collector in the 90’s offered her 5 Million dollars for them, so I don’t think I can afford to bid on these 10 years later, so would whoever buys them shoot me a copy please? Thanks.