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Thursday, October 23

William Ayers - College Professor

Regarding William (Bill) Ayers...Nut Job - Terrorist - Did "It" 30-40 years ago - Professor of higher education...

One brilliant blogger wrote this in a comment to one of Ann Coulter's articles about Bill William Ayers: "In our times, the difference between a University professional and a three card monte street hustler? The latter has his cards on the table."

Coming from ME a gal that had a 20 year career in gaming...you bet your ass...REAL folks have their cards ON THE TABLE!

"You pays your money and ya takes your chances!" ONLY WHEN ALL the cards are ON THE TABLE at the END of the HAND do you know whether you win or lose! Some games though, like three card monte...the cards are ALWAYS on the table...but can YOU follow them?

Don't get Obamahustled!