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Monday, August 4

Washoe County RNC Grand Opening - Northern Nevada Politics

Northern Nevada politics. Those three words say a lot to me. I only this year became regularly involved in local, county, state, and national politics. It’s NOT that I never voted or got personally involved; I have voted since the first day I was allowed to way back in the early 80’s. I just never got publically involved until this year. Since I have, I support politicians that seem to see the world the way I see it…and there are some left.

I think I always thought of politicians as “people above me” or “genuine assholes”, either way I thought they were unapproachable. I have found though through the years that only people not worthy of recognition are unapproachable. If you have something to say and you go to the right places to say it, they will listen to a degree. I also think I never thought of how important my particular politicians were until I became a small business owner. As a business owner, you become responsible for not only yourself, but many other families. At least for me, when I began to really think about the now 20+ families I’m responsible for, the politicians that rally for the cause and for the understanding of what it truly means to be a Mom & Pop business owner, and the repercussions of my vote if I pick someone not understanding of that part of Americana…I became involved in politics. The Republican Party is the ONLY party that has YOUR back, and mine as a business owner. Think I’m crazy or not; just own a business, have more than your paycheck to worry about, and then come and talk to me. The GOP is the ONLY party that has your back as an average individual, and my back as your boss…the other average individual.

We are SO FORTUNATE to have in our Congressional district, our esteemed Congressman Dean Heller. I just cannot sing his praises enough all the way from Nevada Secretary of State to his current position of Congressman. Who knows where his career will take him, but in my mind…he would make a great President someday if only he can remain unspoiled by Washington as he has for his first years.

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He is a freshman congressman, but he makes us VERY PROUD in Nevada. ABOVE is his acknowledgement video to us at our Grand Opening of the new Washoe County RNC office tonight. As a new business owner when I was confused and unknowing…he was short staffed the day I had questions, and HE answered the phone, and walked me through my difficulties and did his job. He has always treated every Nevadan the same way…even as a Congressman.

I also know as I have attended some small gatherings where important people come, that they are kind and open to photo opportunities. I know that you NEVER KNOW when a photo is taken what repercussions might come from that. Some say a picture is worth 1000 words…maybe not! Maybe a photo is just a photo. In a mere 30 minutes tonight, I had my picture taken with our esteemed Congressman Dean Heller, Glenn Dawson running for State Assembly, and even our Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons! From my redneck roots and raising in Texas, “Who’d of thunk it”, that “little ole’ me” could have had their picture taken with these individuals. Well, I’m a person that supports them, and I would never take a photo with someone I didn’t support.

I’m an average individual. I also know this from attending many political functions this year. “Major players” come to “average events”. I’m all about truth. I’m a numbers gal. 2+2 will always =4. Numbers don’t lie, and as a business owner, you cannot operate in the negative and still exist. Therefore I need politicians that believe the same way. I also know this. Politicians are human too. However, every time a politician sneezes or coughs, the media is there to say “hey”. I’m not here to judge, I just vote for those that carry the cause forward. The mistakes all humans make in their lives are theirs alone to bear in the public eye or in the eye of God…not mine to pontificate about.

It’s no secret that Governor Gibbons has had a bit of bad publicity of late. He and his wife are going through a divorce. Some say he’s a “player”, seen with other women from time to time. There was even a scandal with a certain high up business man in which he was accused of taking money from. I know all these players. I was a high limit casino dealer for many years in this city before I became a business owner. I have to say this. It might be like “reality TV”…I think a lot of what is said about Governor Gibbons is horseshit, and probably some of it is true, however unless you are in those shoes…I guess you should just hush unless you know the man’s heart, and his political record. Gibbons has stood by small business, and I don’t have to like him personally…I just appreciate him from “the bench” as it were. He certainly hasn’t done badly for the overall State of Nevada…how often can you say that about a politician? AND…if you are one that hates Governor Gibbons…just remember…it could be, AND IS WORSE…the “esteemed” Harry Reid is from Nevada….UUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!

I also know this. My business advertises very successfully on KKOH 780 AM radio in the Reno/Sparks area. I know one of my favored hosts Bill Manders also favors Governor Gibbons. In a dark hour when I was doubting my support of him, Bill Manders on his show reminded me of why I support him...NUMBERS...and doing for the State of Nevada what he said he would do...all other crap aside. So, if Bill Manders & I are a few supporters left, then so are we...but for economic and average guy reasons...

UNLIKE Bill Clinton who couldn’t keep his pants zipped, or his business dealings up front…from what I’ve seen…Gibbons has his own stuff to deal with personally, but as far as how he’s managed the State of Nevada as Governor…he’s kept to his word on that. Our taxes have been down, he demands fiduciary responsibility of those under him, and hey…his personal life is not mine to judge. I would rather him not have dealings with that one guy, but hey…folks in high power sometimes pick wrong friends and realize it later. He wouldn’t be the first human to realize that! Gibbons is keeping his head high, and living up to what he promised the State of Nevada…all personal bullshit aside. He’s still a better choice than his running mate was :) I was proud to shake his hand and have my photo taken with him.

And, while we’re talking about who’s better than their running mate…Most active Republicans will admit that this election year is a “hold your nose and vote” year. John McCain was not most of our first choice. However…he IS OUR CANDIDATE! John McCain is SO MUCH BETTER…AND SUCH THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS than Barrack Obama…it’s not even close. If you think your country is messed up now…just vote for Barrack Obama and see where you become! Obama = DISASTER! It’s evident, it’s for sure, and it’s DUH! These photos were from our local McCain headquarters. Now while we are a small city (500,000), and we are Western…there were some interesting things on the wall (or the floor)…even though most were quoted from Ronald Reagan. GO MCCAIN…you have my vote and my support. Hopefully, you’ll pick Mitt Romney as your VP.

On a local front…I was happy to have had some time to visit with State Assembly candidate Glenn Dawson tonight. He seemed up front, and seemed a little more approachable than some other Assembly candidates I’ve met of late. No offense to candidate Dawson, but it cracks me up that the Congressman Heller, and even our Governor Gibbons are more approachable than local candidates for City Council, or even Assembly persons. Dawson seems to have his pulse on our local economy and is pro-small business. The sitting assemblyman whom he’s running against had a bout with cancer, and when it looked bad…this assemblyman asked Glenn Dawson to consider running for his seat. Kudos to the sitting assemblyman for surviving his bout with cancer, and then deciding to run again…but I say if a man thinks’ he’s going to die…the dude he chose to take him over might just be a guy we want to vote for :) Nothing speaks more honestly than a man who thinks he might die.

I wanted to post a really cool image here in closing to promote John McCain…but when I moved in to my new home and bought a new freaking Vista Computer…my 1+ year old scanner won’t work on Vista Ultimate!!! Is Bill Gates not the Anti-Christ or what? Anyway…you all know I AM A MCCAIN SUPPORTER…but I see him for what he “isn’t” sometimes let’s say. I will happily vote for him and even praise him. However…I received a promotional postcard at my event tonight that REALLY SOLIDIFIED my support of him. It was a vague and fading photo of him surrounded by these words…”I hope to encourage Americans to serve a cause greater than their own self interest. Please Join me as I work to protect the United States from Radical Islamic Extremists, ensure economic growth and opportunity for all Americans, and restore civility, integrity, and honesty to our Nation’s Capital…John McCain”

Believe that or not…Barrack Obama DOESN’T HAVE THAT AGENDA ahead for USA. Good Night and God Bless.