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Sunday, February 24

Vote For Hillary BECAUSE She's A Woman

Many women this election season will vote for Hilary Clinton just because she is a woman. Those women are sadly brainwashed, mis-or-non-informed, and no kind of woman I want to meet or be associated with. I wouldn’t vote for Hilary Clinton under ANY circumstance, but her being a woman would have not one thing to do with that choice. I just know that she would make a horrible President.

When I vote, I vote for the person. I have found enough good in the worst of the evils so far since 1980 to at least “vote the Party” since I was old enough to do so in 1980. I have always vowed though, that I would always vote the person first, and the Party in as a second high regard thereafter, and that I would never VOTE THE PARTY because of any lame reason such as race, gender, or religion, yet the culmination of every facet of a person that would make them great or at least tolerable as President. This year, I’m still HUGELY undecided. However, when I look at a candidate, I truly see NO race. I see NO gender. I see NO religion, unless that person might be radically fanatical about a particular religion. I would vote for Condoleezza Rice in a heartbeat. I don’t see her as black or female, just a very highly intelligent person capable of leading our country.

THIS ARTICLE, that was very well written by Rhonda Chriss Lokeman came out, and it is a good one based on how women SHOULD NOT vote for Hilary Clinton just because she’s a woman. Another WOMAN friend shared it with me; I didn’t find it on my own. I’ve heard more than once now since I shared it with others, “what do you expect? a black woman, or a black democrat wrote that. I think that’s pretty silly. See, WOMEN come in all shapes and sizes. We come from all religious backgrounds, and we give birth to and raise to adulthood both men and other women of all colors. We don’t need anyone to tell us who to vote for; we are quite capable of making that decision on our own, REAL women that is. It may take us time and careful consideration, but in the end, a REAL woman will put all the scenarios to numbers, LISTEN to what a candidate says, measure quite carefully as within a recipe how this person, if elected will affect those we love most, both old and young, and possibly lastly, consider how we ourselves might be affected, and then…on election day, we punch. We the people, the women people cast a vote. Sometimes, it is a sad decision between who will hurt us all less than the other, but we decide, and do so with careful thought.

I personally can’t see how ANY woman, (even if based on just the womanhood factor) would vote for Hilary. I find Hilary a disgrace to our gender as a woman and a disgrace to our nation when I try to fathom her becoming President. But millions of women vote for her, and it’s their right to choose. But, if ANY woman is voting for her JUST BECAUSE she’s FEMALE, that particular woman needs to wake up and get just a wee bit more involved in the process.