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Friday, September 26

The Debate Was A Debacle

I watched the debate tonight. I wasn’t impressed by either candidate. If forced to vote on a winner, I would have chosen John McCain, but neither candidate actually ANSWERED any question, and NEITHER candidate told us anything we didn’t already know. Just another waste of two hours of my time to hear the same old clichés and rhetoric. It was supposed to be a debate on foreign policy…it’s no secret that McCain has Obama hands down on that…period. But…will McCain be ABLE to do what he KNOWS will work when he has several hundred other House and Senate morons pulling him from all sides? No he won’t…no President does unless he tells the AMERICAN PEOPLE THE TRUTH. Until McCain or Obama are willing to come on national TV and rat out all the foxes in the hen house…then we’ll all muddle along with the same old crap while they line their pockets. McCain should have come out tonight and told us all what the rest of them are up to…he didn’t and Obama REALLY stepped on his “foot” when he said “We haven’t yet seen the “language” of the bailout resolution.” THEY WERE IN WASHINGTON FOR TWO FREAKING DAYS DEDICATED TO THIS EMERGENCY CRISIS “WORSE THAN ANYTHING SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION”…THEY DIDN’T MANAGE TO READ ANY OF IT??? Were they going to vote on something THEY DIDN’T EVEN READ??? Guess it sounds pretty normal for those guys huh?

NEITHER candidate mentioned SPECIFIC items of pork spending WITHIN THE BAILOUT RESOLUTION…McCain touched on it, but not to the severity it actually exists. BOTH sides of the isle are preaching about CHANGE…and yet…NEITHER SIDE is gearing up for change. The entire network of Washington and our government must have our founding fathers turning over in their graves. They all just sit around saying big flowery words that “sound smart” while what they are actually saying is NOTHING! It’s SO SCARY and there’s NOT A THING you or I can do about it. Sure, we can one at a time VOTE THEM OUT…but the problem lies in the staggering time frames in which their terms “come up for renewal”. The other problem is that on so many occasions, whoever replaces them isn’t a lot better than who we kicked out. This game of picking the lesser of two evils is about to finally catch up to us HARD.

John McCain is by far still the lesser of two evils in this contest, but we haven’t had a real WINNER in DECADES! That’s because the President is just one man/woman who sits in a big chair in an oval office. There are 535 people in Congress. FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE! Have you EVER been ANYWHERE that you AGREED with ALL 535 PEOPLE in a room? Heck…you can’t get an office full of women to agree on what is for lunch or which nail polish looks best…or get 8-10 guys to agree on which game to watch or which beer to drink…GETTING 535 PEOPLE TO AGREE ON ANYTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! And, with a number that large…too much gets lost in translation, red tape, paperwork, oversight, and on to infinity. IF and ONLY IF all 535 people base their decisions on the MAJORITY of the wishes of their constituents…(like it was set up to be)…then ME ME ME far outdoes WE WE WE.

Our future is beginning to boil down to one thing. We’re going to have to do much of it ourselves…and it’s going to be a long hard climb. Each and every American is going to have to stand up and DEMAND fiscal responsibility. Something for nothing has to go away, and I don’t see that happening from anywhere near a majority of our nation’s people. Political correctness will have to be abolished, and many words and phrases of the English language will have to be “redefined” back to their ORIGINAL meanings. Words such as loser, winner, victim, need, must have, in lieu of, equality or equal, necessary, in the best interest of, etc. must become to mean what they actually spell and say. Losers must be left alone to lose. Extra must be a word only associated with profit…no NEGATIVE EXTRA.

LITERAL needs to be the catch word and catch phrase of true change. Black and white might have to replace red, white, and blue. For without LITERAL existence, we are all forced to live in a world of fairy tales…and fairies look cute when they fly, but they don’t provide sustenance, pay bills, build futures, or save lives. When people can build a future upon the simple math of 2+2=4, then numbers begin to grow exponentially…but they are REAL NUMBERS…they can be proven and there is substance with the results than can be seen, heard, felt, smelt, and tasted. When the nation can experience success with all five senses…then dreaming becomes once again a viable part of our human spirit…and through profit, honesty, and LITERAL responsibility…all dreams can come true. NO DREAMS CAN COME TRUE IN A SYSTEM BASED ON NEGATIVE NUMBERS…IT’S NOT POSSIBLE ON ANY REALM.

There was money in the bailout resolution set aside for many things that have NOTHING to do with failed banks, or saving Wall Street. MILLIONS & BILLIONS of dollars that have NOT ONE THING to do with the crisis at hand. Money for a polar ice cap machine, money to build a new facility to house all of Homeland Security so that organization can “consolidate” under one roof instead of being all spread out over Washington…(when we formed HS, why didn’t we build a facility then?)…all the money spent so far on all their buildings has been a waste at YOUR expense. Millions maybe billions of dollars set aside to fund low income housing interests…and on and on. It’s the EXTRAS in the bills and “resolutions” that RESOLVE nothing! Not to say that those “extra” things aren’t needed…BUT NOT ON AN EMERGENCY BILL THEY lead YOU to believe is saving our “economy”.

I say screw ‘em. I’d rather take my chances and possibly live in a tent than see them screw me up the rear while my back is turned to them and all the while my back is turned they have hold of my wallet and my back pocket. Nope…don’t see any of this being good. PLEASE remember this folks…what goes up must come down! Unless EVERY PENNY of this bailout plan is detailed in a spreadsheet in checkbook format for us all to see…it’s all BS.