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Thursday, October 30

Fairness Doctrine

Oh Lordy Help Me! I've been trying SO HARD NOT to make my posts too long, but this guy really pissed me off! I'm not pissed AT him, I'm pissed because I FEEL FOR HIM and I WANT TO hope that he really isn't this misguided in his life...but they are.

I was on another's blog, and left a comment. This guy "DG" left two more comments and mentioned me and a whole lot of other misguided stuff...I went OFF!

On Obama...this guy first went on about all the polls. YES..."WE" all know Obama is "ahead" in the polls...or not...depends on which one you see. If you poll 500 Democrats, Obama wins. If you poll 500 Republicans McCain wins. Screw the polls they aren't numerically correct, not like YOUR CHECKBOOK...

Polls are one thing, but in a thread about Socialism, this guy went off on one comment about polls, and then "magically" he pulled Fairness Doctrine out of his butt, excuse ME! So, being a Conservative redneck I just couldn't help myself...I then WENT OFF ON HIM...

I figured that if 'you's gonna tackle somebody...'you's best explain yourself...so here it goes for anybody trippin along this trail to read...

dg Mr. DG I call him...original quote (after the dumb quote of polls...and yep, McCain might lose) this is about the Fairness Doctrine...

"Also, regarding the Fairness Doctrine. Even if it were reinstituted, the MSM would not regain power, since the number of channels in a world with cable and satellite radio is too big to bring back the dominance of the big three networks. Moreover, the internet now allows for so much information that we would hardly notice if talk radio went away. The anti-competitive argument is a canard.

The problem with talk radio, the internet and other free forms of media is that nothing is fact checked as it once was, so systematic bias (e.g., Hannity on the right and Olbermann on the left) is rampant. I do agree that the Fairness Doctrine will not solve it, but more aggressive fact checking and perhaps tougher libel laws might make people think twice about lodging accusations that Obama is a terrorist or a Marxist when it doesn't square with the facts and a clear intent to malign for political gain can be proven. This would take the air out of the rhetoric from people in the McCain campaign in a hurry, and in a more effective way than the Fairness Doctrine ever would. As it stands now, people can live in a world of lies without consequence. This is dangerous to our democracy.
dg "

Well, I tried to represent all us who believe a different way...I replied this way...and AGAIN with all due respect to DG...but DAMN YOU PISSED ME OFF... It's LONG, so nobody will read it anyway and if they do, they won't comment :)

With all due respect dg:

Cable & Satellite is all good, but while in your car...we need radio, satellite or not and I have XM + local. Talk radio at least to me sometimes outweighs music. I choose other times in my life with other people (like another human in my car) like my husband or a friend to sing with :) When I'm alone in the car - I listen to talk.

I'm a firm believer of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer...so I USED to listen about 50/50 to local liberal radio and conservative radio. Guess what? Liberal radio couldn't hang or get advertisers to pay and "poof" they are suddenly gone...no more listen to the enemy...the owners...try as they might...had no income and those stations chose other avenues of "talk" to make us listen.

I also use the internet as a main medium and still there is a need for talk radio. I really don't want to sound mean...I'm NOT...but history and stats prove that liberal talk media has failed miserably, and conservative talk media rates very high. Numbers don't lie.

If Fairness Doctrine was reinstituted, talk radio stations would fail because for every hour NOW that they get HIGH ratings, THEN they would get high ratings only EVERY OTHER HOUR. Nobody listens (not enough to pay the bills anyway) to liberal talk radio.

Poll yourselves all you wish...the proof is in the pudding as they say and liberal stations fail at least in talk radio. CNN & MSNBC are still hanging on...it's visual. Not particularly more believable persay to YOU than FOX...but then think...(bet you don't even watch FOX News...) On any given day, they will have at least a fair number of liberals on the news as they do conservatives...Can't say that about the "others"...add 'em...mark it...watch it...it's TRUE!

FOX is the #1 rated news video channel. Conservative radio rates high. I'm a small business owner. I advertise on music channels, TV, talk radio, newspaper, etc.

THE BEST BUSINESS AND THE MOST BUSINESS AND THE MOST BANG FOR MY BUCK comes from customers that tell me they heard my ad on, "yep...you guessed it...a FREAKING LOCAL AM...HEAR ME BROTHER...AM RADIO talk radio channel KKOH AM Reno, NV. We just advertise our company...we have NO POLITICAL affiliation in our advertising...

I have a MAJOR campaign going on right now on a VERY POPULAR (#2 in the city) classic rock radio music station in which we are giving away $1875 worth of stuff. In TWO MONTHS only 125 people have entered the drawing. But yet...almost EVERY NEW customer that walks through my door and I ask "How'd you hear about us?" Almost without FAIL they say on the talk radio KKOH...AND I ONLY PAY FOR SPONSORSHIP FOR A 5-10 SECOND BIT THERE AT TRAFFIC AND WEATHER!!!

My HUGE campaign on the rock music channel plays 8-10 times per day for a whole 60 second (1 minute) AWESOME ad...and in two months...only 125 of 500,000 people!

Numbers just DON'T LIE! 2+2=4 ALWAYS!

Obama can "bring change" all he wants, but I KNOW in my business where the business comes from for the expenditure of my advertising dollar and it comes far and above from a little Conservative AM talk radio channel in a county of 500,000 people.

You say people live in a world NOW of LIES without CONSEQUENCE. AMEN BROTHER! Conservatives are ALL ABOUT consequence.

It's the LACK OF CONSEQUENCE that's been taking USA down. Ask any Republican...McCain might not have been our first choice and he might not ever stand out as one of the "Greats" as presidents go.

However...NO CONSERVATIVE, even one that might lean a little left will EVER believe in "From each according to his ability to each according to his needs!"

BECAUSE...in TODAY'S world like you describe in which there is so much systematic bias, WHY TRY when you can HAVE?

I've watched it, I see it in my city, I even see it sometimes with my employees until I remind them of consequence.

I know half a million people doesn't seem like a lot, but MOST on our "welfare" rolls are indigent, non-caring, non-trying individuals and a good many (55% of owing receivers of hospital care in the county hospital) are in the USA ILLEGALLY!

Crippled people, Mentally challenged people, Birth defected people, OLD people beyond their ability to do have EVERY RIGHT to ANY help they need!

Crack whores, gang bangers, healthy men and women that get a hand UP and when just about to rise above THAT realize that when they DO BETTER will NO LONGER get the Gov't check??? And they choose to do less to keep the check??? Brother...there are FAR MORE of THEM than there are the folks REALLY IN NEED.


My new mantra is...(since it appears that "The One" is going to win the election...when you're down and out in a few months...)

Maybe next year..when you need a hand up and I will no longer give it to you...I'm gonna tell you to call Obama! He promised you EVERYTHING! He promised you CHANGE!

You'll get change allright, me the lowly mom & pop business owner sitting as an S-Corp (look it up) will get taxed AGAIN up the yazoo and I will no longer be able to afford your $2000 Christmas bonus.

Me, Joe Business Owner will no longer have the money to loan you $10,000 to have dental work done to save your life (yes bad teeth can kill you) and payroll deduct it at $100 per paycheck for a few years.

I will no longer have the ability to give you $50 or $100 just because it's your birthday. I can't see a job well done anymore and just cut you a check for $500 'cause dammit, you just deserve it!

DON'T SPREAD MY WEALTH...let me...I said LET ME...whatever (not wealth) I have...LET ME DOLE IT OUT to the 22 employees that GIVE ME their blood sweat and tears every day of every year while already making ($15 is our lowest per hour salary & $29 is the highest) good money just for doing their jobs!

Don't preach to ME systematic bias! Don't preach to ME Obama's Socialist CHANGE... Don't preach to ME how much better YOU think YOU'LL have it under his rule...



Call Barack Hussein Obama...he's the one that promised it all to you...all I promised you was consequence.

Again, dg...with all due respect.

Wednesday, October 29

Obama Will Disarm America

Obama wants to disarm America. Many on the left say that statement is taken out of context. He sounds pretty contextual to me! If he wants to disarm the USA, you can bet your ass he would like to disarm YOU! REMEMBER...one of his BIG TALKING POINTS is that to "bring change" and to "fix" America, we must start from the BOTTOM UP! If he wants to disarm the UP, you can pretty much agree that your 2nd Amendment rights will GO with his plan to disarm the BOTTOM FIRST. For in Obama's world...we are ALL "Joe Bottom".

Pole In The Hole Race

Who says we rednecks don't know how to have some crazy fun :) This is FUNNY with a bit of adult humor inferred, and YES...ALL PUNS ARE INTENDED!

Undecided Voters

For any of you still undecided on whom to vote for to be the next President in 2008...There is a great non-partisan publication called Quotes & Votes - Presidential Scorebook designed to help you make your choice.

Monday, October 27

Spread The Wealth - A Big Red Flag

California Appeals Court Rules AGAINST San Francisco Sanctuary Policy

A California Appeals Court has ruled AGAINST San Francisco's Sanctuary policy. OH MY...it's ABOUT TIME! While this is just a small beginning in the fight for LEGAL immigration, any reform in current Sanctuary City policy is fantastic. San Francisco has always maintained that the "LAW" already in place didn't apply to them, therefore they refused to mandate that their police department comply with existing laws.

San Francisco officials (and officials of MANY cities around the country) "feel like Section 11369 of the California Health and Safety Code, was an impermissible invasion of the federal government's "absolute authority" to regulate immigration."

The Appeals Court ruled, "...Section 11369 does not require any state or local law enforcement agency to independently determine whether an arrestee is a citizen of the United States, let alone whether he or she is present in the United States lawfully or unlawfully. Nor does the statute create or authorize the creation of independent criteria by which to classify individuals based on immigration status... All of those determinations, as well as the duty to tell an arrestee who may be in this country unlawfully to either obtain legal status or leave, are left entirely to federal immigration authorities...the statute is therefore not an impermissible state regulation of immigration."

One step at a time perhaps we can bring this immigration fiasco under control. This is a first start.

Sunday, October 26

Peggy Noonan - RINO Traitor

PLEASE...before any more supposed good intended liberals tell me AGAIN that "even Peggy Noonan, one of your OWN doesn't like Sarah Palin."...or that "Peggy Noonan is even going to vote for Obama and is against your candidate...and she's one of YOURS"...

Folks, Conservatives are smart enough to know that YES - even "we" have a few wolves in sheep's clothing running amok through our party. Since I cannot say it any better than these two did...I'll let them introduce you to the REAL Peggy Noonan. Peggy Noonan is one of the original RINOS (Republican In Name Only).

Carter Clews - Americans For Limited Government - GetLiberty.org

Debbie Schlussel - debbieschlussel.com

Obama IS a Socialist - Obama IS a Marxist - Orlando Reporter Right On!

In typical Obama fashion, he just bans or omits anything that might actually allow his sadly misled sheep-like followers toward any real truth about him. Obama hides his evil behind a cloak of eloquence.

The Obama campaign has now banned any future contact or interviews with an Orlando, FL television station WFTV, after the AMAZING Barbara West asked Joe Biden some hard nosed questions. Biden was dumbfounded at her blatency.

FOR ONCE a real journalist stepped up to the plate and called a duck a duck. What did the duck do? ...Ran and ducked for cover AGAIN...that's what! In my opinion, Barbara West's picture should be the one in the dictionary next to Main Stream Media instead of what MSM has pitifully become.

Obama's Redistribution of Wealth - Obama Calls Constitution NEGATIVE - Obama DISPUTES Our FOUNDING FATHERS

Obama was a Socialist even back in 2001. Then, he OPENLY discussed his plan to redistribute wealth and even openly stated that our constitution was negative, mis-interpreted, and disputed the intentions of our Founding Fathers.

If the media showed us this side of Obama, or if he had made this statement in any of the presidential debates...do you suppose the sheep would still follow? Do you suppose he'd be elected after saying in 2008 what he said on public radio in 2001? Do you think his belief system as really changed in seven short years?

When speaking about redistribution of wealth (and commenting on the Warren Court) he said that while many considered them (it) to be radical...it wasn't THAT radical...because they (Warren Court)...didn't...

Obama said in 2001: "The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth ...more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society"... "It (Warren Court) didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the constitution... ...the constitution is a charter of NEGATIVE LIBERTIES.... ...(the constitution)...says what the states CAN'T do to you...says what the federal government CAN'T do to you, but it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government MUST DO ON YOUR BEHALF!

This guy stand's a real chance of being YOUR next president...Lord Help Us All! Listen and weep...

Howard Stern Finds Misinformed Harlem Voters

This is quite unbelievable...or sadly I guess it's not. How many more "average Joes" do you think fall into this category? These people and millions like them are about to CHANGE the world we know.

Wednesday Hero - SAS Soldier

Wednesday Hero was started to put a spotlight on the men and women of the United States military and the bravery their show day in and day out. But on a few occasions a service members of an allied nation has been profiled. Such is the case this week.

Despite being shot twice during an ambush in Afghanistan, an SAS (Special Air Service) soldier from Australia lashed himself to the front of his patrol vehicle so he wouldn't be left behind if he passed out from loss of blood and kept on fighting.

The Digger is expected to be recommended for a high level bravery award.

Suffering from serious upper body wounds, the soldier struggled on to the front of his SAS long range patrol vehicle (LRPV) and, under heavy fire, used a rope to attach himself firmly between the vehicle's bull bar and radiator.

Once he was secured, and there was no chance that he would fall off if he fainted, he picked up his rifle and resumed firing at the enemy during a two-hour fighting withdrawal.

SAS troops and their special forces comrades from the Commando Regiment are well aware of the slow and painful death that awaits them if they are captured by the Taliban.

The Digger, who cannot be identified, faded in and out of consciousness, emptying several magazines as volleys of enemy rounds and rocket propelled grenades, rained down around him.

He was finally evacuated from the battle field at high speed still lashed to the front of the LRPV.

A source told The Courier-Mail the Digger was now "up and about" and would recover fully from his serious gunshot wounds. His heroic deeds will be recognised when he is recommended for a high level bravery award.

Several others engaged in the do-or-die battle on September 2 are also in line for top honours.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

Wednesday Hero Logo

Friday, October 24

Thursday, October 23

Obama - WOLF in Sheep's Clothing

I think my biggest Obamafear is THIS!

  • He might/will get elected. He will attempt to "do the right thing for 95%" of Americans (while scheming how to stab all you "middle class" people right in the back)...BTW...we have NO CLASS system in our free America. If YOU perceive yourself in a "class" you chose it. It's a free country...you can be in any "class" you choose to be! It TRULY is a no class and no race country for the legal and the willing!
  • He will do OK for 4 FOUR years while continuing to maintain the "view" of the status quo...meaning HE and THEY will quietly maintain a loose and fragile grip on chaos while continuing to convince you it's just the way it has to be and look what I'M DOING to keep this grip from FAILING YOU ALL...I'M GIVING YOU ALL YOU NEED, and I'LL CONTINUE TO GIVE YOU ALL YOU WANT...you'll keep believing that's ALL you NEED, and since you have no incentive to do better...you'll keep believing that's ALL you WANT!
  • By doing OK for 4 FOUR years (since truth will no longer be public knowledge)...he will continue to "orate" and "sweep you off your feet". You'll all be doing the "Obamadance" each and every day...cause he's hip, literate, colorful, and CONVINCING...HE WAS TRAINED BY CRAFTY WEALTHY LOW CLASS (if we had a class system) INDIVIDUALS THAT MANDATED HE GET AN A+ IN ENGLISH AND DEBATE!
  • HIS SECOND TERM...HE'LL DROP THE SHEEP OUTFIT AND BECOME THE WOLF! You will NEVER see it coming...it'll be like the asshole that waited for you behind the exit door of the bar and sucker punched you because you "just deserved it". You fought back THEN...but in this "different" kind of circumstance...the oblivious, intellectual, mind-fucking kind of way...sucker punch TAKES ON A WHOLE NEW MEANING!
  • Even Little Red Riding Hood knew in the end the difference between the Wolf & the Sheep
Call me crazy...but he (Barack Hussein Obama) isn't stupid! He's been groomed for years, he's got evil connections that everyone wants to ignore...and ABOVE ALL...HIS GROOMERS...HIS UNORTHODOX CONNECTIONS TAUGHT HIM WELL...he did graduate Harvard for goodness sake!

And...if by now you STILL think I'm crazy...ever heard of Wikipedia? Lordy...a whole TON of you "average Joes" consider Wikipedia to be a bastion of knowledge!

WIKIPEDIA'S VERSION(S) OF LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD It's VERY politically correct, providing versions for everyman! Whatever you might fathom...Wikipedia has a version of Little Red Riding Hood to fit your every need! They should have a commercial!

Wow...I never knew there were MULTIPLE versions of Little Red Riding Hood...for all the years I was a little girl, and even when I raised two kids who are now grown...there was only ONE! Go figure!

It NEVER Happened!

WOW... I NEVER expected to write the post below this one and then check my e-mail and get a story from Mom-In Law that was so appropriate to what I'd just said! But...YOU DECIDE...if you believe journalists today...maybe it never happened! (I checked Snopes...found no disagreement...but I'm just printing what was sent...appropo) If the Big D didn't say this...I'd be willing to bet some other observant soldier or German did!

General Eisenhower Warned Us

It is a matter of history that when Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower, found the victims of the death camps he ordered all possible photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead.

He did this because he said in words to this effect:

'Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened!'

It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended. Some, like the leader of Iran say the Holocaust is a myth!

MILLIONS were murdered, raped, burned, starved, beat, experimented on and humiliated while the German people looked the other way! WHY did the German people look the other way? It WASN'T because normal German people are scathingly inhumane...it's because THEY DIDN'T KNOW...or BECAUSE...they had a mass MEDIA TELLING THEM it was the WAY and the CORRECT THING to do! That was 62 years ago that WWII ENDED!

How many years will it take for 9-11 to disappear from our children's textbooks or our next generations' memory? SO MUCH as ALREADY been taken away! How long...when...will YOUR great grandchild as a teen look at you like the old fragile human you will be then and say something like, "Oh...Great Granny!...let's just tuck you in...you are trying to remember stuff now and you are tired...that never happened Great Granny...911 is what you call when you are in trouble! You are in a home now...you'll never have to talk about 911 again :) I LOVE YOU...bye bye...

William Ayers - College Professor

Regarding William (Bill) Ayers...Nut Job - Terrorist - Did "It" 30-40 years ago - Professor of higher education...

One brilliant blogger wrote this in a comment to one of Ann Coulter's articles about Bill William Ayers: "In our times, the difference between a University professional and a three card monte street hustler? The latter has his cards on the table."

Coming from ME a gal that had a 20 year career in gaming...you bet your ass...REAL folks have their cards ON THE TABLE!

"You pays your money and ya takes your chances!" ONLY WHEN ALL the cards are ON THE TABLE at the END of the HAND do you know whether you win or lose! Some games though, like three card monte...the cards are ALWAYS on the table...but can YOU follow them?

Don't get Obamahustled!

Wednesday, October 22

The Sky Is BRIGHT YELLOW! - Ask ANY Modern Journalist!

The sky IS BRIGHT YELLOW! ...You look out the window and say, "Nope, it's blue." NO - I SAID IT'S YELLOW AND I AM A JOURNALIST - I REPORT FOR (CNN, MSNBC, FOX (best of the worst), New York Times, I'M A UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR...pick ANY media outlet or "ordained pillar of the education establishment" these days) A MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET AND BY GOD (oops, we can't acknowledge God)...BY JIMMINY OR BY JOE IT'S TRUE...ALL OF IT! HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THE OMNIPOTENT WORD OF THE MEDIA/INSTITUTION? THE SKY IS BRIGHT YELLOW!

I swear, at age 45 I sit in silence and disbelief as to what I see on my news today. I used to be a "journalist". One of my first jobs at about age 14 believe it or not was for the local paper in my home town, the "Colorado City Record" MANY years ago. Our main goal above all though was TRUTH, even if it was a little lame newspaper printed in a town in West Texas of 5,000 people. I was also co-editor of my high school newspaper and my partner in truth was Rod...and we too...only published truth. Ugly or Nice, we just printed truth. Funny was funny, but ONLY if we laughed WITH you and never AT you.

It's not true today. I NEVER THOUGHT I'd see America's journalists become profiteers at whatever expense, instruments of propaganda, gossip mongers, and overall icky individuals. What little journalism I ever officially participated in amongst others in the field; WE KNEW BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT...WE LIVED IN FEAR...of ever making a factual mistake! WE KNEW that "nobody" cared about trivial crap in day to day lives of anyone (nonfactual and personal trivia that is...birthdays, dinners, and hosted personal events were all we had if factual in the "personals column")...and people's most intimate personal lives (outside crime, or blatant immorality against others) was theirs to keep!

Our paper NEVER participated in nonfactual smear or articles intent on the destruction of someone else just because we could. Not cool, and for my LEGAL Spanish Speaking Texas readers... "No Bueno!" In those days though...only English in the paper...if you couldn't read it, "oh well"...learn it or burn it! We had a few in our town of other nationalities also...it just NEVER CROSSED OUR MINDS to print anything other than English! We never thought it "racist", we just printed what we typed, and "yep" it was ALL ENGLISH...and not all the paper's employees were "Caucasian".

It used to be that ONLY TRUTH made the news, and OH MY GOD...in those days...it was the TRUTH OF GOOD and the TRUTH OF ACCOMPLISHMENT and the TRUTH OF HONOR was the news that sold papers! It used to BREAK OUR HEARTS when a true "news-story" broke which meant we'd have to print in black and white WITH PHOTOS (I used to be a photographer for my paper) something horrible, yet factual about someone or something in our community or school that the general public really needed to know. We would check and recheck again our sources, our tips, our facts before we would actually knowingly throw someone to the wolves. We tried very hard to ONLY throw those to the wolves that deserved to be eaten.

Today...the mantra is, "Heck...throw 'em to the wolves...if the wolves don't bite?...Then we'll worry about covering our tracks later."

The REALLY SICKENING PART OF THIS IS...the FIRST time some lame wanna be journalist tried it...THE WOLVES BIT! The wolves are no longer hunters, prowlers, and seekers of truth and justice...THE WOLVES ARE RABID!


Chick/Dude spreads gossip. Others giggle. Someone like me enters stage right and says, "Did you SEE it? How do you KNOW that's what she/he did, or that's what REALLY happened? WHO told you? WHO told them? Do you have any REAL PROOF? If NOT, did you EVER stop to think that this trivial garbage you are all laughing/crying about might ACTUALLY HURT the person that's the topic of all your entertainment?...or that YOU are HURT for no reason?...Perhaps you're CRYING about something that's hurt you that NEVER was said in the first place! Did you ASK the person that made you cry if that's what REALLY HAPPENED?"

THEN...SILENCE...and THEN...some bitch/bastard hoping to save face and play both sides against the middle would roll their eyes at you, (thus starting a trend in the room) and quietly state..."We were just talking...you don't have to get all defensive! Sounds true and if it is...aren't you the "goody two shoes" trying to make a difference?...if it's NOT, Well...duh...we were still just talking amongst us girls/guys." Some other girl/guy would take "their" side and say something like, "Hey...if we're wrong...we'll pray at church on Sunday...(hehehe), lighten up." And then..."poof" you just never got "invited" to any more of "their" parties and guess what...YOU DIDN'T CARE! TRUTH MATTERED!

BUT...when those "same people" REALLY WANTED TRUTH...they would cower over to you and ask what "you" thought...but don't tell anybody I asked! Truth still mattered, and people ALL went to church...whichever one they chose (THANK GOD our parents MADE us). People did USED to seek TRUTH from whichever source they could find it, and in those days...it was the news people that were "in the know"...

Since WHEN did America become so lazy and so obviously without normal lives that we began to THRIVE on CRAP? Maybe that's why I have so few friends (lady friends). When I sit in a room of gossipy gals (or guys) today and the "shit's a flyin' ", my first question STILL is (we all spark a bit to juicy gossip)..."Did you see it?", "How do you KNOW that's what she/he did, or that's what REALLY happened?..." Many times I've been "that girl" that slumps into a chair (or more likely just LEAVES) because I get the "rolled eye treatment and the DUH's".


NOTHING cries out BULLSHIT louder when you "question their logic" than a room full of people that just STOP in silence, ROLL their eyes at you, and hem and haw and then finally spew more crap like, "Well...so in so told me!...DUH, EVERYBODY KNOWS IT...WHERE have YOU been?...etc. etc." And, then...just before you leave...YOU REMEMBER YOU ARE NOW OLDER now!

You might PRODUCE ACTUAL documents. You might even have TAPED VIDEO AND RECORDED SPEECH of those in question! You might have that TRUTH TRAIL ten miles long and TWENTY YEARS wide...and the same people in the room will STILL ROLL THEIR EYES AT YOU and spew more crap like...

  • He/She was probably having a bad day. They didn't really mean that what they said first...see...since then he/she's produced a new video that corrects it! DUH!
  • Oh...silly you...you just CAN'T believe everything you touch, feel, see with your own eyes, or hear with your own ears. So in so told us all...DUH...EVERYBODY knows different! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
  • Come on now...Malinda...don't you WATCH the news? ABC the ANCHOR person (DUH THE LIKE MAIN ANCHOR SPOKESPERSON) for XYZ News said it RIGHT ON NATIONAL TV...get with it...It was ALSO printed in BLACK & WHITE in the DEF Newspaper!
  • "Lame" me, I still ask, "Did YOU see it? Who told ABC, DEF, or XYZ? Did they verify the story? Aren't they afraid if they're WRONG that NOBODY will listen or read? If they are WRONG or NONFACTUAL, their sales will PLUMMET! NO ADVERTISERS will purchase time! Their P&L's will vanish! How 'come the ORIGINAL source is so often 'nowhere to be found'? Original doesn't seem to exist! WHERE'S THE TRUTH? Even the Old Lady back in the day wanted to know..."Where's the BEEF?"
  • OR...I might have actual PROOF...DNA evidence...DOCUMENTATION IN LEGAL FORMAT...etc...VIDEO OF SAID PERSON UNDENIABLY STATING SAID FACTS! One of those TRUE STORIES where sadly someone HAS to be thrown to the wolves because they NEED TO BE EATEN!...Today's wolves IGNORE DESERVED WOLF MEALS!...How can a wolf of TODAY IGNORE a meal WHEN THEY ARE KNOWINGLY ALREADY RABID?...Oh yeah...rabid animals don't make rational instinctual decisions!
  • "Oh...that technical stuff that "makes you the goody two shoes seeming accurate" is just your inner child trying to rebel against change. You're just TOO ONE-SIDED! Here...have a latte' chill your self in our oblivion. We're in a "happy place" and you are just trying to work us all up...stop with all that!"
  • But...But...But...OUR NATION IS AT RISK! REAL people are out there TRYING TO HURT YOU...YOU WITH THE LATTE'! I'm trying to SAVE YOU! Your way of life is on the brink of EXTINCTION! Can you HEAR ME......crowd noise rises...more people step in front of me...I'm waving my arms and yelling with proof in hand...my proof gets knocked out of my hands and falls to the floor. Good Time Charlie's trample on my proof, my video on the TV is replaced with loud music videos portraying people with lots of money in large baggy clothes spanking girls in scant clad attire as the singer calls her "my ho"...etc...etc...
  • As I leave...because I realize no one wants truth...as my back is turned and my head is down and a tear in my eye before I reach the door...I vaguely hear in the background some more cluttered conversation...but I make out this...
  • Paris, Brittney, & Lindsey... / Oh...some guy they say did a bomb or something when he was 8...no big deal...DUH, he's a professor for heck's sake.../ some smart chick from Alaska (who knew Eskimo's could be smart)...but did you get a look at her...HOT / The market fell today 500 points...what market? Oh dude...I was just at the market...did ya know they now have this tofu hybrid nutritional enlightenment food that will rock the world?...ya gotta get some... / Check this out!...I just bought this killer beamer (BMW)...I'm gonna lay that chick over there in the red dress...wanna bet me? / Don't we have to vote or something soon?...yeah...I'm voting for the dude for change...I like that dude...they all say on the news he's the BOMB!...who's the other dude?...Dunno...some old dude with a hot chick that I heard can kill a moose or something...everybody's talkin' 'bout her where've you been? / ....fading...I'm leaving...last whisper I hear from the clink and clatter...
  • Check it out! The sky is BRIGHT YELLOW! HUH?

Tricks & Treats

Mr. Dodger's Neighborhood

A humorous but VERY FACTUAL article about Barack Hussein Obama's true colors.


Obama's Health Care

Obama! IF YOU'RE GONNA TAKE my "(not)WEALTH) and spread it around? Could you AT LEAST PROVIDE DENTAL CARE IMMEDIATELY in your new position so that the nasty people with bad breath and no teeth will QUIT PREACHING TO ME how WONDERFUL you are?

Most of us already have some sort of menial dental plan that AT LEAST provides preventative care i.e. one checkup per year and one CLEANING...


I say you should IMMEDIATELY produce (with all your millions in contributions) a CAMPAIGN ADVERTISEMENT THAT PROMOTES GOOD DENTAL HYGIENE!


If it's not the bad teeth, it's the T-Shirts with funny little nuts on the logos trying to get us to re-register to vote! WHASSUP with that Obama....Mr. Obamanation?

(YES I pirated the photo from a costume...ever heard of "political creativity?" Obama HAS)

Wednesday Hero - Sgt. Carlton A. Clark

Sgt. Carlton A. Clark
Sgt. Carlton A. Clark
22 years old from South Royalton, Vermont
2nd Brigade Troop Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
August 06, 2006
U.S. Army

Sgt. Carlton Clark graduated from South Royalton High School in 2002. While in high school, he was co-captain of his soccer team and a member of the track and field and basketball teams. He graduated from basic combat training and advanced individual training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. in 2002 and was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. as a combat engineer. He was air assault qualified and deployed during the initial wave of Operation Iraqi Freedom for one year. He was subsequently assigned to West Point to train cadets. He re-enlisted and was deployed for a second tour of duty in Iraq. He earned a Purple Heart, an Army Commendation Medal with Valor, a Bronze Star Medal and was posthumously awarded a second Purple Heart.

Sgt. Clark was killed in action when an IED detonated near his Humvee while conducting combat operations in Baghdad. Also killed in the attack were Staff Sgt. Stephen A. Seale and Cpl. Jose Zamora.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Who Should I Vote For - McCain or Obama

I've spent the better part of the last year on this one. I'm involved in a lot of groups, rally's, and programs. I'm a business owner, and I'm a redneck. I'm a woman, yet the mother of two sons and an employer of mostly men. I've walked up and down the ladder of female/male, proper/improper, what if/what not.

  • I SAY THIS...IN THIS LATE HOUR! If I can just for a moment be HONEST and that's all I know how to be love me or leave me... Here are MY MOST HONEST McCain VOTING POINTS! (God LOVE Sarah Palin!...we might not even be talking if she were running for POTUS)
  • My FAVORITE CONSERVATIVE thing to "preach" to others is our FREEDOM! You CAN vote for WHOEVER you wish to vote for. JUST VOTE! But think long and hard as to who you vote for!
  • When someone says they're voting for McCain, I ask them WHY? They ALWAYS can cite multiple reasons why. They will say his policy on taxes, his possibility for reform and cite certain areas they think he can, and they will cite his foreign policy kudos, or his stance against pork spending, or even his choice to choose a gal that can help him kick some ass...
  • When someone says they're voting for Obama, I ask them WHY? They always give me the deer in the headlights look and say, "uh, duh, well...he sounds believable"...I say about what?

  • They say..."he'll bring change", I say WHAT will he change..."more uh's and duh's", I don't know but I believe he'll change.

  • He'll (Obama) will lower my taxes. I say "really?", he wants to enable many more programs than are already in place. Our ALREADY LAME government just spent 700B dollars and that's JUST what they TOLD you about.

  • If Obama wants to CUT 95% of ALL AMERICAN'S taxes...and provide HEALTH CARE TO ALL (illegals included...don't get me wrong...McCain hasn't had the balls to slam the borders and stop it either)...WHERE'S HE GONNA GET THAT MONEY...guess what? FROM YOU!


  • I REALLY DON'T GIVE A SHIT THAT OBAMA IS BLACK...HE'S NOT! He's 1/2 black, I have three great nieces of the same DNA...THEY have more entitlement to be president than Obama does! BECAUSE...they are BABIES yet, and NOBODY'S EVER TOLD them YET that it's WRONG to be of color, or of mixed color. I WISH their parents would have been of same color but WHO THE F AM I to try and TELL A BABY that something's WRONG? There's NOTHING WRONG with these babies...they are perfect! There's NOTHING WRONG with ANY PERSON'S COLOR! They too had NO CHOICE in their RACE! NONE OF US HAS THAT CHOICE! ...STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD!!!

  • I SEE NO COLOR when it comes to issues and money and the distribution of money to the folks that REALLY NEED it!

  • I'm SURE OF THIS...McCain is BY FAR AND SO MUCH BY FAR the lesser of two evils this time that if you DON'T vote for McCain, you are signing up for a cliche' of a death sentence, but death on many levels all the same.
  • It's like a BAD insurance policy! You'll NEVER KNOW until you have to FILE A CLAIM!
  • I can preach to you all day long that McCain will be better than Obama. I can tell you all day long to hold your nose and vote McCain...that he'll do LESS DAMAGE than Obama will.
  • McCain spent something over 1900 days imprisoned in a POW camp in Vietnam. At five years, that's a MERE 1825 DAYS he spent TORTURED and imprisoned.
  • Sorry...If for NO OTHER REASON THAN THIS...If I have to pick one "loser over another", I'll hold my nose and vote for the guy that spent 1825 days in a jungle prison, and THEN came out and "played" the SAME GAME as Obama in politics for ANOTHER 20 years (which is 7300 days)---who won some battles and had to fold to others (WE ARE TALKING POLITICS) over a guy that spent 143 days as an active senator.
  • Numbers DON'T LIE! 2+2=4 ALWAYS! I say if for NO OTHER REASON than simple MATH!... McCain has spent (5 years in 'Nam + 20 years (really more) in public service to our country in the God awful political arena that today has become...) 1825 days + 7300 days = 9125 days! 9125 divided by 365 days (years) = 25 (TWENTY FIVE) YEARS spent at least TRYING to do what needs to be done.
  • 143 Days (Well Meaning or Not) - (No Terrorist Ties or Not) - (ACORN connections or NOT) - (Radical Minister "God Damn America" or NOT) - 143 days = .39! That = in REAL NUMBERS 1/3 of ONE YEAR in service to America (bad service or good service)...(NO military service) - OBAMA = 1/3 OF ONE YEAR AS OPPOSED TO MC-CAIN'S 25 YEARS SERVICE...5 of which were in prison and in torture! - You do the math and still - it's a free country - you choose change.
  • When people compare McCain to "More of the Same"...I DON'T think BUSH! I DO think this though...if I EVER HAD MORE IN MY LIFE MORE THAN NOW to actively CHOOSE more of the same...I'D FOR DAMN SURE CHOOSE MORE OF THE SAME GUY THAT COULD TAKE 1825 DAYS OF TORTURE than I would a guy that could "stand more of the same 143 days in Senate" voting Present!
  • At LEAST if you "are the guy" accused of MORE OF THE SAME...you have the "Mini-Me" - or other "not as eloquent look" determined to be "Presidential" look like the No-Bama yuppie good speaker guy, and YOU KNOW that McCain's "look"... HE CAME BY IT HONESTLY! WAR WOUNDS..DUH...CAN'T RAISE HIS ARMS BECAUSE "CHARLIE" THE VIET-CONG BROKE THEM IN MULTIPLE PLACES...DUH...GET IT?
  • AND for those WANTING to "DIS" Cindy McCain... John McCain's got a BABE that goes all over the WORLD doing good. Yeah so what...she's younger and a blonde...so what? I've seen several TV bio's on Cindy. AND this is a country TAKEN OVER BY LIBERAL MEDIA! There's no video of Michelle Obama going to foreign countries doing good for children. There's actually NO VIDEOS of Michelle readily available except for those stating that she thinks America is mean.
  • So Cindy McCain was wealthy because of beer money...don't we all wish? McCain (John) and his wife Cindy have always kept their finances separate! HOW MANY "average Joe's (plumbers or not) have I known in the same boat)...keep those marital finances separate! You never know who's REALLY RICH, or who's gambling, drinking, whoring, or drugging! An average "Joe" could understand THAT!
  • WHOMEVER we elect this year will be the 44th president. Find the OLDEST person you know...look up the OLDEST person in history! ANYONE will tell you that we've only had about 5...FIVE or so presidents that were GREAT!

  • COME ON! In the USA there have only been 5 or so ?GREAT ones out of 44! We've got A LOT OF WORK TO DO YET!

Tuesday, October 21

City of Sparks, NV - Firewood VOUCHERS $40

Since we're ALL SO TIRED of politics these days even though we're still trying to talk sense into the heads of those voting on Nov. 4th; I thought I'd relieve myself for a day and just talk about something LOCAL. I've not vocally called anyone STUPID to their faces yet, although I try to talk sense adding 2+2 WITHOUT HAVING to call someone stupid because they cannot = 4!

FIREWOOD VOUCHERS $40 was a local story. However, the concept was so STUPID I realized you just cannot get beyond trying to teach others COMMON SENSE! Here are my points...

THIS IS A PHOTO OF 1/3 CORD UNFINISHED WOOD! (one-third cord of large irregular shaped mixed wood/rounds (not split) NOTE: 1/3 is SMALLER than 1/2 ;)



  • Firewood vouchers (one-half cord of large irregular shaped mixed wood/rounds (not split)
  • Cost is $40 per voucher, redeemable for one-half cord
  • Firewood will be available for pick up between 8 a.m. and noon on Saturday (ONE DAY)
  • Proceeds from the sale of the firewood, collected from tree trimming and tree removal projects over the course of the year...will benefit Parks & Recreation.
In a city of 500,000 people (county wide)...they ONLY MANAGED to clean up or remove enough wood to give 40 people 1/2 cord of trash wood? BULLSHIT!

I come from Texas. Most people wanting wood cleared will GIVE YOU any wood you want if you do the WORK! Our city could have SAVED THOUSANDS in labor dollars if they would have offered VOUCHERS for FREE WOOD to any that wanted to work for it where they needed it cleared.

NO, they paid people to do it for a YEAR, and NOW we only have enough crap wood to give 40 people at $40 each! And we're worried about who's going to be President! Perhaps we should start with who is President of Parks & Recreation!

The story WAS going to end there...but when I searched for a "generic" photo of "firewood unsplit", I got these...

I Googled the long phrase: "cord of large irregular shaped mixed wood/rounds (not split)" Guess WHAT showed up? ONLY 5 photos, most of necklaces (whatever) but what really stood out, was...YEP, you guessed it...the logo of the City of Sparks..."who'd 've thunk it"

Well, I KNOW it's the exact phrase that did it...but


Vouchers didn't work in the schools, they WON'T work in FIREWOOD! People work, SAVE our tax payer dollars and GIVE VOUCHERS to folks willing to GATHER AND CLEAN your wood piles! DUH!

Friday, October 17

Barack Obama's Change

I ran across a statement today that seemed to put my apprehensions of this "made man" into a perspective I'm not usually able to do in a couple of words :)

"Statistics never lie...but liars use statistics". I guess that pretty much sums up Obama in one sentence!


Thursday, October 16

Barack The Plumber - Spreading The Wealth

Gun Control - William Shatner

From Captain Kirk to Boston Legal. There are no words...the video is TOO PERFECT!

If video doesn't work...click this link http://www.tv.com/video/15055/dances-with-wolves?o=tv&tag=show_summary;video;thumb

Wednesday, October 15

Third Debate - Moderator Won - McCain Did WELL - Obama Hung Tight

VOTE MCCAIN-PALIN! My position hasn't changed. I'm a die hard Conservative. McCain is a die hard Republican (close as we'll get?), and Obama is a die hard Liberal...among MANY other ills that bother me still reading between his lines of eloquence. Be careful of what "old folks" might tell you. I'm 45, McCain is 71 or so...we only get smarter :) BHO falls comfortably somewhere in between.

There hasn't been in this nation for over 20 years a true Conservative that ran for President. In 1980. He ran against Jimmy Carter, the WORST president any of us can remember. As bad as it hurts me as a Texan to admit...George Bush Jr. is vying for that position more and more each day. Bush did well for four years, and has sunk to new lows each year since; the MSM or Liberal media will certainly portray George Bush as a worse President than Jimmy Carter.

HOWEVER...AS BAD AS BUSH'S APPROVAL RATINGS ARE...HE SOARS AT 22% COMPARED TO OUR CURRENT APPROVAL RATING FOR CONGRESS OF 9%! And Americans, it's your Congress that runs your nation. Your President is but a figure head, and without Congressional support he/she CANNOT get ANYTHING done!

AND AGAIN...REMEMBER THIS! IF...LISTEN CLOSELY...IF YOU the American people; if YOU allow a Liberal to gain the office of President RIGHT NOW, TODAY, WITH TODAY'S PELOSI & REID MENTALITY, if a Liberal is elected, the 9% approval rating of the VAST MAJORITY of America regarding Congress will now have a 9% LEADER!

If a Liberal man is allowed in to the big chair, then what you DIDN'T LIKE HAPPENING in your current Congress will not happen 9% of the time, but 100% OF THE TIME...THINK about it!

It's no doubt a hold your nose and vote year, but McCain has my vote 100% over Obama. These are the reasons why:

  • IN 1996 I didn't know if I was coming or going. I drove across a nation to move back to a place where I knew I could make a living for my children, that I left in the early 90's for a better place. I left Mississippi (that gave me support, friendship, and a place like no other I ever lived, my leaving was family oriented and no other) with 3 good tires and one bald tire. I had literally a few bucks in my pocket. I lowered myself when I got to where I was going to admit I was broke and borrowed $20 bucks for a casino dealer's gaming license...from my ex-husband. I lowered myself to ask my ex-husband to house and keep my children for a couple of months until which time I could house them and care for them appropriately myself.
  • My LIBERAL FRIEND offered me a room in her home (without children...don't blame her). I asked her, "can I pay you rent?"...she said HELL NO...don't pay me rent, you ARE MY FRIEND...SAVE your money, get your own apartment, and get out of my house :)
  • How perfect is THAT! One SHOULD take gracious for grace, one SHOULD take an opportunity and make the MOST of it, and one SHOULD take RESPONSIBILITY to its MOST LITERAL sense, in my case it WAS Bi-Partisian! It's not always that easy. Sometimes, when one's trying, another one's dying. Sometimes between parents in separate families, EACH really wants the best, sometimes it seems the worst. I think sometimes those of us wanting to be the best parents don't become really good parents until it's long beyond the time that it would have mattered the most. THANK GOD some of us are graced with children that have a magnet within them that suck up the best of two parents and become the one child that any parent would envy. In my case...I have TWO! I have TWO SONS that make me proud each day that I breathe :)
  • Obama: Tax those making over $250,000. I am TODAY a small business owner that employs on average 22 people. MY PAYROLL is over $250,000 per year. Like the MAJORITY of SMALL business owners I'm an S-Corp. Many don't know that in an S-Corp, the "company" pays no taxes. The Company FILES a tax return, but whatever numbers filter through the company as profit filter down TO THE OWNERS ON THEIR PERSONAL TAX RETURN in the form of a paper called a K-1. As owners, we claim all the profits of the company ON OUR PERSONAL TAX RETURNS. If your PAYROLL to EMPLOY a simple 22 people is OVER $250,000, it would certainly APPEAR that WE make more than $250,000. WE DON'T! I own three businesses technically. Two businesses comprise 22 employees, one has only 9. I make from one business in salary $10 per hour. I make from another business GROSS less than half of what Obama "determines" is "below the higher tax bracket"! HOWEVER, the REASON I make that figure GROSS, is that as an OWNER, I UTILIZE the freedom to put the MAXIMUM into a 401K plan of $15,000 per year. So NOW, my GROSS salary is really EVEN CLOSER to that of a normal middle class citizen that Obama "wants to protect". That's BEFORE TAXES...THAT salary exposes ME to the HIGHEST TAX BRACKET in which "THEY" tell you is the RICH. CERTAINLY NOT $250,000 per year! My employees make an average of over $20 per hour. I have some clerical staff...the data entry guys/gals $14-$20 per hour. I have some employees that make $28 per hour (managers). Due to CURRENT tax implications, or 401K decisions, MOST of my employees' actual paychecks NET MORE than mine, and I'm the owner. Obama can kiss my ass!
  • When Obama TELLS YOU about the MIDDLE CLASS, I highly ENCOURAGE YOU to ASK HIM if he will be as admitant to HIS HOUSEHOLD numbers as I am to mine, as a SMALL BUSINESS owner!
  • Obama wants to give ME the small business owner a $3000 tax CREDIT for NEW employees that I hire. Am I to assume that I should FIRE all my EXISTING employees and hire NEW ones so that I can get a break? GIVE ME A BREAK! WHY on God's green earth would I have to worry about NEW employees when I've spent YEARS to build up a good team of GREAT employees just so I can get an even break? A TRUE small business owner's great hope in life is that EVERY employee they hire will last for YEARS! DUH@! OWNING a business is like being the figurehead of President...the president of a company. NO SMALL BUSINESS OWNER WITH ANY SUCCESS DOESN'T REALIZE that it's HIS employees that make the business! OWNING a business just makes you the guy that opened it, marketed it, and made it grow. EMPLOYEES MAKE A BUSINESS!...NOT THE OWNERS!
  • McCain scored when he mentioned that Obama is eloquent. "We'll "look" at drilling for oil" I come from oil country. Drill here, drill NOW, or don't drill at all and see where that gets you! City boy Obama...again...you're a dumb ass! DON'T talk to OIL PEOPLE about OIL...you have no clue and I have lived OIL my entire life! I have also lived through that "little pipe" that USED to exist beside all oil wells in which was always an open flame. Natural gas that was burned off. WE'VE reconsidered that and decided (T-Boone Pickens) that we can now harness that too as usable energy. ALSO...Obama...DRIVE THE TEXAS LANDSCAPE! Wind Farms EVERYWHERE! We're into that too! Obama can kiss my ass!
  • Obama's "vent" on fuel efficient cars is that we should just MANDATE that we go to hybrid. GUESS WHAT! Current hybrid cars can only travel about 100 miles before a recharge. I am a native Texan but have resided in Nevada for almost as long. BIG STATES! Gotta go more than 100 miles for a LOT of reasons. Hybrid cars can't usually do 60mph? Our speed limit in NV and TX is sometimes 75...big DOWNER! Gotta charge 'em up? It takes most hybrid cars 8 HOURS to charge? Come ON...you techie guys can come up with better than THAT before you try to SHOVE THAT DOWN OUR THROATS! Especially WHEN we have OIL RESERVES in this nation EXCEEDING some of those in the middle east! DRILL HERE DRILL NOW!
  • GUESS WHAT ELSE? Those "guys" that deliver your food? Those "guys" that haul your goods? Those "guys" that carry out YOUR TRASH? Those guys that haul horses, haul product, haul the "bling" that keeps the nation going...as in FOOD, CLOTHES, WATER, ETC??? NOBODY has EVER proposed a hybrid TRUCK!!! I/We/My EMPLOYEES FIX TRUCKS/PICKUPS every day. The same trucks that bring you "your stuff"! Call 'gals like me and Sarah Palin "dufus" or "blahzaee"...F you! So a 'gal ran a state...so a 'gal RAN a company...DO ANY OF YOU THINK THAT I OR SARAH PALIN DOESN'T REALIZE THAT IT WAS THE DOERS, THE EMPLOYEES THAT MADE THAT WORK? DUH!!! EVEN SARAH PALIN would tell you that without exceptional people (Bill Maher made that a BIG DEAL TONIGHT about execptional) WE do consider Americans EXCEPTIONAL!
  • BOTH CANDIDATES FAILED MISERABLY ON HEALTH CARE! I deal with this each year and I fight hard to change it. Obama says he can DROP your health care cost by $2500. BULLSHIT! McCain says he'd like to let us "cross state lines" BULLSHIT by current standards! WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN is that me with 22 employees, (SHOULD BE THE SAME PRICE I USED TO PAY WHEN I WORKED FOR A CORPORATION WITH 2800 EMPLOYEES), and YOU with 3 (THREE) employees, and the next guy with only 100 employees (ALL CONSIDERED SMALL BUSINESS) should be able to GROUP TOGETHER to form LARGE groups, (across state lines or not...I agree with McCain there) to get affordable health coverage for OUR PEOPLE...REMEMBER THE EMPLOYEES THAT MAKE OUR SMALL BUSINESSES SURVIVE? Jesus Christ! Let US SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS at least give our employees good health coverage WITHOUT SOLICIAST CONTROL!
  • What happens currently is that we have a small group. If ONE guy has a major surgery or ONE guy has a catestrophic event...we ALL PAY MORE!..because we're a group of 20! Let us ALL group together so that in a small business ONE PERSON with an unknown and catestrophic event can't bring the whole group down! What IF that ONE PERSON with a catestrophic event was THE OWNER! There but for the Grace of God go EVERY ONE of US! I hate to think that although I would NEVER fault ANY employee for ANY insurance claim I have that fleeting moment when one of my employees (it might be ME on any given day) has a HUGE claim that I KNOW...this is going to raise the rates of my entire company next year. THAT'S WHAT'S FUCKED UP ABOUT HEALTH CARE...NOT...that we need to Nationalize it, or that we need to SOCIALIZE it...but that as American's we can ALL JOIN ONE BIG GROUP so that there are SO MANY in the group it WORKS FOR ALL! DUH, DUH, DUH...I think even the most lacking of all American's can see the LOGIC in that! Leave the GOVERNMENT OUT OF IT...let ALL OF US American's be able to join a BIG health insurance plan all ON OUR OWN! Logic WORKS...
  • McCain & Obama are BOTH WRONG on thier ideas on how to solve this one. ASK US, we'll be happy to tell you in fiscal and simple language how to do it!
  • Obama's BIG HEALTH CARE BLUNDER! "$900 per year in health cost comes to the "little guy" because some people cannot pay. DUDE OBAMA...DUDE MCCAIN...WHY...WHY...SHY DIDN'T EITHER ONE OF YOU bring about the FACT that (at least in my MAJOR CITY of 500,000) 55% of NON-PAID health care is DUE TO THE FACT THAT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS RECEIVE THE GOODS! Republican or Democrat! Black or White! And, Mr. Obama...you seem to be on the side of the "race" card always being played...I don't give a shit if you're white, elite, black, yellow, red, or brown! If you are in this country ILLEGALLY...screw you! You took that chance when you came in to milk us ALL for your right to do NOT DO very much! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS came in annoymously, and should have annoymous health care...DO EITHER ONE OF YOU GET THAT?
  • ABORTION! That's a BIG ONE! I personally am PRO LIFE! I've stood at the crossroads and have decided whether to KEEP a life or ABORT it. However, given a split second decision by the other party involved at the moment, who knows? Pregnancy is a MILESTONE in EVERYONE'S life. I can't IMAGINE my life WITHOUT my two sons! I'm just not sure that it's MY JOB to tell YOU what you need to do in your life. Given but some certain circumstances, who knows where my children would have been?
  • McCain HURT himself tonight trying to debate abortion based on the Mother's HEALTH. I THINK IF A WOMAN HAS TO ABORT...SHE SHOULD KNOW WITHIN THE FIRST TRIMESTER!!!! McCain tried to assume that Obama supported late term abortion. Late term abortion should ONLY be allowed if the Mother's LIFE IS IN DANGER OF BEING DEAD! DEAD...some folks find that a "creepy" word. NO MATTER HOW PRO-LIFE you are, if the GIVER of life would DIE due to some condition that would ALLOW a baby life to come forward..."probably" the baby would suffer some sort of "condition" too. ALL CONSERVATIVES myself included favor ANY thing you can do to save a life. But for McCain to say that "health" has been "stretched" to an a limit not acceptable for a woman? I think he lost HUG$E points there. Just about any husband, baby daddy, any paritioner, or any well-doer would understand that if a baby's birth would kill the mother, an abortion might be acceptable. As for ME? I'd give my life for my child, but that's BECAUSE I HAVE TWO sons that I cannot imagine life without. My choices aren't everybody's to make! There ARE worse things than death. Crack head Mamas, Ho mamas, Abused children to the point of starvation, etc...SOME abortions were a BLESSING to those aborted rather than just a simple KILLING of life. My HOPE would be that in EVERY Dastardly neighborhood that ANY WOMAN facing that choice would HAVE the KNOWLEDGE to just reach out! REACH OUT with NO JUDGMENT! Give YOUR BABY to someone that wants a baby more than life. But it doesn't always happen that way. To say that an abortion should NOT BE GRANTED UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES comes from someone that's NEVER had those circumstances to deal with, and the "alternatives" AREN'T ALWAYS so EASY to FIND. I don't DOUBT for one moment that ANY woman faced with that obstacle either thought about it, felt like she didn't have it, or just realized that "saving" doesn't come with a wave of a wand. Some people might have done the best by a "3 week fetus" to let them go to God than to have brung them into a world of abuse, inability to feed them, or general and overt chaos! I had a great childhood although one of much discourse and chaos. AS AN ADULT...GIVEN SOME OF WHAT I'VE SEEN TODAY WITH WHAT CAN HAPPEN WITH YOUNG UNEXPECTING OR UNABLE PARENTS...ME MYSELF! I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN TO BE ABORTED THAN TO HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP IN SOME CONDITIONS SOME KIDS ARE BORN INTO! DON'T JUDGE IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN THERE.
  • EDUCATION! BACK UP AND HEAR ME ROAR!!! BOTH candidates scored POORLY on this one! Again...NEITHER CANDIDATE has ANY BALLS! McCain SHOULD HAVE scorned those that only pour liberal thoughts into our children's minds! He didn't have the balls! Obama should have scorned his Liberal cohorts that ONLY POUR LIBERAL thoughts into OUR CHILDREN'S minds! Obama has no balls either. Children or "young adults" NEED to hear BOTH SIDES! WHAT WE NEED in our Education system is more FAMILY! Vouchers won't save the kids! MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING WON'T save the kids! WHAT WILL SAVE OUR KIDS is a fair and balanced system of education and fair pay for GOOD teachers that can TEACH, not LEAD! OUR TEACHERS NEED TO DEMAND more response from PARENTS!
  • (GUESS WHAT!) JUST BECAUSE we ALL NOW HAVE TO WORK!...PARENTS...if you ARE NOT AT HOME helping your kids learn (There's ALWAYS BEFORE work and AFTER work), if PARENTS are not at home leading our kids to TAKE CARE OF ALL OF US OLD FOLKS SOME DAY...WTF? Kids ONLY DO what those that MOLD them show them THEY SHOULD DO! If YOU LAME PARENTS encourage OUR KIDS to take the EASY ROAD OUT...then FAILURE you WILL HAVE! If YOU the PARENTS will TEACH YOUR KIDS how to SURVIVE, then a NATION we will AGAIN HAVE...DUH!..DUH!..IT'S NOT LIKE SURVIVOR! You DON'T get to just KICK OUT the guy that DOESN'T MEET THE POPULARITY CONTEST! But...you TEACH your kids how to TRULY SURVIVE, and then along with that NO-DUH teaching you ALSO teach them how to KICK OUT the ones that CANNOT GRASP REALITY! Reality is NOT "Survivor". Reality is simple. Get a job. Live within your means. It's fun to drink, smoke, and party. IF...you CANNOT afford your RENT, your ELECTRIC BILL, your TELEPHONE bill, your GROCERY bill...THEN...GUESS WHAT! DON'T GO TO THE BAR! DON'T DO what you CANNOT do within your personal budget!
  • My personal favorite quote is this...and I HAVE NO IDEA WHO SAID it except for a mere OLD MAN that was an Ex-Producer for the ever famous group "Credence Clearwater Revival", and he WAS FROM Lodi, CA. Anybody that LOVES CREDENCE KNOWS that one of their hits was "Stuck in Lodi Again". This was a MAN that I was dealing cards to one night (had dealt to him before more than once, just didn't know WHO he was, but he saw my distress), while I was "trying" NOT to cry while I was on the brink of family collapse and divorce and personal humiliation one night, and all deserved by the way... he told me this:
  • "Baby Girl"..."The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is GREENEST where it's watered. Go Home. WATER YOUR GRASS!" I didn't particularly take his advice that night. I lost a family and almost 17 years later with an AMAZING HUSBAND (who puts up with my what ifs, and I wonders), I own three businesses, and I have a beautiful home and two kids that are successful...and YES...all of us and the Ex are friends...I sometimes still wonder...
  • If I'd have watered the grass, would it have turned out green or not? I live today with an amazing man, I LOVE MY HUSBAND, but I tarnished a life(s) before...and my current husband had lives he lived before.
  • KNOW THIS WITH YOUR POLITICIANS! They are NO DIFFERENT than you or I. DESPITE what you HEAR on the news, our politicians are just humans. YOU DECIDE! MORE SO THAN JUST A DECISION...LOOK BACK at your OWN LIVES! Who's got your back? When a politician TELLS you that he's going to GIVE YOU something...THINK ABOUT JUST WHAT he's going to give you!
  • How many times in your life has the "easy way out" proved to make you financially better off? How many times has SOMEONE who took A HARD ROAD with you made you EVENTUALLY a MORE SUCCESSFUL person? God comes to mind. Your best friend (a true friend who'll tell you to kiss off) comes to mind.
  • Perhaps we ALL just need to remember THIS: Shall we GIVE it to you, or SHALL YOU EARN IT?
  • I KNOW EARNING SOUNDS like something FOREIGN to a LOT OF YOU, but Barack Hussein Obama wants to GIVE it to you. And whether YOU know it or NOT...GIVING IT to you MEANS YOU PAY HUGE. You'll be forever BEHOLDING to "the man". MAKING YOU EARN it will give you an incredible knowledge of economics, but also a knowledge of patriotism, responsibility, success on ANY level, and will MAKE YOU a better citizen.
  • Grass ISN'T GREENER on the other side of the fence. IT'S ONLY greener where it's watered. STAY HOME, WATER YOUR GRASS...and VOTE for whoever YOU think will GREEN UP your grass.
  • As for me and the HARD LESSONS I'VE LEARNED...sometimes...you have to hold your nose and VOTE FOR GREEN GRASS.
  • John McCain/Sarah Palin will "green" my grass moreso than dark eyed Obama with an A+ in English and Oratory Skills 202 will EVER do for me. As for me and my household, we vote McCain. And maybe, it's NOT because HE'S SO GREAT...but HE'S NOT SO BAD as Barack Hussein Obama. Don't let the fancy words fool ya!
  • From a simple woman's point of view...I once let a "fancy man" speak words to me that led me (of MY OWN voilition) down a road of destruction. It took me many years to find another man to lead me down a road of production. BUT...at least NOW...I take ALL WORDS to mean just what they are...and for the man that's PUT UP WITH ME for over 10 years...poor guy get's NO BREAKS! I call him on every corner of life, as he calls me on every corner of life.
  • I guess...two Conservatives have finally found that "meet in the middle" thing that just works. It's possible, it's workable, and it's doable. DO IT AMERICA! As Spock said, "The NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE FEW"

Sunday, October 12

October Surprise - Obama's NOT A CITIZEN - CANNOT RUN For POTUS

This is my first year to be heavily involved in politics. If this is TRUE, then someone higher up on the ladder than myself must do something about it.

I was adopted within my own biological family. My adoption however was sealed. When it came time for me at age 16 to get a driver's license, the Texas DMV REQUIRED PROOF OF ME. Although it took some heavy letter writing, and some mild expense to gain records from the Commonwealth of Virginia where I was born, I produced a VALID birth certificate in record time thank you...what teenager isn't going to drive legally??? AND...that was long before internet, fax machines, e-mail, or even instant messaging! I did it ALL snail mail and within a couple of weeks...

Why can't Barrack Hussein Obama produce the necessary legal documents to squash this rumor if indeed it's not true? Why would Obama NOT produce ANY document asked of him if he is running for the top office in the USA? Unless...of course...he has something to hide.

Thanks Fred for the video that I can pass along to many who need to see it. I welcome all comments on either side.

Snopes would suggest this question is invalid. Snopes says that Barrack Hussein Obama is indeed a natural born citizen because he was born in Hawaii. One of the pertinent questions brought about by Berg's lawsuit is that he hasn't produced a valid birth certificate...despite what shows up on his website...as the folks putting that up there were one of those "questionable groups" that Obama funnelled over $60,000,000 to, therefore a conflict of interest.

I don't know how much substance I put into this video, but it's sure worth watching just in case.

Saturday, October 11

What Do We Do? - Economics Solved!

To my right is a photo depicting ASTRONOMICAL! Until one of you can explain astronomical to mean anything else... I propose this: According to ANY survey you wish...there are between 6.0 billion people on earth to 6.8 billion people on earth!

Check HERE...or HERE! One nation on earth, one nation under God passed a 700 BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT BILL! If ONLY, that one little nation on earth, that one little nation under God would have just given EACH MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD a little tiny $700,000 EACH... the world's problems truly would have been solved! Anybody want to dispute that reality???? Would most EVERYBODY's debt either be solved or greatly reduced by a gift of $700,000.00? I'd be debt free and then have enough for a cheeseburger & fries! AND SO WOULD YOU!!! Ask NOT what your country can do for you...ask what your country SHOULD HAVE DONE FOR YOU!!! $700,000 is what they SHOULD HAVE DONE FOR YOU!

Thursday, October 9

Turbo The Republican Dog

Turbo is SUCH a smart little guy :) If I could just get Turbo to explain all of this to my little guy SCOOTER :)

Wednesday Hero - Cpl. Lance M. Thompson

Cpl. Lance M. Thompson
Cpl. Lance M. Thompson
21 years old from Upland, Indiana
2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force
November 15, 2004
U.S. Marine Corps.

The father of Cpl. Lance Thompson said his son would be proud knowing he fought and died to help Iraqis vote in an election.

Cpl. Lance Thompson died in during fighting in Ramadi by a truck bomb. His father, Greg Thompson, said his son sent him a letter in September of '04 which said, "Freedom is not free. It requires sacrifice."

Greg Thompson said the millions turning out to vote in Iraq was "fantastic" and said it was a "momentous day in the Middle East."

"Are you asking me was it worth Lance losing his life?" he asked a reporter. "Being the gung-ho Marine that he was, he would say yes. So I'll say yes. That is a tough, bitter pill to swallow. It hurts. God, I didn't want to give up my son."

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Dear John McCain

Don't know if it'll do any good, but this was the ACTUAL letter I sent John McCain in response to the mass e-mail I received from his campaign, and I'm sure most of you got the same e-mail...

God help me for not being able to keep my mouth shut :) And God willing...some clerk or some staff member will print his letter and possibly, in a perfect world, John McCain might actually read it :)



Senator McCain:
I doubt YOU will receive this directly...but hopefully with my heartfelt respect...someone will print it for you and MAKE you read it. It DOESN'T get any more real than this...and if you really intend to WIN the election...you better take it to heart, and with your GREAT SERVICE to this nation...I shiver as I muster the dared assumption that I can talk to you this way...but I've seen your beautiful Mother in the crowds...and if you were but little again...she'd probably write the same except that she is in awe of you right now, as I am with my sons when they accomplish great deeds...

With all due respect...you made a fatal mistake! You don't know me, but I am fairly active in our Republican (Conservative) movement here in my swing state of Nevada. I am also a small business owner of two companies...just mom & pop companies...but employ 22 Nevada'ns and am responsible for not only ourselves, but 22 other families as well.

I was a volunteer at the Palin event when she came to Nevada. She actually came and shook my hand just before she boarded the plane "home" and thanked me for my time. See THIS LINK. Right now as I write this letter...so far...the ONLY great thing you've done to seal a seat in the big chair at the White House was to select Sarah Palin as your VP. I was shocked when you made the announcement because I had NO IDEA who she was...or WHERE she came from. Most of us had banked on Romney. But, after research and obviously after seeing her in action...BRILLIANT choice!

However...AGAIN Senator McCain...with all due respect (AND I MEAN THAT FROM MY HEART)...YOU CANNOT ride her coattails to the oval office. I'm gonna talk to you in this long winded letter just like our hockey Mom Sarah talks to all of us (maybe harsher)...but how she might talk to you and WILL in the small office down the hall if you land the White House...with all DUE respect...and...I don't believe in saying something behind your back I won't say to your face...so I'm publishing this letter on my blog too...nobody hardly reads it...so no worries Senator McCain.

The "bailout" was a BIG SHAM! It was NOT a "rescue" and quit trying to tell all of us...WE THE PEOPLE...that it was! If you wish to have an Obamanation...I can see where one might call it a rescue. A true Conservative would NOT. Obama is a great orator, can't deny that. YES WE CAN / HOPE / CHANGE...you bet your bottom dollar...that's what our nation is HUNGRY FOR and what we desire almost more than food or water! BUT...informed patriots, the 95% of Americans that ARE middle class that ACTUALLY LISTEN...(a LOT of us DO listen)...DON'T WANT SOCIALIST CHANGE! WE...just us little (or bigger) people DON'T WANT, or NEED that kind of change.

This e-mail I'm responding to is horse shit. So sorry to curse at a true Patriot...but I bet the drill sergeant or the Vietnamese talked to you worse, and you hailed strong through that battle. I am SO disappointed that THE MAN who rose above most Republican's first or even second choice to be our candidate, THE MAN that so honorably suffered torture and devastation that most of us cannot even imagine cannot just come out on a stage and TELL US ALL THE FREAKING TRUTH!

Haven't you politicians figured out YET that "folks"...remember US...talk to each other every day on a truth to truth level. This little plan you outline in your e-mail below is again crap! I've never missed a mortgage payment on my home in 10 years. Due to the sagging economy (before we knew Armageddon was coming)...in June we just purchased a new home...our dream home. Bought at a good time...didn't sell our other home...rented it to our eldest son...a win/win fiscally and family wise. I've managed to make now TWO mortgage payments ON TIME each month since... My home values are declining too. My home I just bought in June is now worth $10,000 less than I paid for it and I bought it WELL. SO WHAT! I don't LOSE on it unless I SELL IT!

You "brilliant" politicians now want to "re-structure" mortgages for "late-payers" / "people in foreclosure" so that THEIR MORTGAGES REFLECT THE ACTUAL CURRENT VALUE OF THEIR HOMES????? Read your own e-mail below...sounds to me like that's what you think is good. Reward the bad and punish the good. You're Mama didn't raise you that way Senator McCain. Do you realize what a Pandora's Box you are opening? Ever hear of a MASSIVE CLASS ACTION SUIT? You want to LOWER the PRINCIPAL balance of mortgages for folks that DIDN'T PAY to the current market value. I PAY MY LOAN EACH MONTH ON TIME at the value I purchased my home at...realizing that markets fluctuate and my home will again be worth more one day.

If you "re-structure" late or no payers of mortgages to the current market value in your "rescue" plan...DON'T YOU THINK MILLIONS OF RESPONSIBLE AMERICANS will expect OUR mortgages to be restructured to OUR current market value? Think about it Senator McCain...WE ARE THE PEOPLE you are guaranteed to receive profit from! Re-structure or NOT...those that cannot pay their mortgages NOW...most likely WON'T pay their mortgages when the principal is lowered! Or is it principle? You guys (Democrats / Republicans) make it seem like it's a 20% sale at Coldwater Creek!!!

Senator McCain...you should have had the (excuse me again) balls to be the Conservative you preach to be. Since you just so whimsically voted to spend 700 BILLION dollars of OUR money...you should have at LEAST guaranteed those of us that actually DO make our payments the same justice of having OUR mortgages lowered in principal/principle to the current market value. WE work every day. We wouldn't have taken YOUR RESCUE money and gone on vacation! We would have actually APPRECIATED it...and mark my word...those WITH money (not me of course...I'm just middle class)...but those who CAN will FIGHT for the right to be "rescued" too!

In Nevada...we have three Congressmen/women and two Senators. ONLY ONE (sits on the finance committee by the way) had the cajones to vote NO! Only ONE of our legislators has the Conservative stamina to actually represent us WE THE PEOPLE on all issues...this latest one is just another one of MANY.

Sadly, Harry Reid is one of our Senators. Sadly, Harry Reid has no clue. YOU SENATOR MCCAIN HAS A CLUE! For God's sake Sir...you spent YEARS in a prison camp in a jungle. YOU make the lame show Survivor a TRUE REALITY! You just cannot tell me that a man that's been through all you've been through cannot see the forest for the trees!

IF YOU WANT TO WIN THIS ELECTION...start talking to us like the people WE ARE and STOP calling us "My Friends". Just little ole' we the people. DON'T BE AFRAID TO SAY NOOOOOOOOOO! Don't be afraid to say yes when necessary. You guys micro-manage stuff to the point of insanity while all of US sit at home and quiver.

I've "heard through the grapevine" that you have a reputation for not being so computer savvy. So what! You're 71 years young and we don't care. BUT you have "people" that are. For Christ's sake...Google something as simple as the mere word "truth". The Wikipedia article (not a great fan of Wikipedia) gives the PERFECT POLITICIAN'S definition of TRUTH. CLICK HERE A whole LOT of pretty words that SAY NOTHING!

Dude (for the young), Mr. McCain (for the middle), Senator McCain (for the respectful yet older), JOHN SIDNEY MC CAIN (for your Mother)...GET A GRIP! If it's BAD...just come on TV and tell us EXACTLY what it is. No doom, gloom, or fear mongering...just state it! If it's GOOD...come on TV and tell us the good...DON'T elaborate on how much more wonderful it is than it isn't.

Again...with ALL DUE RESPECT Senator McCain...before the next debate (your last chance)...do this for me. If you could do this ONE THING FOR ME (and all Americans)...we would appreciate THIS. Just before the debate next time...find a private moment ALL TO YOURSELF...find a room and sit. Close your eyes. Painful as it might be...take yourself back to your WORST MOMENT from your time at the Hanoi Hilton. Think about the worst day you EVER had there. Think about all the truths you just wished you'd spoken to those you loved (or hated). While the Viet-Cong were spitting in your face, breaking your shoulders, telling YOU the son of an Admiral...how it WAS going to be...THINK & breathe quietly. Calm your soul with WHATEVER you found in that jungle that made you KNOW that NO MATTER WHAT...at THAT DARK MOMENT...you were one of US...we the people. Remember on that darkest day how important TRUTH and JUSTICE and FAIRNESS was to you. Remember that all you wanted was to remember the smell of your children, the taste of a cheeseburger, the wonder that "was" your paycheck still being sent to your family or not...did YOUR mortgage get paid while you HAD NO WAY to know if it was for sure? REMEMBER that normal thought as a man would your friends/family just assume you were dead, did you still have a wife or girlfriend, or was she somewhere else now...you had no way to know...or were they anxiously awaiting your return each and every day...and remember that each and every day turned into YEARS.

REMEMBER THE SIMPLE THINGS...REMEMBER THE SIMPLE CALCULATIONS OF NUMBERS that must have gone through your head during that time...FIVE YEARS of it! I cannot even imagine that place. I cannot even imagine what you truly went through. BUT I KNOW THIS...I know what I THINK I would think about in a time like that...horrid...awful...but yet...beautiful imiginations of what a perfect world would be like. REMEMBER THAT PERFECT WORLD you imagined in your dark moments. You are but one mere step away from FINALLY making THAT PERFECT WORLD a reality.

Senator McCain...YOU AND ONLY YOU can pull this off. Those speech writers and those tele-promptors you have in front of you ARE NOT YOU...screw them! Get on TV and speak to us as if we were all having dinner together. If you hate the potatoes au'gratin...say it. Get my drift? You have an experience as an American that NO ONE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF OUR NATION can bring to the oval office. FORGET what "they" tell you to do. Do what YOU want and need to do. You guys in Washington are FAR TOO WORRIED about political correctness and the "what if's" You of all people on earth had FIVE YEARS to go over EVERY WHAT IF KNOWN TO MANKIND... Use THAT thought process to bring you BACK to US...WE THE PEOPLE...that and only that will gain you VICTORY.

ALL THAT SAID...let me THANK you for your service to our Country and be one of many hopefully to congratulate you to achieving what every Mother would secretly wish for her son at the moment he is born..."Wonder if HE could someday be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?"

Do it John...DO IT...we just need USA...WE CERTAINLY CANNOT STAND NOR AFFORD AN OBAMANATION!!!! If you stand up and BE THAT GUY...we'll ALL be there right behind you, beside you, and in front of you leading the way. As Nike says it...JUST DO IT!

Senator McCain...
-------Original Message-------
Date: 10/9/2008 1:37:16 AM
Subject: Homeowners in crisis need relief now
My Friends,

Millions of Americans on Main Street are feeling the effects of our current economic crisis largely brought on by corruption and greed at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Wall Street. Our next president must come into office with a plan to address the very root the failing housing market.

Last night, during my debate with Senator Obama, I announced my plan to fix the root of our problem and I'd like to share a little more with you today.

If elected president, I will direct my Treasury Secretary to implement an American Homeownership Resurgence Plan to keep families in their homes, avoid foreclosures, save failing neighborhoods, stabilize the housing market and attack the roots of our financial crisis.

America's families are bearing a heavy burden from falling housing prices, mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, and a weak economy. It is important that those families who have worked hard enough to finance homeownership not have that dream crushed under the weight of the wrong mortgage.

For those that cannot make inflated payments or their mortgage exceeds the value of their home, mortgages must be re-structured to put losses on the books and put homeowners in manageable mortgages.

This Resurgence Plan would purchase mortgages directly from homeowners and mortgage servicers, and replace them with manageable, fixed-rate mortgages that will keep families in their homes.

By purchasing the existing, failing mortgages the resurgence plan will eliminate uncertainty over defaults, support the value of mortgage-backed derivatives and alleviate risks that are freezing financial markets.

I am ready to lead our country out of this financial crisis and I am ready to work with anyone and everyone who will help. Together, I know we can work together to find solutions for these challenging times. Please do your part today and spread the word about my new plan by forwarding this email on to your neighbors, friends, family and coworkers. Thank you for your time and support.


John McCain

P.S. Homeownership represents the very core of our American economic system. This is not the time for politics. We must move aggressively to provide relief and stability for all Americans.

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