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Sunday, September 28

Paul Newman Dies At 83

Paul Newman died Friday. A little piece of every woman died with him. And before anybody tries to say that we were all just giddy about his good looks or his blue eyes…that was only the first gasp of him.

I’m of the age group that was too young to “love him”…he was old enough to be my father. But, he was drop dead gorgeous and carried a message of REALITY! Paul Newman was REAL…and was a DEMOCRAT…so what! Paul Newman will forever be that handsome guy that every little girl not only wishes were her father, but also her soul mate.

My favorite line coming from his lips as his piercing blue eyes looked through my soul will not be from any line in his movies. It will be the statement made when asked about his love for his lifelong wife and mate Joanne Woodward. Someone asked him once why or how after all the years had passed WHY or HOW he never cheated on her. His response was…”I have steak at home…why would I want to go out for hamburger?”

Mr. Newman had five daughters…perhaps that’s WHY God blessed him with so many women in his life…he got it :)