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Sunday, November 2

1 More B4 04 - A YOUNG Conservative Hip-Hop Style

HOW REFRESHING to see a YOUNG MAN see the truth as it is through the eyes of a Conservative Thinker of the budding hip-hop generation! On my local Conservative radio talk show station (KKOH-AM-Reno), I got in on the very end of a conversation about this young man's video. The host whom I love happened to misquote the actual title with all the spaces and numbers. I couldn't find it, but judging from the comments (all from middle aged folks), I knew I wanted to see it. Tonight, it was e-mailed to me and I WAS SO HAPPY! If I reach ONLY ONE young voter and THIS changes their mind? I'll be happy! Eight short minutes of thoughts of a young man that's lived, learned, and knows the truth!

Most of my readers are middle aged like me, but we all have kids! OUR PARENTS used to JUST CRINGE when we said "That's Groovy", or "That's Neat", or then "That's Bad (when it meant good), or "That's Rad"... (My mother just about shot me for loving the Doobie Brothers because they sang a song that included lyrics, "JESUS is my friend". It was Rock & Roll and their band name included the word Doobie! LAWDY HELP US POOR MISGUIDED YOUTH!

We then had kids and Oh Lordy the crazy stuff they said...but it's THEIR GENERATION! Our Groovy is now Hip-Hop. WE don't get it, and we shouldn't get ALL OF IT, it's THEIR generation and they have every right to "their lingo" as we did to ours! It's the negative we hear from the youngsters that appalls us...it's the vulgar denegration of each other we hear when they spout and spew that makes us cry...when we hear them saying GOOD THINGS, we don't notice the "lingo" so much!

REMEMBER...it's THIS generation that will be in charge of YOUR country when WE RETIRE! I can only hope this young man finds other like minded Conservatives in HIS GENERATION to keep us oldies all safe and RIGHT, and RED!

Congratulations young man! I'm sure in your neck of the woods, stepping up and stepping out to say this stuff caught you a fair amount of shit! I'm SO PROUD of you for seeing THROUGH all the blinders put before you as a young man and as a young Conservative...for it's young people like you that give us old folks hope :)...even if the beat's a little too fast, and we don't get all the "new words" :)

Don't know if you have any aspirations toward politics or not...but you should perhaps look up Maurice Washington if you do...what a fine example of a great Conservative he is in our state :) Keep up the good work!