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Saturday, September 13

Palin Visits Carson City, NV - Behind The Scenes

I volunteered some of my time for this event Saturday. What an amazing experience I had. It was intriguing to see how much effort and how many people are involved just to pull together a small event like this one.

I had originally volunteered to be a driver in the motorcade to transport staff to and from the speech in Carson City, NV after undergoing a secret service background check. However, at the last minute...one driver wasn't needed, so I volunteered to remain at the air center and complete tasks asked of me there. I honestly think I was the lucky one; I got to see a lot of new things, learn how things work when political dignitaries come to town, and in the end, even got to shake Gov. Sarah Palin's hand.

Her speech in Carson City was a hit...over 5000 people came to see her...some had to watch on a closed circuit television at a location nearby the park where the event was held. I have since seen a video of her speech, so I am quite happy that I got to have the experience I did have. I thought I'd show all of you a little of the behind the scenes action here in Reno where the Governor arrived.

Take the time to volunteer for your party's events. You'll never be sorry you did :) It was a thrill to feel like I served for a moment in some small way. In completing my tasks, I wasn't allowed much to carry around as I was busy. I only had my small point & shoot Canon G7 strapped around my neck...and from some of my positions the lighting was directly in my face so these are not great pictures from a photographic standpoint, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances...I was just proud to have been there and been allowed to get these shots :)