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Saturday, February 2

Who's Most Like Reagan? - What's Obligatory Duty? - Embrace The Suck?

First, let’s all agree that Ronald Reagan was a great President. Beyond that, RONALD REAGAN IS DEAD! He cannot run today, he can’t help anyone today, and no matter how good, bad, or indifferent he was, HE’S DEAD AND GONE! Why does everyone think they have to be like the dead guy? If our country had its shit together at all, EVERY PRESIDENT would be as good as Ronald Reagan, or any other. There’s room in every nook and cranny of this nation for MORE THAN ONE GOOD MAN, OR WOMAN…HELLLOOO? It’s greatness that made us who we are, and it’s greatness that will take us forward, and if anyone with any teeth left, or any smarts doesn’t get that, they are either high, stupid, or just void of brain matter.

Should I possibly be on the verge of taking a great stand on the obligatory side of the fence? Perhaps concede is the wrong word, it’s more like this whole nomination process has been bullshit, and I am now having candidates shoved down my throat. In the end, when the “general election” comes, we will all have one of two candidates to vote for, and the process for which they were chosen was greatly out of our hands. Some states had caucuses forced upon them, in a blind manner without any true understanding of the process. Some states’ political parties chose to vote early, thus giving up delegates. Some states have primaries (the most fair), but some are win or take all, and some are spreading delegates out due to percentages. THE PEOPLE in each state rarely had any say in this matter at all. Therefore, the presidential candidate nomination is all a farce, as we don’t all play by the same rules, and we all don’t have the same say in who is nominated. So, no matter whether Democrat or Republican, none of it was fair, or truly what the people wanted. So, as this race comes closer to an end or to a determination of who’s going to be here in the end, I find myself closer and closer to concession. Should I concede, because I’m being forced by nothing I can personally control to choose the lesser of two evils? Should I concede that there are few choices left?

If John McCain wins the nomination, he would NOT be my choice. I am a Republican, and he holds not very many Conservative views. My conscience doesn’t want to allow me to vote for him. I am currently a Mitt Romney supporter. However, it doesn’t look like he’ll pull it out, let’s hope he does. However, if McCain did win, and chose Mitt Romney as his running mate as VP, or even Fred Thompson, should I still vote the party? It’s REALLY IMPORTANT IN THIS ELECTION WHO’S CHOSEN AS VICE PRESIDENT! McCain might die, as he’s so old already. If age doesn’t get him, his liberal tendencies and the results of his actions that will fail our country will cause enough stress to kill him. If Hillary wins, someone will want to off the first woman, if not just to off the whole Clinton crock of crap! If Obama wins, who knows what radical cleric forces are out there to kill the “Muslim?-Non Muslim” president that they view as betrayal of extremism? Hillary and Barack will both be under tremendous scrutiny and stress, either could stroke out because perhaps they don’t have what it takes to truly bring about positive change. The vice presidents have a good chance these next four years.

If McCain wins, and were to choose Giuliani or Lieberman, or someone like that, should I vote for that demise of Republicans? Honestly, if given a bad choice, should I vote for Barack Obama before I would vote for McCain/Other Liberal Minded “Conservative”?. I thought Giuliani was a better choice than McCain! But, given several months to see how it’s gone down…I don’t like them as a team. Giuliani wasn’t strong enough to get it on his own, so following McCain who also lost before, it doesn’t increase my support of him. McCain has suddenly gained himself some really “strong” endorsements, all of liberal leanings. The conservatives that have endorsed him have really mooned the rest of us by proving that they are willing to “settle” rather than fight for true conservative principles. The short term, what’s in it for them, that’s the type of endorsements McCain is getting.

Most likely, Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination, but maybe not. I can’t see myself voting for any ticket that has a Clinton attached to it, even with Obama as President, but it seems like that union might be coming. After watching the Democratic debate tonight, She still makes me sick to my stomach. Mr. Obama is so liberal, he’s going to give the country away, but so is McCain, he’s just going to do it as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, Mr. Barack Obama certainly seems more and more like the more favorable “lesser of two evils” than McCain don’t you think? At least it would be new blood. I’m as far from liberal as they come, but even I got goose bumps after hearing Obama speak to his people after his last big win. Folks, that was a speech from someone that can talk to the people, but can he truly bring change…hum hum…good change I mean?

Hear me out…if McCain were to win, it will be the same old failings again and again. John McCain has been in politics for YEARS since his heroic service to our country in the military. There are many war heroes, I will forever kneel at the feet of John McCain and thank him for his service and his sacrifice for our nation. BUT, every soldier is not qualified to be President. If he was truly to be our PRESIDENT, why in the hell didn’t he run and win before he was 71 YEARS OLD? He wasn’t qualified the last 10 (TEN) ELECTIONS IN WHICH HE COULD HAVE RUN, AT LEAST 9, 8, OR 7 (EACH WHICH CARRIES 4 YEARS)!!! He follows failed ideas to an extent; he did run before and lost. So if McCain won, I know I would see our nation plunge into a real mess within four years. Knowing that we are going to be in a real mess anyway; shouldn’t we just as soon give the new kid on the block a chance to see what he can do with all his chest beating? If we are going to fail anyway, shouldn’t we let it again be the Democrats that prove their failure? Let’s not “raise a “republican” or “conservative” to the throne that ISN’T!” If we PRETEND that John McCain is a Republican and Conservative, and we LET HIM WIN just because we “voted the party”, then the true Conservatives will never hold any substantive credit again for MANY YEARS, maybe even DECADES. Shouldn’t I still protect my Conservative Republican party and my heartfelt views into the next opportunity, no matter how long that takes?

Barack Obama is a die hard liberal, but at least not a liberal who’s trying to make conservatives believe he’s not liberal. He will probably screw the country up too…but at least he could be new blood making the mess. Hillary Clinton and John McCain have both ALREADY BEEN PARTY TO CATASTROPHIC FAILURE. If true Conservatives vote for Obama/Clinton (or the none of the above ticket), then… in 2012, the country will be so hungry for true Conservatism, that we just might be able to SAVE it. Sometimes you have to be willing to lose small for a short time in order to win big later. Am I the only one that is thinking this? Even a monetary “genius” like Mitt Romney knows that it’s easier to save a country from a four year mess than it is to never be able to save a country by voting for a man that is making the liberal case in conservative disguise four years long, and then a probable liberal rule for four to eight years after.

I listened to tonight’s Republican debate. From a simple matter of debate, and who won? I say Mike Huckabee won tonight’s debate. It finally dawned on him to speak more truth, and tonight, I say he won. It won’t make him the winner of the GOP nomination; he should have talked more like that long ago and his record should back that up. He’s just ruining the GOP nomination now for anyone that can really make a difference. But in tonight’s debate, as ALL THE CANDIDATES MOANED ON AND ON ABOUT DEAD REAGAN…I did figure out why they do. I also realized that every single GOP candidate rants on and on about Reagan, but NONE OF THEM do what he DID that made him great.

Ronald Reagan told us how it was. He didn’t mince words, and he wasn’t afraid to say no. That was 20 years ago. Today, NO is a word that might hurt someone’s “self esteem”, or lead to a law suit for “discrimination”. Also, Ronald Reagan had a real sense of fairness, and was willing to make a stand against anyone that didn’t want to play by his personal rules of such. We had that chance with Fred Thompson, but I guess he didn’t do it well enough; the people didn’t flock to it…sad. Today, everybody is just too busy greasing the palms of those that can promote their own agendas, yet keep them popular. See, Reagan was an actor in Western movies. He was a tough guy. He was a simple man with great ideas and knowledge of how to realize them, or hire people that would…and I mean HIRE people that WOULD, not just PROMISE folks a job that supported them. He was just a normal guy with a few brain cells between his ears. He knew that there were as many people, or more, that also had his same talents, many people with his ideals. He wasn’t worried about winning the popularity contest; he was more worried about surrounding himself with others like him that would collaborate to make us all popular. He made many mistakes, he gave jobs to a few that bit him in the butt, but he swallowed many of them, still not wanting to be popular, but to fix errors and make it better. Again, that was 20 years ago.

Not one candidate today has the balls to say when asked if Ronald Reagan would endorse them, “Well, Reagan was great, but he’s dead. He can’t endorse me, and rather than tell you what Ronald Reagan would do today, I’m trying to tell you what I will do today. Shouldn’t we worry about which person CAN do something, not what a GREAT DEAD GUY CAN’T DO?”

REAGAN IS DEAD! HE IS NO LONGER! GET OVER HIM! Tonight, I heard a couple of things that really got under my skin. A question was asked (paraphrased), “What would YOU do that would help people with bad credit be able to get a loan to be able to own a nice home?” Now I CANNOT BELIEVE that this matter was not addressed in reality. NOT ONE CANDIDATE had the balls to say, “Well, if you have BAD CREDIT, you’ll be lucky to OWN ANY HOME until you gain meaningful employment, pay back debts you owe, and prove to society that you can be trusted with a mortgage. When you get your act together, pay off your debt, and start with a clean slate, THEN you will qualify for a home loan. In the mean time, there are really nice apartments you can rent, and homes to rent that will provide a nice place for your family to live in, and there is no shame in being a renter that pays the rent on time.” The responsible taxpayers and mortgage owners aren’t responsible to make your way easy when you weren’t willing to put forth the effort to do it yourself.”

NO CANDIDATE SAID THAT! NOBODY gave me a home loan when I had bad credit, I had to sweat through a bankruptcy years ago, and climb through doing without and paying bills on time for a LONG TIME before I was able to have a mortgage. Rough is rough, and it should be that way. There are consequences, and there are people who pay them and get ahead. That’s just how it is. It makes you work harder and understand how valuable it is when you gain it. It makes you realize that you could have done better when you were stupid, and it makes you not be stupid again. We need a leader that will teach us all that the hard way. At least, bankruptcy, as humanly embarrassing as it is, and knowing it means you screw some to ever become viable, remains a choice to getting better. A true conservative I’d guess would take that option away too, because we all start with the same chance at 18 years of age. It’s become too easy to fail, we can’t let failure become the easy road out.

Another sore spot tonight…Discussions were going on about Mitt Romney’s “business experience”. Nobody seems to understand how important that is. McCain went on and on about how it’s more important to be a leader. He said as a leader, he could hire good managers, and that Romney’s business expertise only made him a good manager, not a leader. He commented that while it was all good that Romney was a good manager, he bet that a lot of good people lost jobs during his time as a business manager. I swear, I sat in my chair and grasped air. I clutched my throat and couldn’t even believe that the likely winner of the GOP nomination said such a STUPID THING. You see, I am a small business owner. I do balance a P&L. Times are good, and sometimes, times are bad. When it comes to the good of the many as weighed against the good of one or two…guess what? SOMETIMES, PEOPLE DO HAVE TO LOSE THEIR JOBS. And, I know this…NOTHING IS MORE PAINFUL than having to make a choice as to who has to be laid off when numbers simply state that someone has to go. But for John McCain to not know that people occasionally have to be let go, he’s crazy. Thank goodness, when our economy is good, when one is let go, one is hired…so in a thriving economy with small and big business doing honest business, there is employment for all, just once in a while, some have to change jobs. And guess what else? It’s many times one of the owners’ business managers are left with the task to do the laying off. It’s the leader that tells the manager that someone in their department must go. So yea, it’s the manager that costs people their jobs. Good going McCain…you are an idiot on that comment.

One more thing…illegal immigration. NONE of these candidates knows how to get the millions to leave the country. Of course, we can be humane. We can reach out to the American people. Pilots will volunteer their time to fly them home. Owners of bus companies will donate busses. Bus drivers will volunteer their days off to drive them home. If each airline dedicated one plane several trips per day…if each bus line dedicated one bus every day…if drivers, and owners, and vehicle owners joined together, and the rest of us donated our money to pay for gas and wages…we could have twelve million people deported in a matter of weeks. You can bet that if it were a certainty that a gigantic meteor were to hit USA in a few weeks, we’d get 12 million people somewhere else in time. Don’t try to tell US THE PEOPLE that we cannot get rid of them.

And, we are still at war. NO CANDIDATE quotes real facts from the field. They all go on and on about how the surge is or is not working. They all tell us they will stay, or they will pull out. We have not ONE CLUE about what’s really going on over there. Remember after 9-11 when we went to kick ass? Each night we saw actual footage of our soldiers blowing up buildings, hitting targets, building infrastructure, etc. Even later in the war, reporters were embedded in platoons and reporting the actual war. We have no such information now. It’s like there are hundreds of thousands of us over there, but they are invisible, until one dies. Unless something bad happens, we see nothing, and hear less. Until we get a candidate that will reinstate the visual TRUE REPORTING of the war where it is and when it happens, or at least audible true media coverage, we’ll have no idea of what’s really going on. Who knows if we should stay or go, we aren’t told anything true about it. It’s like that crazy rock punk song, “Should I stay or should I go now?” A true leader and COMMANDER & CHIEF, needs to commandeer over the media as well. Do we have a candidate ready to tackle the media? I didn’t think so…

So, as I see it, we are just in for a mess to come. It’s all going to get a lot worse before it will get better. But I remember great leaders, and great times of our country. We will get there again. But I should not forego my principles to vote for someone pretending to be my friend that I know for sure will screw me over, should I? Shouldn’t I vote for someone new who I think will screw me over, but just might still do something better? We HAVE to hire somebody. I own a business. When I HAVE TO HIRE SOMEBODY TO FILL A MANDATED VACANCY in a limited amount of time, and someone HAS TO BE HIRED, and I ONLY get a few applications…I’ll forever hire the lesser of two evils. I’ll hire the guy that might have a chance with training and convincing than I will hire the guy that already has a track record of failure and doesn’t seem to me like a fit. Call me crazy…seems like everyone else is.

Let’s just hope Mitt Romney still has a chance. It’s truly become a choice of lesser evils, it always that way I guess, but Mitt Romney is the best of the evils right now, and I wonder if I should place Barack Obama possibly right behind him.? I’ll enjoy the few that read this tonight; because I’m sure I’ll lose readers after this post :) People, Mitt Romney doesn’t have every golden item handled, but he’s surely the best choice so far. He makes sense. If he WOULD make it his duty to BALANCE our nation's BUDGET, so very many problems would take care of themselves. But, will any winner ACTUALLY DO what is necessary to bring change, or fix the broken Washington? WHOEVER WINS is going to have to have the stomach to kick a few to the curb. If done correctly, there will be enough left over for the rest of us to pick up those people at the curb and point them on a path to success. It’s really dumb to ever try to hold someone down, but it IS NOT THE TAXPAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY THROUGH GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION to give them a free ride.