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Friday, August 29

McCain Picks Sarah Palin for VP

I’m still in shock…not really sure what to say. When my pulse starts beating normally again and my body stops involuntarily gasping for air…I might be able to more intelligently write about this choice. I still think Mitt Romney would have been McCain’s most logical choice for VP, and it was certainly the choice a vast majority of Americans wanted John McCain to make. But who are we kidding, right? Since when has politics been for the people and by the people?

All that aside…Sarah Palin is a great choice. She is a strong Conservative, staunch on fiduciary responsibility, pro-life, and a die hard supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I think strictly going from the “woman” aspect of things…she leaves Hilary Clinton back in the dust when it comes to leadership possibility…even with Hilary’s YEARS of so called experience. As we say when we interview people that brag on and on about their experience…do you have thirty years experience…or do you have one year of experience thirty times? It all depends on the end results.

I believe Governor Palin’s willingness to act according to necessary circumstances and according to the needs to be met, she will be an asset to Washington. These are all things Conservatives wanted. And hey…from a Texas gal’s point of view…I could never vote against a woman that goes huntin’ & fishin’ and knows her way around a gun, all while raising five children, one with Down’s Syndrome! McCain certainly pulled his Maverick card out on this one. Time will tell…she’s either a brilliant choice, or one very dangerous to his campaign. The dice have been rolled. Let’s see if we get a front line winner…or a big seven out! Good luck McCain-Palin…she and he still have my vote in November.