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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, March 4

I've Always Been There - Reason, Season, or Lifetime

I’ve Always Been There. Such a simple statement, but yet one so profound.

I don’t know about you, but I am a person that is SO BUSY just dealing with day to day life, that I forget those that have always been there. My family gives me HUGE SHIT, and rightfully so because I might tell you I’m sending you something, or buy you a present, and six months later (or much longer), I finally get around to actually sending it to you. I talk to my own sons on the phone and at some point (far too quickly) it feels like we’ve each said just what we called to say but the conversation ends too quickly. I’m as guilty as anyone; I just don’t quite know what to say at the point of “dead space”. We all have SO MUCH to say, we JUST DON’T.

I’m a person that is a bit of a techno-geek. What I actually SEND you is usually a drawn out e-mail, or a quick photo, or a blog post that goes on and on, and in my feeble mind it should SHOW you what I’ve been thinking. I THINK of people EVERY DAY, or at least once in a while, and I sit and have warm fuzzys about them and my memories or thoughts of them, but THEY HAVE NO IDEA.

In the last year, and even up and until the last couple of months, I have been mysteriously contacted by persons that come from years FAR GONE BY. It amazes me that no matter how many years pass, some connections are never lost. There’s an age old e-mail analogy or a saying that states that people come into your life for 1) a reason, 2) a season, or 3) a lifetime. It is so true!

REASON: It is a fact that some people I’ve met were in benign situations, through situations in simple circumstances, like a client or vendor at my work, or a player that was just playing cards when I was a dealer, or a checker at a line I was in. Once in a great while, one person comes along that says something so benign to them in the course of their day, but yet so profound to me in my day that at that moment, I know will never forget them. You might occasionally see them again or not, but they are forever special to you, but they do not know that they are.

SEASON: This deals more with some friendships, work relationships, or ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. It could also deal with projects or short term long-seeming things. These people you saw more than once, possibly for a long time, but on a regular basis for some time at least. It could even be an ex husband or wife. The crazy thing about reason, season, or lifetime is that it make take a lifetime or seemingly close to realize which category one might fall into. Season people are the ones that were at some point vital to you for a considered period of time and then for one reason or another were gone. They rate no less important on the scale than REASON people, they just lasted longer in the course of things.

LIFETIME: BOY, these are the people you can count on one hand, and if spiritually minded, you might be lucky enough to have enough of these people to consider both hands, both feet, all fingers and toes, OR, you might find that there are more of them than you think. These people ARE your children or your husband or your lifetime friends, the people you see all the time and people you would die for. Your children are a given, your spouse is a given, but there are others that are also a given, you just let them slip away.

Don’t let the word lifetime fool you. Never be so closed minded to think that some of those reason and season people might not just creep up on you only to make you see that they are LIFETIME people. For the young out there don’t sit and wish that reason or season people WILL be lifetime, those probably won’t be. For the young, you can’t know for sure until you are older.

I’ve just been touched over the last year or two by people that have come back from the past. People that in their reason or season I never realized how important they would be today. I’m bad about not taking the time to relish the important sometimes. I live a life that revolves more about today and what needs to happen today, and then tomorrow feeling pity on me for what I didn’t accomplish yesterday. I think that tends to be more the norm and the obsessive in today’s society. We addict ourselves to one thing or another, whether it be work, house, kids, alcohol, drugs, relationships, appointments, arguments, politics, or crocheting…whatever your seemingly simple addiction seems to be, we lose sight of reason, season, or lifetime.

I just want to say to those that have recently said some really kind and touching things to me that I’m sorry that we all just evolve and meander each day or year into other things and that not only did I never take the time to relish the moments we had while we were having them, I am so happy today to have someone remind me of them and truly remember that while it might have been a reason, or season, some have turned out to be a lifetime.

I also want to apologize to those that ARE A LIFETIME, ARE MY MAINSTAY, MY FAMILY, that sometimes I get carried away with other thoughts and obsessions and my personal passions that I don't either spend enough time with YOU each day.

And I also want to thank those that will never know that as each day turns into a memory, the people I meet and those that touch me daily might just also someday make the list of lifetime. Life is an evolving journey and I don’t want to miss the moments. Moments can be monumental; I hope anyone who reads this might take one to reflect, but also to make a note to notice than any moment in your upcoming days might turn out to be monumental.