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Thursday, October 23

Obama - WOLF in Sheep's Clothing

I think my biggest Obamafear is THIS!

  • He might/will get elected. He will attempt to "do the right thing for 95%" of Americans (while scheming how to stab all you "middle class" people right in the back)...BTW...we have NO CLASS system in our free America. If YOU perceive yourself in a "class" you chose it. It's a free country...you can be in any "class" you choose to be! It TRULY is a no class and no race country for the legal and the willing!
  • He will do OK for 4 FOUR years while continuing to maintain the "view" of the status quo...meaning HE and THEY will quietly maintain a loose and fragile grip on chaos while continuing to convince you it's just the way it has to be and look what I'M DOING to keep this grip from FAILING YOU ALL...I'M GIVING YOU ALL YOU NEED, and I'LL CONTINUE TO GIVE YOU ALL YOU WANT...you'll keep believing that's ALL you NEED, and since you have no incentive to do better...you'll keep believing that's ALL you WANT!
  • By doing OK for 4 FOUR years (since truth will no longer be public knowledge)...he will continue to "orate" and "sweep you off your feet". You'll all be doing the "Obamadance" each and every day...cause he's hip, literate, colorful, and CONVINCING...HE WAS TRAINED BY CRAFTY WEALTHY LOW CLASS (if we had a class system) INDIVIDUALS THAT MANDATED HE GET AN A+ IN ENGLISH AND DEBATE!
  • HIS SECOND TERM...HE'LL DROP THE SHEEP OUTFIT AND BECOME THE WOLF! You will NEVER see it coming...it'll be like the asshole that waited for you behind the exit door of the bar and sucker punched you because you "just deserved it". You fought back THEN...but in this "different" kind of circumstance...the oblivious, intellectual, mind-fucking kind of way...sucker punch TAKES ON A WHOLE NEW MEANING!
  • Even Little Red Riding Hood knew in the end the difference between the Wolf & the Sheep
Call me crazy...but he (Barack Hussein Obama) isn't stupid! He's been groomed for years, he's got evil connections that everyone wants to ignore...and ABOVE ALL...HIS GROOMERS...HIS UNORTHODOX CONNECTIONS TAUGHT HIM WELL...he did graduate Harvard for goodness sake!

And...if by now you STILL think I'm crazy...ever heard of Wikipedia? Lordy...a whole TON of you "average Joes" consider Wikipedia to be a bastion of knowledge!

WIKIPEDIA'S VERSION(S) OF LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD It's VERY politically correct, providing versions for everyman! Whatever you might fathom...Wikipedia has a version of Little Red Riding Hood to fit your every need! They should have a commercial!

Wow...I never knew there were MULTIPLE versions of Little Red Riding Hood...for all the years I was a little girl, and even when I raised two kids who are now grown...there was only ONE! Go figure!