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Sunday, August 17

MSNBC Poll: Should In God We Trust Be Yanked

I am appalled! There is a poll at MSNBC to vote on whether "In God We Trust" should or should NOT be yanked from the face of our currency. CAN YOU BELIEVE...when I took the poll, it was 51% IN FAVOR OF REMOVAL...and 40% against.

PLEASE CLICK HERE...and take a quick vote please. I just cannot believe the crooked road in which this country has begun to walk down...and only simple nobody bloggers like me (and we) are rising up to demand a better path.

I got this link in an e-mail, so possibly it's old. However, when I went to MSNBC...some of the other links within the e-mail were still valid...the poll is still valid it seems. BUT...try to find it from the home page of MSNBC...it is buried within their "Life" page. This deserves a little more credit that a human interest story on the life page...like how to buy dumb shirts on E-bay, or the tallest woman dying at 53... Go vote please...