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Saturday, January 17

Pete Parham - A Really Nice Guy

I've just recently gotten involved at Facebook.com. I've been "registered" for some time, but never paid much attention to it. And strangly this last week or so a lot of folks have popped up from my home town in Texas. All grown up living all over the place and it's been cool to stop in and say hey to some faces from long ago.

Well...although not on Facebook, but through those contacts we hear today that one of ours...one of our high school mates died. His name was Pete Parham. He was a great guy back in school. One of those kids that has all the looks, all the moves, played ball, was a captain #83, and was ever so popular. BUT, he was also a really decent kid. He always had a smile and something kind to say.

His Dad Gene was an awesome man too. Back in the day, Gene had a TV/Appliance repair shop and was an ordained minister on the side. He was the cool preacher though. Gene had an affinity for the young folk, and I say this as someone that saw Gene at the local Dairy Queen up and into my 40's. Gene, like his son Pete was a handsome man and of great stature too...even into his 70's :) Just good people that didn't judge folks, loved all folks, and could for sure bring out the best in folks no matter the circumstance.

I didn't know Pete Parham well, except for basic friendly chatter around school, or later in life at a few really good parties...but he was the nicest guy. I think that's a legacy of sorts. I never in all my years in Colorado City ever heard of ANYONE that didn't like Pete Parham. I suppose some might not have travelled in his particular circles...but NOBODY that I ever knew disliked him. He was an icon of my little generation in that little town, and I know he touched a lot of lives.

How sad is it today that he has passed on and the many people he touched lost touch with him and never actually told him what a special guy he was. But I think that's how the Lord intended it persay...to make a difference and not make a scene doing it. Pete was certainly that guy.

Rest in peace brother, and thanks for the memories :)