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Monday, December 1

GM No Bailout

I'm not one to fall for SPAM e-mail, but I got an e-mail tonight that Lord hope would be SPAM, but who knows anymore! But for ANYONE to EVEN pretend they worked for GM and send out this crap deserves my rant, and folks...the country's changing! Keep your eye on the ball!

My rant follows below (my answer)...but BELOW that is the original e-mail I supposedly received from GM, GMC, Chevrolet, whatever you wish to call them...but some media somewhere is SENDING this kind of garbage to US...WE THE PEOPLE! DON'T FALL FOR IT! If we don't STAND for SOMETHING...we'll FALL for ANYTHING!

Dear Ms. Betts: GM TALKING POINTS! ARE YOU SERIOUS? IS THIS WHERE ONE OF THE BIG THREE HAS GONE? Don't you dare send me an e-mail as a business owner suggesting that I don't know "widgets" or what the ????? If you need to say what the ????? at least have the brass ovaries (I'm assuming you are female since your "name" is Yvonne)...to come on out and say what the fuck? Same 5 keystrokes, but the REAL message!

I'm a VERY small business owner yes, but as an owner of two full service garages (both successful so far), one for big rigs and trailers and the other one for pickups...we are talking about "widgets"...the kind that haul BIG LOADS, run on either diesel or gasoline, but nonetheless provide a service to their owners to allow them to make their living, or have their fun...
The doom and gloom that the media portrays to us all is NO WHERE NEAR quite true just yet.

In the great depression the folks were standing in bread lines just HOPING for a bite to eat. We just went through Black Friday, and even today on Cyber Monday...the lines are LONG, but it's LONG lines for responsible folk to SPEND their money on the INCREDIBLE SAVINGS OUT THERE from desperate companies like GMC.
Preach all the GREEN you like, but your GREEN is government mandated, you (GM) for years have provided substantial campaign donations to whichever candidate is likely to win, and NOW...YOUR GOVERNMENT has taken money from others too and pushed you into the GREEN market. Your hybrids are shit, your technology is WAY BEHIND mom & pop aftermarket products, and ALL BECAUSE you guys are "so cool" and "in a union" while the rest of us out here in REAL AMERICA are just pushing along and REALLY making a living and making a difference!

Oh GEE...your GREEN vehicles can go a "whole 40 FORTY miles on a single charge?" What widget class did your designers FAIL at the community college? Most folks actually travel close to 40 miles per day going to and from work! GIVE US A BREAK! You are preaching to the WRONG choir! Models "smaller than we're used to", fuel improvements of 25% (are you freaking kidding me!)...25% is like saving $2.50 on $10.00. EVERYBODY still has $2.50. Try a hydrogen assist cell aftermarket part that will save over 50% on fuel mileage AND you get to keep your OWN CAR/TRUCK! PLUS, a 1989 Chevy (One of YOUR GM products...the HEAVY ONE...NOT GREEN ONE...now gets 27 miles per gallon after a year!) Get OVER the GREEN...

Green has become the hated color of any upstanding American! You're GREEN at GM because all the "other" subsidies you've ALREADY been given by our government MANDATED you to be. You guys don't spend money responsibly and you DON'T have great ideas! Yep, you sell good vehicles. The Chevy Duramax is one of the BEST...but hey...it's not GREEN...and you sold yourselves to the Devil, and now you are paying and NOW NOW NOW...YOU WANT ME TO PAY YOU WITH MY TAX DOLLAR BAILOUT!

I'm not picking on you, Ford & Dodge are all in the same boat...they just didn't send me the FIRST STUPID AND RUDE E-MAIL on the subject! You guys ALL could have done on your own better than your government regulated you to do...you just CHOSE NOT TO! Don't cry to me now that you HAVE TO...better stuff is out there, but you owe your soul to the government! You should have kept your soul and voted for a Conservative government that would have ENCOURAGED you rather than MANDATED you! Too bad, so sad, SUCKS to be YOU!

Did I get an "A" in that marketing class at the local community college? HELL NO! I got not only an "A" but a PHD to boot in the college or school of hard knocks! And...at THAT SCHOOL...they didn't have a pretty little class on "widgets"...they had a class on P&L's (That would be a Profit & Loss Statement for the educated that send these kinds of e-mails). That school teaches you and GRADES you on a simple rule...no A, B, C, D, or F (FAIL)...but simple math. I do thank God (which YOU by the way didn't even bother to capitalize) that I'm not a math teacher! For teachers today DON'T teach the KIND of math that mediates survival!

2+2=4 and it will always be true; 4-4=0 which will also always be true. When + = profit, life is good and business goes on...when - = ZERO, goodbye...no more money, no more company! There's NOBODY to bail US OUT! We continue to try to derive new technology that will make us independent of foreign oil, and Ms. Yvonne, it's happening all over the country. Sorry GM missed those memos. YOU GUYS have some sort of "convoluted math" that teaches "formulas" that you preach to people in hypothetic situations that make the unknowing or Ivy League educated believe that hypothetically if we do "this", then "this other" GREAT thing will happen and we'll all make millions. Sorry YOU didn't go to community college, because at least at that level they teach you that "it ain't so baby!"

"Don't believe everything you read in the local papers" YOU SAY! Don't worry Ms. Betts, Lady Yvonne...I DON'T! If I believed everything that was in the papers or on TV, I'd have stuck my head in the sand years ago or put a bullet in my own head...the same goes for the way I feel about this STUPID e-mail you sent to me! "Anyone who spends that much time giving their opinion, when the point could have been made in 2-3 sentences, has way too much free time on their hands." ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? YOU OBVIOUSLY BELIEVE IN THE SOCIALIST TENDING WAY OUR NATION IS GOING!!!

Am I to believe that one of the BIG FREAKING THREE has employees that are expected to send out these kinds of e-mails? Was this notification in ANY WAY PROFESSIONAL? NO WONDER YOU need a bail-out! You're all high! At which point I only have the opportunity to debate in 2-3 sentences, I'm screwed as one of WE THE PEOPLE! GM AND YOU WANT me to bow at 2 sentences, for then I'm a sheep just following exactly what's in the newspaper or on TV! Then, I'm no threat, and your ideas and formulas sound rational!

"Get a life and a clue"...Oh honey! If the REST of your e-mail wasn't abhorrent enough...straw broke the camel's back here! You sit at a desk and send out offensive e-mails for a living. I actually have people that work on cars/trucks/SUV's, etc. and run two companies. DON'T sit up there at GM and tell ME to get a clue. I think YOU and your BOSSES FOR SURE...SEND THIS TO THE CE-FREAKING-O (CEO) and tell his rich ass to get a clue! Get your own life and leave responsible Americans ALONE! By the way Ms. "All Up In GM Technology!" If you are hired to do this job...at least use spell check or paragraph check before you send out garble like this to dumb ass small business owners that don't have a life or a clue! Thank God that not ONLY am I NOT a math teacher...I DON'T WORK FOR GM! (NOTE: Their original e-mail was FULL of crazy errors...but when I copied & pasted it...it still has errors, it's just all ONE big paragraph...I have neither the time nor the desire to reconstruct bad work)...it's bad enough literally!

If I were you and if you have a backbone left after drawing that paycheck from GM you so love...I'd quit! I COULD NOT WORK FOR A COMPANY that required me to send out mass e-mails so offensive as this!

Signed: Truck Shop Owner

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 7:23 PM, wrote:

MY widget, your widget, what the????? No Malinda, you're not a math teacher(thank god)! Did you get an "A" in that marketing class at the local community college? The one where they told you all about widgets. Don't believe everything you read in the local papers.

Anyone who spends that much time giving their opinion, when the point could have been made in 2-3 sentences, has way too much free time on their hands. Get a life and a clue.

----- Forwarded by Yvonne M Betts/US/GM/GMC on 12/01/2008 10:13 PM -----
12/01/2008 10:12 PM To Yvonne M Betts/US/GM/GMC@GM cc Subject Fw: GM Talking Points ----- ---- 11/23/2008 03:28 PM To cc Subject Fw: GM Talking Points

Product The domestic industry is oftentimes criticized for building vehicles out of step with today’s need for fuel efficiency. The facts are these: - At GM, we offer the most fuel efficient cars and trucks in 7 of the 20 Wards Automotive segments in which we compete (35%) -- more segments than any other manufacturer in 2009. - We offer 20 vehicles achieving 30 miles per gallon, or more, on the highway, more than any other manufacturer. Popular high volume models include the Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac G6, and Saturn Aura. - We are the world leader in bio-fuel vehicles, with over 5 million vehicles on the road today, including over 3 million vehicles in the United States. We are committed to having over 50% of the vehicles we sell in 2012 being bio- fuel capable - We offer 6 hybrid vehicle models today, with 2 more to be introduced by year end, more models than any other manufacturer, and this number will grow to 19 over the next few years. - In 2008, GM has won 6 World Green Car titles, includi ng Green Vehicle of the Year for the Tahoe Hybrid. . . .a vehicle that gets the same city fuel economy as the base 4 cylinder Toyota Camry, but can tow 6000 lbs, and comfortably carry 8 passengers with cargo. - Over the next two years, GM will introduce 15 new models in the United States, 14 of which are fuel efficient cars and crossovers. Throughout our product line up, our new and more fuel efficient 4- and 6-cylinder engines will rapidly displace 6- and 8-cylinder engines previously preferred by our customers. Between 2007 and 2012, our 4- c ylinder-equipped vehicle volume will more than double, and fuel-saving 6-speed automatic transmissions will grow by 800%. We are clearly among the leaders in fuel efficiency, but we have more in the pipeline: - Since moving to a ‘global’ product development process in March 2005, GM has under development all-new mini, small, compact and intermediate size passenger cars, which provide fuel economy improvements of up to 25% compared to the models they replace. We also have a new class of pickups under development, somewhat smaller than what this country has grown up with, but with payload and towing capability that will cover most customers’ needs and provide up to 38% better fuel economy (with L4 gas engines). - Included in this tally is the revolutionary Chevrolet Volt, an electric vehicle providing up to 40 miles range on a single charge. . .enough to meet the daily driving needs of 70% of Americans. For those needing to go farther, a small range-extending gasoline engine kicks in to maintain the battery charge, and extends the range of the vehicle to 300 miles. Setting fuel economy aside, there are those who contend we don’t make vehicles that people want. Here are the facts: - We still sell more cars, trucks and crossovers in this, our home market, than any other manufacturer. . .despite carrying cost burdens not shared with our Japanese, Korean and German counterparts. And where the playing field is arguably more level, like the emerging markets around the globe, we are the market leader, outselling Toyota by half. - Since 2005, GM has won more than 270 awards in China, Europe, and North America - over two thirds of them right here in the United States. . . including the Saturn Aura, the Chevrolet Silverado, and the Chevrolet Malibu that were selected as Car and Truck of the Year recipients. And, just this week, the first vehicle from our new, global mid-size architectur e, the Opel Insignia, we won the European Car of the Year. - Many ask about the more fuel efficient fleet of vehicles that GM makes and sells in Europe. These vehicles are typically one class smaller than those preferred by U.S. customers, in part due to European taxes on gasoline making fuel about three times more expensive than in this country. - Apart from fuel price and vehicle size differences, Europeans also equip their vehicles with manual transmissions and diesel engines to a greater degree (85% and 60%, respectively), with customer preference for diesels oftentimes encouraged by European government incentives, and by diesel emissions standards that are less stringent in Europe than in the U.S. Productivity The domestic industry, including our union-represented partners, are sometimes viewed as uncompetitive when it comes to productivity and, in turn, our manufacturing costs. - Fact is, GM leads in manufacturing productivity in 11 of 20 vehicle North America Assembly Plant segments in which we com pete, according to the 2008 Harbour Report. - GM is the only manufacturer to have improved year-over-year overall for the entire history of the annual report (15yrs.) - Also, GM has five of the top 10 engine plants in North America (all located in the U.S.) and the #1 transmission plant (Toledo, Ohio). Safety GM has become the World Leader in Occupational Safety. Toyota's 'recordable injury' rate is more than 3 times higher and their 'lost work day' rate is more than 4 times higher than that of GM. GM's 'recordable' and 'lost work da y' r ates are less than one-third that of any other plants operated by foreign manufacturers in the US. Environment 2.60% of GM's US energy consumption comes from renewable resources (photo-voltaic, landfill gas) <0.001%> GM is aggressively eliminating landfill waste, and currently has 12 US sites that are 100% landfill free. 7 of these sites achieved this goal in 2008, and plan is to make 50% of all manufacturing operations landfill free by year-end 2010, this is along our overall goal to zero landfill. In the area of renewable energy, GM --in the US-- has 5 sites that are using landfill gas; Toyota has none. GM has the first and only LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certified automotive manufacturing plant (LDT); Toyota has none.