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Saturday, February 16

Who Killed Brianna Dennison - Reno Serial Rapist (Brianna Denison)

My thoughts on the Reno Serial Rapist… We have nothing to do at this point except speculate; it’s all I can do to help, so I will. I know that a police chief from WI reads this blog; perhaps he’ll comment on my thoughts and give some of his own. I know the police department HERE cannot tell us all that they know while an investigation is ongoing, but keeping too much a secret is not good either since every woman in Reno/Sparks is a potential target until he’s caught.

He’s young, and fit. He dresses “sports-stylish”, i.e. wears quality basketball type pants or sweats. Not the cheap kind, the nylon more “real player” kind. He’s a white guy, but not large in stature. His hair was short and stylish, and he had that modern “scruffy look”, with facial hair not messy, just trimmed and soft to the touch. He drives a tall, heightened vehicle that requires a step to get in it. He obviously has a bit of Napoleon complex, and has an arrogant streak to him. He wants to look cool, yet comfortable, but is in shape, as a firm stomach was a noted fact. I bet you 10-1 he works out. Men with this kind of mentality are notorious gym nuts, or maybe he likes to shoot hoops in the park. I think the RPD should gain access to all the local gym photo catalogs of their members. Every gym in town just about gives the members a photo ID to enter the gym with. He’s probably in there somewhere. All you guys that shoot hoops, has there been an odd white guy, not really tall shooting hoops at your park or gym?

His vehicle had a baby shoe in the floorboard. Possibly he’s a young father, possibly not crazy about being married or having the duties of fatherhood. Perhaps he doesn’t think his wife measures up to the beauty he thinks he deserves and the additional burden of a baby makes him antsy. Perhaps his wife that is in his mind is less than beautiful is also a nag, and yells at him a lot, and accuses him of not meeting up to family responsibilities. With so much going on in his head, normal family life is probably difficult. He’s likely a “loser type”, not a LOSER, just not successful and organized in his home life. Possibly lazy a bit, as he’d rather be mentally thinking or escaping from his actions. Sometimes, sexual predators are getting even for something that’s happening to them when they attack. They are forcing themselves to have women they could not have attained on their own, and violence is the only way they can make sure it happens. Women in their lives have belittled them down to a nub, or their mothers were nasty to them. They generally see themselves as underachievers, but when they conquer, they have achieved. This mental torture often means in their normal day to day settings, they don’t talk a lot…or they are very mouthy, not usually in between.

He might work a job that is shift work. Could he be a casino worker? Someone that has a regular opportunity to troll around neighborhoods late at night and not be thought suspicious? The casino district is easily within walking distance from the UNR vicinity. Graveyard casino workers commonly get EO’s (early outs) when it’s slow, giving someone ample time to lurk around, do his business, and still get home at a normal time with no one being any wiser. Beautiful girls often frequent the down town areas attending concerts, or night clubs. There are plenty of events girls can attend even under the age of 21. Could he be a bartender or ticket taker? Casinos and bars often provide photo ID cards to employees too. Also, with dealers, bartenders, and other casino workers…a lot of people come to work dressed very casually and then change into uniform…again changing back into sweats or casual attire when going home. Reno police should check all of those databases, especially the Sands since Brianna’s friends were there. Possibly one of Brianna’s friends was the intended target that night, but upon arrival at the house, Brianna became an easier target when seen through the unlocked glass door, and was also beautiful lying on a couch with a teddy bear?

The guy has to be in public venues. He has to be in areas where he can spot a girl and then follow her. The attacks were all late at night. Because all attacks were in the UNR district, it leads one to believe he's there a lot, either working there or living there. He's a "normal" guy that probably has been seen and/or spoken to often. He's getting away with these multiple attacks because he's not someone average people are afraid of. He could be your next door neighbor.

There are some high end areas in South Reno where Brianna was found, but there are also a lot of new subdivisions in that area that allowed some not quite qualified to live in some neighborhoods financially be able to buy a home there. It’s been a fast growing area. Perhaps he works downtown, and dumped her body on his way home? I think the creep blends in well. I think he travels the same areas commonly and goes unnoticed. He could live in the South, still work shift work, and troll the UNR area. We don’t even know yet if the dump site was the original one. We only know she was there at least a week…non-information they are letting out. Her suspected time of death has not been determined, and with heavy snowfall in the last month, a lot could play into these details. Did he keep her alive for a while, was she killed just recently…we don’t know.

If he does travel the area commonly, I’d bet he now either avoids that particular drive close to the grassy field, or he comes home a bit irritated when he drives by and thinks of what he’s done. Possibly, each time he drive by that area, if any of you have ever been in the car with him, he just might glance over to it, or obviously glance away and get quiet. His hands might tighten on the wheel when he drives through that area, or he shifts in his seat or clears his throat…the tiny clues matter.

He could be a University employee, someone that works odd hours doing some kind of maintenance, housing, something that gives him great knowledge of people’s addresses and patterns of lifestyle in that area. Have we checked out all the escort service employees? Sometimes it’s the people in charge of keeping one safe that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Could it be an employee that commonly hears students talking about where they are going that night or overhears conversations of parties and nights prior, that clues him in to keep an eye on “her”?

I think that baby shoe in the vehicle when he attacked prior to Brianna is a huge observation. He’s probably not a complete loner, and is either a father, brother, uncle, or such. There were also sheets of paper strewn around his vehicle. What kinds of people have a lot of paperwork, loose? Students, have lots of paper… People that have printed Google maps or directions to a neighborhood? A new employee that has orientation paperwork, etc. thrown around? Not a business man, we tend to keep our papers all clipped together or in folders. Not a lot of people keep white sheets of paper just on the floorboard. It means that whatever was printed on those papers wasn’t particularly important to the person they belonged to. Papers that held some necessary information at one time, but is no longer viable information.

This guy has attacked three to four times in just a few months. It has to be circling around inside his head that the noose is tightening. I think he had some unnecessary thoughts of accomplishment on the first couple of attacks because they went unnoticed to the public. He had that sense of getting away with it. Then, WHOA! Brianna Denison made national headlines. He’s got to be nervous now. He’s probably not excelling at his job right now. He may be working a lot more hours, to keep himself off the streets, but probably has a different personality around co-workers as of late. People that work with men of his description should look for an employee that is either failing miserably lately or someone that all of a sudden is doing drastically better than they were before. Look for odd trends either way…normalcy and regular same old behavior is not going to be the case with this guy RIGHT NOW, since Brianna has been found.

DNA is vague, until a match is made. DNA is complicated, hard to find. Descriptions, when you look like every other guy around does no good. He’s blendable, he knows it. However, NOW we have DNA, two women alive that can talk and remember, and a body. He’s got to be wondering what he may have left behind. What about the teddy bear? There’s got to be DNA all over that! Teddy Bear fibers had to be on her, and wherever he tossed the bear, or wherever he’s keeping it, will be a great clue. RPD did not state if the bear was found at the scene.

Another odd thing…he shaved his pubic area. That is NOT that common for men. Women get waxed every day, but men without piercing, tattoos, etc. don’t normally shave, they just trim. Perhaps this guy is a player, and commonly has women and good times, and is a little kinky and ultra-modern in his thoughts. Perhaps it’s when he’s had a night out and somebody turned him down is when he gets angry and goes out to attack. He could have had a bout of lice or crabs badly in a recent time, and shaved to get rid of it…not likely, but hey…it’s possible! His women wouldn’t know, but do any of you “dudes” out there know some guy that bitched about having the crabs and shaving? Think people…one of you knows him.

It’s not anything concrete that will catch him unless he’s crazy and runs his mouth. If he keeps quiet, it’s only the combination of his habits, his mannerisms, and his “normal” conversations with others that will lead to a clue. We have a sketch of the guy, he will say something, or do something odd, and in doing so he will rat himself out if we all pay attention.

I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all persons in retail and service industry jobs to keep your eyes and ears especially open. This guy has to get gas in his vehicle, whatever he’s driving lately. He is like the rest of us, he will come into a convenience store to buy something, we all do. He will go through a drive through window and order a burger. He will go into a shop and get a haircut. He will land in your cashier line at the sporting goods store to buy a new shirt or pair of sweats. He’ll buy groceries. He’ll likely have a “head down” attitude when doing normal business because in his mind, everybody’s looking, and what if “that guy” noticed me. We are all going around looking at thousands of folks, but he’s ONE GUY thinking that EVERYBODY is looking at him! It’s a powerful thing to be guilty. Being guilty is as hard to cover up with a criminal of this type as it was to commit the crime! He could also go completely the other direction by thinking that acting “ultra-normal” will make him seem more normal. If he’s that type, he’ll not have the “head down” attitude, he’ll have the overly chatty and nervous “trying to be too normal” attitude.

Either way, he’s out there, and one of us knows him, or will run into him at some time. I really hope that possibly the other women he’s assaulted will be more willing to talk. Even to just e-mail me like several of you did today to pick my brain on what I thought about this or that. I’D LOVE to correspond by e-mail or privately to one of those women. What if a normal average citizen like me might ask a question that triggered a new clue. We have to see if there is ANY common denominator with these women. I think not, I just have the feeling that he’s a monster of random choice. I think he chooses his victims more because of ease and convenience than he does choose a specific person. We have to catch him, and soon!