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Wednesday, September 3

Sarah Palin ROCKS RNC Convention

Well, she rocked the house in high fashion. When John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate I was literally shocked and gasping for air for several hours. It didn’t take me long though to see that his decision might have been one of the most brilliant in modern day politics. The end of this post explains in small fashion how I’ve witnessed firsthand exactly what a woman like Sarah Palin can do to the minds of common everyday voters.

I AM A WOMAN, I am a working career woman, and regardless of what others think (you’re supposed to giggle here), as a business owner, mother, wife, and friend…I consider myself a fairly educated woman able to mix with many people of all walks of life and meander around this life successfully. I suppose I’ve just never put a lot of thought into a WOMAN in one of the highest offices in the land as I’ve never come across one that I thought was qualified enough, honest enough, tough enough, or steadfast enough to handle it. We women have so many hats to wear…I have just never found a woman that I would give that hat to. Although fairly politically involved, we women are the doers…the ones that use our success, intellectual and educational prowess to get the “guy” elected. I have NO DOUBT about the amazing strength and purpose it takes for successful and powerful women to go about their days to accomplish phenomenal things…I just don’t usually think of one at the head of Washington. I guess Washington is SO BROKEN THESE DAYS…I think…”Why would any decent woman WANT to be there?” But then, I’m NOT Sarah Palin, not even close.

I come from the old school, and women still have a little quieter place most days and most days no matter how tough the woman or how educated…successful to the nines or not…she just “isn’t that girl” that belongs all the way to the White House. That’s a lot for me to say, as I am also a VERY TOUGH woman and live, breathe, work, and believe in the man’s world of old day cliché’s to an extent. I am a mother of two sons, rule the roost with an iron fist and dedication, own a pickup garage and a big rig garage, and truly understand what it takes to be a woman of strength and ability…but I would never for a second put myself in that category of persons capable or deserving of a seat in the White House.

Oh but wait…I forget that the MEN of my “old school” and my “yesteryear” were much different MEN too…ones deserving of a woman that cared for them and promoted their causes while seeking out a place of her own and finding her successful lot in life while getting reciprocating support and devotion from her partner. I always forget that there aren’t too many of those left :) HUGE kudos go out for the support Sarah Palin’s husband has given, and the REAL MAN STATUS Todd Palin deserves. As the old saying goes…”Behind every successful man is a great woman”…WELL NEVER DOUBT that behind every successful woman lies a GREAT man of success, support, and dedication to join with her and complete her. I’m also very pleased with Sarah Palin’s husband and family. I don’t see “that kind of MAN” in Barack Obama. The infamous boxer once said “He couldn’t carry my jock strap”…and Barack Obama better worry about who’ll carry his…because Obama couldn’t carry Todd Palin’s!

The women that HAVE been put before us in politics of years past weren’t the right ones either. Due to no fault of their own, and not in any way demeaning their great successes and accomplishments…it’s been like the lifelong bachelor that still refuses to marry…he’s just “never met the right gal”. America…coming from the horse’s mouth as a woman…I believe we’ve met the right gal in Sarah Palin. It’s time, and she’s the right one. That last statement was a compliment to many women of great success that have come close but just didn’t get there. The rest of the idiotic choices presented to us like Hillary Clinton and her ilk…gave a bad name to some successful women that might have otherwise had a better chance.

Sarah Palin is just SO MUCH MORE A WOMAN, AND SO MUCH MORE QUALIFIED, AND SO MUCH A BETTER HUMAN BEING ALL THE WAY AROUND…she causes Hillary Clinton to pale in comparison to the mere thought of having a female in the White House. If I were Hillary Rodham Clinton, I would send Sarah Palin a huge bouquet of flowers with a sincere and gracious letter and from that moment forward keep my mouth completely shut where she’s concerned. This woman Sarah Palin will leave Hillary in the dust, outdo her at every turn, and conquer her rightful status as THE WOMAN IN WASHINGTON, and she could do it with nary an evil word ever cast toward the almighty Clinton household.

I don’t preach politics to the everyday person that I meet. As a conservative thinker I truly believe that in America you should be whatever you want to be and believe however you choose. One of my cherished employees has been a lifelong Democrat. Through 6 years of employment at our company however; I’ve seen this man grow in astronomical proportion. If he asks, I’ll throw a little advice his way. I also listen to his thoughts and make honest comments…I enjoy my conversations with him even in the times we agree to disagree. I don’t think (because I look from the outside within) that he sees how much his life has changed over the last six years.

His decisions are sound more and more each year. His thought processes and his actions have changed subtly all along. While maintaining his Democratic political stance…his actions in life however are more those of someone with a conservative viewpoint, and he’s been able to accomplish some expensive medical work, purchase a couple of nice vehicles in the last years, and just moved into a beautiful new home in “what THEY say” is one of the worst markets in history. I personally have had no hand in his movement, but watching him grow as a human, husband, father, and man in general has been a pleasure…I see the conservatism creeping into him and it reminds me of how the “force” came over me many years ago. The simple act of breathing for him will soon be noticeably pleasant and fragrant :)

My favorite thing of all with this cherished friend and co-worker though, is his dry and sometimes radical sense of humor. If nothing else…this guy can make me laugh in the midst of hell…I love that about him. He’s also voiced uncertainty about this year’s Presidential vote. He shared with me that he just might cross the fence this year…wasn’t able to choose yet. As he lives his life not unlike the lives we all live in small town/business Americana…Democrat or Republican…we all face challenges, work through the tears, pain and misery…and come out hopefully laughing and loving on the other side. I have stories like that and I KNOW YOU DO TOO…ALL OF YOU.

He called me tonight while watching the RNC convention and awaiting Palin’s speech. I can see him turning and I think in November he will vote McCain-Palin. He won’t come right out and SAY some things…but he WILL say things so off the cuff and off the wall that I laugh, love, and know that “he gets it”. His comment to me tonight was as usual…short, sweet, and to the point…then off he goes…”Hey…ya know I was going to run for Vice President right?...I decided against it because all of my daughters are pregnant”. It’s true…there’s a LOT of raging hormones going on in that guy’s house right now…that’s all I’m going to say about that except that NONE of us think teenage pregnancy is OK…but it does happen. And, even in the houses of the Democrats…some children by our standards do the right thing when they make a bad choice one night nine months before a baby is born…and they choose that God doesn’t make mistakes with the miracle of life, and those children are born and loved. Sarah Palin will save lives of unborn children…and those that saved unborn children of their own accord before we even knew who she was will appreciate her normalcy and understanding without judgment of those not able to have made that choice.

Any woman that can properly field dress a moose can be with women who've made a choice standing at the crossroad of hell and understand her choice. She will be able to let her know, as so many of us do know that if you've never stood at that crossroad...then you need not talk about it. Sarah Palin understands choice, she lives choice...she chose life... She's seen the back woods and knows that there are things worse than death...We become pro-life because of the miracle of raising our children.

I got another phone call from my sister tonight. She too has been sitting on the fence. She’s not really political most often, and some days I wish I were more like her…saves a lot of grief :) However, she’s been impressed with Obama’s orator skills, his speeches, his youth, and his promise of change. I’ve told her over and over without trying to dissuade her from any free choice of her own that I believe too that the messianic Barack Obama is without a doubt a great orator and he is a fresh look and does bring something new to the table…he just SAYS nothing, and I don’t believe he’ll DO ANYTHING.

Her call to me was subtle also…not much said except these words that RESOUNDED IN MY HEAD LOUD AND CLEAR… (Paraphrased as best as I can quote it)”ya know sis…I’ve really been torn. I haven’t had anything yet that could really make my mind up on who I’m going to vote for. I’m not that crazy about McCain, <he wasn’t my first choice either…>I really liked Obama, but he didn’t seal the deal either for me…I really haven’t watched much of this stuff on TV, but tonight I wanted to watch Sarah Palin make her speech. I LIKE HER! I really like her, and now I think my mind is made up.”

I know two people now (haven’t ever personally witnessed that although I hear of it a lot) that have probably finally made their minds up according to the influence that the amazing Sarah Palin has brought to the McCain-Palin ticket. I know she will have all the votes of those undecided that have special needs children…we need to take care of our special needs children.

I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO REMEMBER THIS…No matter WHO you rallied for, worked for, posted signs for, thought about voting for…possibly SWORE you were going to vote for when you were in public…voting boots are private. In the privacy of your own voting booth with your high-tech bar-coded ballot in hand…in America…when it really counts in that private moment…you may punch any hole you wish…no one will ever know. Voting is a sacred and privileged right in this great USA…poke the hole that says McCain-Palin…you won’t be disappointed. And, if you are one that says “yeah right”…”they won’t do all they say either”…just punch the Obama-Biden hole and see where that gets you. If you are still undecided enough on Super Tuesday…let your arm twitch in the favor of McCain-Palin. YOU DON’T WANT TO FIND OUT THE HARD WAY what a bad twitch can cause an entire nation! Don’t be “that guy” that was willing to take a chance on Obama-Biden…that's a choice “even Comet can’t scrub off”…