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Thursday, October 30

Fairness Doctrine

Oh Lordy Help Me! I've been trying SO HARD NOT to make my posts too long, but this guy really pissed me off! I'm not pissed AT him, I'm pissed because I FEEL FOR HIM and I WANT TO hope that he really isn't this misguided in his life...but they are.

I was on another's blog, and left a comment. This guy "DG" left two more comments and mentioned me and a whole lot of other misguided stuff...I went OFF!

On Obama...this guy first went on about all the polls. YES..."WE" all know Obama is "ahead" in the polls...or not...depends on which one you see. If you poll 500 Democrats, Obama wins. If you poll 500 Republicans McCain wins. Screw the polls they aren't numerically correct, not like YOUR CHECKBOOK...

Polls are one thing, but in a thread about Socialism, this guy went off on one comment about polls, and then "magically" he pulled Fairness Doctrine out of his butt, excuse ME! So, being a Conservative redneck I just couldn't help myself...I then WENT OFF ON HIM...

I figured that if 'you's gonna tackle somebody...'you's best explain yourself...so here it goes for anybody trippin along this trail to read...

dg Mr. DG I call him...original quote (after the dumb quote of polls...and yep, McCain might lose) this is about the Fairness Doctrine...

"Also, regarding the Fairness Doctrine. Even if it were reinstituted, the MSM would not regain power, since the number of channels in a world with cable and satellite radio is too big to bring back the dominance of the big three networks. Moreover, the internet now allows for so much information that we would hardly notice if talk radio went away. The anti-competitive argument is a canard.

The problem with talk radio, the internet and other free forms of media is that nothing is fact checked as it once was, so systematic bias (e.g., Hannity on the right and Olbermann on the left) is rampant. I do agree that the Fairness Doctrine will not solve it, but more aggressive fact checking and perhaps tougher libel laws might make people think twice about lodging accusations that Obama is a terrorist or a Marxist when it doesn't square with the facts and a clear intent to malign for political gain can be proven. This would take the air out of the rhetoric from people in the McCain campaign in a hurry, and in a more effective way than the Fairness Doctrine ever would. As it stands now, people can live in a world of lies without consequence. This is dangerous to our democracy.
dg "

Well, I tried to represent all us who believe a different way...I replied this way...and AGAIN with all due respect to DG...but DAMN YOU PISSED ME OFF... It's LONG, so nobody will read it anyway and if they do, they won't comment :)

With all due respect dg:

Cable & Satellite is all good, but while in your car...we need radio, satellite or not and I have XM + local. Talk radio at least to me sometimes outweighs music. I choose other times in my life with other people (like another human in my car) like my husband or a friend to sing with :) When I'm alone in the car - I listen to talk.

I'm a firm believer of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer...so I USED to listen about 50/50 to local liberal radio and conservative radio. Guess what? Liberal radio couldn't hang or get advertisers to pay and "poof" they are suddenly gone...no more listen to the enemy...the owners...try as they might...had no income and those stations chose other avenues of "talk" to make us listen.

I also use the internet as a main medium and still there is a need for talk radio. I really don't want to sound mean...I'm NOT...but history and stats prove that liberal talk media has failed miserably, and conservative talk media rates very high. Numbers don't lie.

If Fairness Doctrine was reinstituted, talk radio stations would fail because for every hour NOW that they get HIGH ratings, THEN they would get high ratings only EVERY OTHER HOUR. Nobody listens (not enough to pay the bills anyway) to liberal talk radio.

Poll yourselves all you wish...the proof is in the pudding as they say and liberal stations fail at least in talk radio. CNN & MSNBC are still hanging on...it's visual. Not particularly more believable persay to YOU than FOX...but then think...(bet you don't even watch FOX News...) On any given day, they will have at least a fair number of liberals on the news as they do conservatives...Can't say that about the "others"...add 'em...mark it...watch it...it's TRUE!

FOX is the #1 rated news video channel. Conservative radio rates high. I'm a small business owner. I advertise on music channels, TV, talk radio, newspaper, etc.

THE BEST BUSINESS AND THE MOST BUSINESS AND THE MOST BANG FOR MY BUCK comes from customers that tell me they heard my ad on, "yep...you guessed it...a FREAKING LOCAL AM...HEAR ME BROTHER...AM RADIO talk radio channel KKOH AM Reno, NV. We just advertise our company...we have NO POLITICAL affiliation in our advertising...

I have a MAJOR campaign going on right now on a VERY POPULAR (#2 in the city) classic rock radio music station in which we are giving away $1875 worth of stuff. In TWO MONTHS only 125 people have entered the drawing. But yet...almost EVERY NEW customer that walks through my door and I ask "How'd you hear about us?" Almost without FAIL they say on the talk radio KKOH...AND I ONLY PAY FOR SPONSORSHIP FOR A 5-10 SECOND BIT THERE AT TRAFFIC AND WEATHER!!!

My HUGE campaign on the rock music channel plays 8-10 times per day for a whole 60 second (1 minute) AWESOME ad...and in two months...only 125 of 500,000 people!

Numbers just DON'T LIE! 2+2=4 ALWAYS!

Obama can "bring change" all he wants, but I KNOW in my business where the business comes from for the expenditure of my advertising dollar and it comes far and above from a little Conservative AM talk radio channel in a county of 500,000 people.

You say people live in a world NOW of LIES without CONSEQUENCE. AMEN BROTHER! Conservatives are ALL ABOUT consequence.

It's the LACK OF CONSEQUENCE that's been taking USA down. Ask any Republican...McCain might not have been our first choice and he might not ever stand out as one of the "Greats" as presidents go.

However...NO CONSERVATIVE, even one that might lean a little left will EVER believe in "From each according to his ability to each according to his needs!"

BECAUSE...in TODAY'S world like you describe in which there is so much systematic bias, WHY TRY when you can HAVE?

I've watched it, I see it in my city, I even see it sometimes with my employees until I remind them of consequence.

I know half a million people doesn't seem like a lot, but MOST on our "welfare" rolls are indigent, non-caring, non-trying individuals and a good many (55% of owing receivers of hospital care in the county hospital) are in the USA ILLEGALLY!

Crippled people, Mentally challenged people, Birth defected people, OLD people beyond their ability to do have EVERY RIGHT to ANY help they need!

Crack whores, gang bangers, healthy men and women that get a hand UP and when just about to rise above THAT realize that when they DO BETTER will NO LONGER get the Gov't check??? And they choose to do less to keep the check??? Brother...there are FAR MORE of THEM than there are the folks REALLY IN NEED.


My new mantra is...(since it appears that "The One" is going to win the election...when you're down and out in a few months...)

Maybe next year..when you need a hand up and I will no longer give it to you...I'm gonna tell you to call Obama! He promised you EVERYTHING! He promised you CHANGE!

You'll get change allright, me the lowly mom & pop business owner sitting as an S-Corp (look it up) will get taxed AGAIN up the yazoo and I will no longer be able to afford your $2000 Christmas bonus.

Me, Joe Business Owner will no longer have the money to loan you $10,000 to have dental work done to save your life (yes bad teeth can kill you) and payroll deduct it at $100 per paycheck for a few years.

I will no longer have the ability to give you $50 or $100 just because it's your birthday. I can't see a job well done anymore and just cut you a check for $500 'cause dammit, you just deserve it!

DON'T SPREAD MY WEALTH...let me...I said LET ME...whatever (not wealth) I have...LET ME DOLE IT OUT to the 22 employees that GIVE ME their blood sweat and tears every day of every year while already making ($15 is our lowest per hour salary & $29 is the highest) good money just for doing their jobs!

Don't preach to ME systematic bias! Don't preach to ME Obama's Socialist CHANGE... Don't preach to ME how much better YOU think YOU'LL have it under his rule...



Call Barack Hussein Obama...he's the one that promised it all to you...all I promised you was consequence.

Again, dg...with all due respect.