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Sunday, November 2

Obama Says He'll Bankrupt Coal Industry

Obama flat said...under his new policies, people can build coal plants if they want, but it will bankrupt them due to the strict rigors and fees he will impose! WOW...guess there goes any theories he might have for clean coal technology. He still says if they "can" do it clean...OK...but he wants to take coal off the table as an "ideological" matter!

I live in a swing state of Nevada, I DON'T THINK this is going to sit well with the coal miners of Nevada, or any of the small business vendors that supply them their goods! The real estate people that sell Nevada miners homes, or their landlords they rent from will suffer, the schools in which their children attend (in mining counties that's a lot), and the trickle down effect will affect a lot of Nevada's rural counties, which is most of the state!