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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Monday, December 1

President Elect Barack Obama: (I Dedicate To YOU): "I'm Tired of Their Asses - I Could Be Wrong" - ADULT LANGUAGE

As I'm gearing UP on this December 1st to begin to give my best effort to support our new President Elect...I must leave off my final campaign and election comments to something usually beneath me on this blog...and that's to leave you with some funny song that contains some STRONG LANGUAGE.

Tim Wilson wrote it, so blame him if you are beneath thinking for yourselves. Otherwise, pretend you didn't ride in on the planet virgin and laugh with me with all that is and NOT at what's real. Tim...kudos to you in your different way of sayin' thangs'.

I never promised to always have couth at my forefront...heck...I'm a cracker from Texas. Venting like this helps me help myself gear up to attempt my support for Mr. Barrack Obama in his upcoming term.

I won't pretend to usually have sympathy for the devil, but I must admit...seeing his face on TV lately leads me to my compassionate side which also lives within my evil side.

Barrack Obama has now been given a seat at the "secret table"...meaning he's now privy to ALL that is ALL when you sit in the BIG chair. The look on his face lately gives me a slight moment's pause to feel sorry for him, in that at my age and my long years of study of our nation's goings on and plights make me realize that he JUST REALIZED "What the F&%# did I get myself into?"

President Elect Obama is JUST now realizing that he stepped into a huge pile of soft and smelly stuff that WE ALL TRIED to warn him of, and WE ALL TRIED to tell him how to fix. NOW, he's got to do it for himself and US...WE THE PEOPLE if we still exist, and good luck to him. Good luck to us...and for the next four years like it or hate it...it is what it is...and I...