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Friday, March 7

New Evidence In Brianna Denison (Dennison) Case - TWO Pairs of Panties Were Found

Reno police announced Thursday that in fact the PINK PANTHER PANTIES that were found at a close proximity to Brianna Denison’s dead body DID NOT in fact hold DNA of the killer unlike the information “mistakenly” previously reported.

Reno police held a press conference in which they cleared up the error and released new evidence to us. “Hold Back” evidence is a common term for evidence that can only be known to the killer, the victim, and the police. The new hold back evidence that was released was that there were in fact TWO pairs of panties found at the scene of poor Brianna Denison’s body. These panties held the DNA of the killer, Brianna Denison, AND another girl that lived in the home from which she was taken.

This monster took Brianna, raped and killed her, and had underwear belonging to the other occupant of the home. The pink panther panties were found intertwined with the newly released panties. We locally have been continuously talking about this case and many who have read my blog posts have commented. I’ve been recently corresponding with a very interesting person from out of state that studies this sort of crime in the course of attaining a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. These are the types of crimes this person studies.

My latest correspondence with this person was interesting, and I feel it worth a read. Here are the theories of a person who has come to study this case and has some really intriguing thoughts on the latest news. This is published with full permission of the author.

"My take on the new info is that I really, really hope they have the girl who owns the pink underwear somewhere safe--he swiped them from the house she was abducted from and made Brianna wear them. He kept her alive for at least a day or two, and he made her dress in the underwear he is collecting, but he doesn't just take ANYONE's underwear. The underwear he takes are not from a clean dresser drawer, they are from a college girls' floor in the bathroom or in her bedroom, and he knows which one he wants and he takes HER underwear. He went after the girl in Dec and then went BACK and tried to break in--he wasn't done with her yet. When he couldn't get to her, he went to the "other" area where there was someone he was obsessed with (owner of the pink underwear) and he had already been there before Jan 20th...in fact he had probably taken the pink underwear a month before he came in on Jan 20th.

So, he knew they were out partying, he takes the opportunity to go for his other girl of interest and then he walks in and sees what??? Beautiful Brianna on the couch. Not what he originally came for, not the girl who owned the pink underwear, but he decided on Brianna. He came right in the front door, or whichever door shows the couch in view, he took the teddy bear because he put it over her face to keep her from screaming, put her in his "choke and drag" hold with the teddy bear over her face, and he took her outside.

As for the dog, the dog didn't know him, but he knew they had a dog. He likely opened the door and the dog came running to go out for a bathroom break, and he befriended or fed the dog, walked in with the dog when the dog was done, and got Brianna. The dog went back to sleep where it previously had been sleeping. Dogs can hear the sound of the door they go out to use the bathroom and they go to it when they hear it open not necessarily to bark or protect, but just to go out. If the dog smelled a treat before getting to the door (and most dogs can), no reason to bark as instinct (food over safety) takes over. Yep, he just walks with the dog right back into the house after he feeds it.

He still had the pink panties, and made Brianna wear them because he may have chose Brianna for the night, but his long-term (in the sense that he has been watching her) obsession still exists. He had no "attachment" if you will call it that, to Brianna--she was a victim of wrong place wrong time and I think he was there for someone else, someone he still wants. I think he was able to kill Brianna because she meant nothing to him in the sense that she was not his "long-term" obsession, she was an opportunity.

Absolutely the only other scenario (and the one I personally favor) is that he thought Brianna was her, the owner of the pink underwear, because there lies Brianna with the other girls' teddy bear, face partially hidden by the bear, she is using it as a pillow, he takes her, gets out the door and realizes he has the wrong frickin girl. (Remember, he came in through the door, didn't even realize who he wanted was actually in the bedroom and it was a stranger on the couch).

So he's got the wrong girl and that would make him angry because he wanted the girl who owned the pink panties but here he already has Brianna and can't let her go now, so he takes her and makes her wear the pink underwear and tries to "make believe" it is the girl he wanted. He keeps her alive so he can watch her, like he watches the other ones before he attacks. He watched all of them, and when he decided to attack he had simply gotten to that level of his obsession, from watching, to collecting something intimate, to taking whatever he wanted whether it be just touching them or full rape, and he will need more and more to get his "fix".

It doesn't work, this fantasy in which he tries to "make" Brianna the other girl, and he is not happy about it. She is of no use to him after he tries for a day or just a bit more, and so he kills her. The black panties are something else and I still suspect they are a message to someone else, some other woman, the "original" obsession perhaps from his hometown. I also believe that he left the pink panties on/near Brianna because he abandoned that fantasy with Brianna's death. He will need new panties from 1) one of his other "obsessions" or 2)another pair from the girl who owned the pink pair--another pair because he altered their meaning to him when he put them on Brianna, he needs to start again.

He won't make it much longer without attacking again and he will kill again, but not in Reno. He will go back to the small hometown he came from and go to the nearest city. He will go back home because 1) he is at least a little scared and 2) that is where it started (not the killing, but the obsessions). He will go back because he feels he may have gone too far, and if he starts over, starts from the original obsession, he can control this thing inside him once again (but he will find out he cannot--that it takes more and more to get the fix even if he tries to start completely over). He is from a small little town where people don't lock their doors at night and everyone trusts their neighbor. So why leave the black underwear if they were so important? If they were his "original" obsession? because he is going back to where it all started to regain control (or so he thinks). These panties could be from when he was in high school, and the police need to release that info--that these underwear could be years and years old--I can about bet the girl who owns them thinks "Well I had a pair ten years ago". I am willing to guess she is from his hometown where he went to high school. Well, that is my version anyway. I sure hope they are not ruling out suspects who may have moved and left before Feb 1st, another new month's worth of rent.

You can post this one on your blog if you wish--I think the info about thinking about the fact that the underwear could be from years ago is important."