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Sunday, October 12

October Surprise - Obama's NOT A CITIZEN - CANNOT RUN For POTUS

This is my first year to be heavily involved in politics. If this is TRUE, then someone higher up on the ladder than myself must do something about it.

I was adopted within my own biological family. My adoption however was sealed. When it came time for me at age 16 to get a driver's license, the Texas DMV REQUIRED PROOF OF ME. Although it took some heavy letter writing, and some mild expense to gain records from the Commonwealth of Virginia where I was born, I produced a VALID birth certificate in record time thank you...what teenager isn't going to drive legally??? AND...that was long before internet, fax machines, e-mail, or even instant messaging! I did it ALL snail mail and within a couple of weeks...

Why can't Barrack Hussein Obama produce the necessary legal documents to squash this rumor if indeed it's not true? Why would Obama NOT produce ANY document asked of him if he is running for the top office in the USA? Unless...of course...he has something to hide.

Thanks Fred for the video that I can pass along to many who need to see it. I welcome all comments on either side.

Snopes would suggest this question is invalid. Snopes says that Barrack Hussein Obama is indeed a natural born citizen because he was born in Hawaii. One of the pertinent questions brought about by Berg's lawsuit is that he hasn't produced a valid birth certificate...despite what shows up on his website...as the folks putting that up there were one of those "questionable groups" that Obama funnelled over $60,000,000 to, therefore a conflict of interest.

I don't know how much substance I put into this video, but it's sure worth watching just in case.