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Wednesday, February 6

Super Tuesday Leads to Duper Wednesday

Well, Super Tuesday is over, and Duper Wednesday begins a new era in which we are all to be duped into thinking our nation actually has a conservative candidate. Many people that I talked to today are literally sickened as I am; sickened to a physical and psychological level of true illness. It’s so hard to believe that those that we the people entrusted with our nation’s continuation of existence as the greatest nation on earth, have been so greedy and obsessed with their own agendas and their own struggle for power and dominance at any cost, that they have handed our well being over, and have dismissed us all as garbage.

It was so obvious that the McCain camp pulled an all nighter on speech preparation. John McCain might as well have been a puppet this morning on national news. His pursed little lips moved up and down in exact synchronization quoting the opposite of the very statements that have been used to bash the idea that he is anywhere close to Conservative. And, he had Joe Lieberman standing behind him as a pal! Everything we’ve all stated that he CAN’T, HASN’T, and WON’T do if elected, he stood before us and lied through his puppet string pulled teeth quoting how conservative he actually is and what good he is going to accomplish forthcoming. He stressed on and on about how his big goal now is to unite the Conservative party and get the party behind him and convince the Republicans and others that he really IS CONSERVATIVE and he really WILL do new things. It was obvious that he was trying harder to convince himself that he was trying to convince us, we already know it’s all bullshit.

HELLOOO! Our party IS UNITED. We’ve always been united on strong Conservative beliefs. The only reason there is a need to have a huge push to unite the Republican party behind John McCain, is because HE ISN’T REPUBLICAN OR CONSERVATIVE. We Conservatives have a real hard time rallying behind the long proven untruth that a square peg can be forced into a round hole. No matter what spews forth from John McCain’s lips, it’s all just lip service. He WON’T practice what he’s now preaching. It’s such a shame.

On the lighter side though…there is a symptomatic cure for this illness millions of us are suffering from on this Duper Wednesday. This disease was caused from over-exposure to Super Duper Tuesday. It’s McClintonitis. It’s OK, hopefully the disease is not fatal; however, final results of testing won’t be available for at least four years. In the mean time, take large doses of Political Pepto, and write your congressman in the morning :)