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Tuesday, February 24

Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki Speaks - Catherine Cortez Masto Indicts

I attended the Mt. Rose Republican's Women dinner tonight featuring guest speaker Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki. Brian has served our state well and with distinction in varied positions throughout his career.

After a humorous thanks to us all (70 attending) for giving up the opportunity to stay home and watch President Obama speak to the nation on television tonight (which I've since seen and viewed it just as it was, a huge PR presentation), he proved to be an entertaining and informative speaker. His explanations of the workings of our Nevada legislature and current and future business, his enthusiastic attitude of how our efforts and involvement as Nevada Republicans can and hopefully will turn the tides in current government, and his forthright and candid explanations of his current legal battles made for an interesting and positive evening.

It's no secret that most of the USA wants to see Harry Reid GONE in 2010. WE NEVADANS NEED THE NATION'S HELP TO ACCOMPLISH THIS! I'm new to politics and activism, but I'm slowly learning that what I know and thought about being a politician is sadly spun by many. I'm begining to think that being a politician (at least a good one or trying to be) is like being a soldier in our current wars. You just never know around which corner a bomb will blow or which guy in a little differently colored suit might shoot you in the head. And on top of that in a country currently facing great political turmoil...if you are that soldier or politician, even your boss or chief that you MUST take orders from...or whom might condone your actions might also be a wolf in sheep's clothing...so now...who do you trust?

I found Brian Krolicki to be a very genuine person. I know when he was Treasurer and in charge of the Nevada college fund it benefited many, many students. I also know he's a Republican leader in a state we sadly call "purple" now as we used to be hugely RED meaning Republican, and now the Blue Democrats are taking over...but the "other" major city Reno remains mostly Red and all the rural areas are Red...but then...there's Clark County...Las Vegas. As wonderful as Vegas is, the populus and mentality has sadly changed the Wild Wild West of Nevada. Most of the money is there, a lot of the greed and crookedness is there, and we all know Harry Reid is there puking his sad blatent far left liberalism onto each citizen there.

Just after Nevada's Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki announced his possible run against Harry Reid for the senate position in 2010...magically news broke that he had been indicited on charges of mishandling funds in the college fund back when he was State Treasurer. GEE... one would THINK that whoever was writing and/or signing the checks at that time should have raised a flag if inappropriate things were going on? Call me crazy...but if I was a bookkeeper, contracted administrating company, coffee maker chick in the breakroom making copies & hearing gossip, or even just a caring nobody blogger like myself...I would have called bullshit if bullshit was happening way back THEN!

I believe Krolicki's greatest ally (from a litigation position) and proper defense is the very woman who indicted him and swears that Harry Reid played no part in the decision. Catherine Cortez Masto, the state's Attorney General was officially responsible for his indictment, WAS OFFICIALLY HIS BOSS and signed off on contractual obligations he's accused of frauding, when she herself has been audited before, and accused before for the same kind of thing...but OH...her story was explained away, and Krolicki's explanations aren't good enough? An official audit has been published, only time will tell if what's written there is true or not. Somehow Cortez Masto Democrat Attorney General's story got lost and folded into the garbage :) How can you be somebody's boss and indict them later for something you signed off on? Beats me?

But NOW that time has gone by, and now Brian Krolicki is no longer a "measly" Treasurer but #2 in the state as Lieutenant Governor and MIGHT run against Harry Reid...he's now a blatent criminal based on (as far as I can see) very technical alleged contractual formalities, possible bookkeeping errors, lots of crazy impossible to decipher yet seemingly normal expenditures from a business standpoint, possible losses to a fund through investments in a down turning economy that nobody could help and he didn't necessarily participate in, bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that makes him all of a sudden seem like the Charles Manson of Nevada politics!

And...those "in the know"...most Democrats, and some respected Republicans might say there's some fire coming from the smoke. I don't know...I think sometimes the more I get involved in true politics around here that a lot of folks are smoking something :) That's my evil twin just calling a duck a duck. Much ado about nothing I say...but they say it's to the tune of several million dollars. Indicted Krolicki is...as time goes by...we'll see what the courts say. I say it's a waste of a LOT of money (even mine that I donated to his defense fund) to even have to argue crap like this when there are so many bigger fish to fry...Harry Reid being the biggest fish in the lake!

I also know as a small business owner that I have no control over my 22 employees 24/7. We try hard as we may to always have a great business. Honesty and integrety are our main principles. Once in a great while, an employee doesn't repair a vehicle just right...and a customer has to come back. We fix it again and at no charge to the customer. BUT...I would really hate for the world or the community to think that just because we as owners are technically and literally in control...that WE SUCK as people, or that our businesses are unviable or damned because something small went bad on rare occasion. We can't control everything all the time. That's why we have 22 employees...if we could do it all...we'd have 2...my husband & myself. When you consider government even on a state level...GEEZZEES...that's a lot of people to control or oversee when your title governs the nameplate on an entire division! Humans are humans...no one person can control everything perfectly ALL the time.

I say just ask Obama...hell...what's a few million in one's opinion compared to the blatent TRILLION Obama wants us all to swallow like jello, strawberries, or chocolate ice cream? What our democrats have done to this country is unfathomable, and yet we watch our populus praise denegration, blatent in our faces mis-management, and certain criminality against our very purses and wallets and call it change. The constitution anymore is but a comic strip in the eyes of the far left. In the meantime, we go out and indict and try to convict really decent people for basically farting in the wind and hope to land said people 30 years in prison.

As I said...I'm new to all of this. Brian Krolicki will have his day in court. He swears he's innocent and that his trial/judgment will prove that. However...one of the most likely people to have been able to unseat the Stinky Pinky Harry Reid has now been devalued, and most likely cannot be our candidate for his senate seat because of Democratic partisan condemnation. It's hard to win with a felonous indictment on your record for supposed monetary discretions, but then again...a president that places a cigar into a woman that is not his wife, has a verified DNA sample on said woman's dress and claims he had no sex with that woman is a hero. Go figure American politics and the sound judgment of its citizens!

I guess sadly it's truly become to be that who you screw is more important than who you try to help or protect. And with others having evidence of said screwing...once you've been screwed you just don't matter anymore. Brian...at least your moniker or nick-name by the left is Weaselman... (in which each instance I found for the Weasel was a copied & pasted version of left wingers spinning the same old gossip and not much original content beyond original Weasel verbage) somehow I think I'd rather be a weasel than a Stinky Pinky from Searchlight :)

Good luck Brian...I'm pulling for you. I don't see true evidence that you intentionally defrauded Nevada citizens, I think you are genuine. I hope I don't get proved wrong. May the justice system work in your favor if you are clean, if you are not...sorry a nice guy got busted. May the karma due the Democratic Left Wing Moonbat club come to haunt them and give payback VERY SOON for our nation can't stand much more lunacy ;)

If it's proved that you did participate in mis-conduct, and proven beyond any reasonable doubt, I'll be the first one dissappointed and I'll come back here and climb on my Blah Blah Soap Box and tear you a new one :) For now...I say INNOCENT until trial date. That's why I donated to your legal defense fund :)

Monday, February 23

EIEIO Education Bill in Nevada - School Choice

Guest column submitted by...

This column is offered free of charge to newspapers and online blogs provided it's printed intact and full credit is given. For editing requests, please contact the author directly. Mr. Goedhart can be reached at (702) 682-3339 or egoedhart@asm.state.nv.us

School Choice: Less Money, Better Results

By Assemblyman Ed Goedhart

February 9, 2009

Words: 552

A little-noticed report in the February 7th edition of the Wall Street Journal makes an excellent case for my proposed Excellence in Education and Increased Opportunities (EIEIO) bill to provide Nevada families with the financial means to exercise school choice through new education tax rebates. Take a look:

“To understand the problem with the stimulus bill, it helps to focus on specific parts. Take the $142 billion for schools, which is nearly double the total outlays of the Department of Education in 2007. Now consider that much of this cash would go to public-school systems that don't even need the money for its earmarked purposes. The Milwaukee Public School system, for example, would receive $88.6 million over two years for new construction projects under the House version of the stimulus -- even though the district currently has 15 vacant school buildings and declining enrollment.”

Now, the interesting part of this isn’t so much the fact that the president’s spending bill is larded up with pork and is earmarked to build schools Milwaukee doesn’t even need. The really interesting part of this report is the reason the Milwaukee school system “currently has 15 vacant buildings and declining enrollment.” As the WSJ explains…

“The city is home to the country's oldest and largest school voucher program, which provides public funds for children to attend private schools. Families who participate in the means-tested voucher program receive $6,700 per pupil, while the city spends more than $13,000 per student. In addition to saving the taxpayers money, voucher students graduate at higher rates and outscore their counterparts on reading and math exams, which is one reason waiting lists for the program are common.”

Building new brick-and-mortar schools is extremely expensive these days, especially when construction contractors are forced to use union-only labor and pay inflated union wages. So the EIEIO universal school choice program - which would immediately alleviate Nevada’s need to build so many new schools during this current recession, as well as immediately reduce class sizes in existing schools - should be quickly approved and enacted by the Nevada Legislature.

Unlike the Milwaukee program, however, EIEIO wouldn’t limit school choice to only low-income families. As long as the government makes education compulsory, then school choice options and funding should be available to all of Nevada’s families, regardless of income.

Of course, the teachers union will dispute whether or not students attending private and parochial schools are out-scoring their government-school counterparts, but those arguments are irrelevant. It’s not whether or not one group is performing better than the other; it’s whether parents or school bureaucrats get to make the decision on which school children attend.

This is as much an issue of parental rights as it is education.

EIEIO tax rebates would provide all of Nevada’s families with the means to exercise their right to select the school they believe is best for their children. They will also reduce the amount of money Nevada’s taxpayers need to spend on building new schools, reduce the amount of money Nevada taxpayers need to spend on education overall, reduce class sizes in existing public schools, and result in improved academic performance in all of Nevada’s schools by instilling a level of competition in what is now a virtual government monopoly over education.

Who could possibly be opposed to that?.

(Mr. Goedhart is the Nevada State Assemblyman from District 36 and can be contacted at goedhart4assembly@hotmail.com)

Distibuted by Chuck Muth & Associates

Sunday, February 22

Liberals Explained

I know a lot of you may not think you have 47 minutes to watch or learn...but THIS VIDEO is well worth watching. It explains the last 40 years perfectly and how Liberalism has changed and has taken over the mindset and psyche of so many millions. AND it comes from a popular comic in Hollywood!

Thanks to Aunty Belle for posting it :)

Texas Roadhouse - Reno

It's no secret I'm proud to have been raised a Texan :) I don't get the opportunity often to feel Texas here in Nevada even though Nevada is much like my great home State of Texas :) At the Texas Roadhouse, they fly proudly the American Flag...but the Great Lone Star Flag flies proudly atop the restaurant too :) (See video below!)

We ate at the Texas Roadhouse today for lunch in the Damonte Ranch area. It's been around a little while, but is fairly new to this area. I thought it was awesome, the food was good, and the service was impeccable! All of the staff were hospitable, informative, and gracious. Jackie & Beto our servers were OUTSTANDING! Give 'em a raise guys :)

If any of you have ever eaten at a Logan's Roadhouse...Texas Roadhouse seemed to be it's clone although no one we asked had ever heard of Logan's :) I have to give credit where credit is due, and I think Logan's both in Redding, CA, and in Midland/Odessa TX have just a slight hand up on food...I still give our local Texas Roadhouse a thumbs up :)

The "blooming onion" was great (make sure you order the small one:). Hubby had a Steakhouse Burger and he loved it. The bread (rolls) that they bake every 5 minutes was outstanding...but Logan's famous rolls have 'em beat by a tad :) The bread though was HOT and the butter with a hint of sugar and cinnamon was grand. It's RARE in Reno to get really HOT bread :)

I had the "Road Kill" which was a sirloin burger grilled with sauteed onions & mushrooms, and I picked green beans & sweet potato for sides...both awesome. It was really good, I'd have it again in a minute...but locally...that same grilled sirloin dish at either of the Moxie's restaurants does a little better :)

We'll be returning guests for sure at Texas Roadhouse. The ambiance was fun, lively, and the food really was very good. It's a great place to take guests or business clients, and despite the fact that I mentioned other venues that I thought were better...I want to take no fate away from Texas Roadhouse. I enjoyed my time there and we will be repeat guests for SURE!

You HAVE to check out this few second video! I was SO HAPPY to see a flying Texas flag...I had to take video :) The wind was blowing SO HARD today I could barely stand to take the video :) It appears there is a "roller coaster" type scream at the end of the video...but it's NOT! That was literally a "wind scream" in my Canon G7 camera on video mode :)

SJR2 - VOTE on Judges - NOT Appoint

We would like to keep our judges on the Nevada Supreme Court and District Court ELECTED positions, NOT appointed positions! It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or Republican...THE PEOPLE need to ELECT these important people...not have them appointed by croanies of whichever party they belong!

Write your officials NOW...the hearing is Mon. Feb. 23rd at 9am

Valerie Wiener: vwiener@sen.state.nv.us
Terry Care: tcare@sen.state.nv.us
Allison Copening: acopening@sen.state.nv.us
Mark Amodei: mamodei@sen.state.nv.us
Maurice Washington: mwashington@sen.state.nv.us
Mike McGinness: mmcginness@sen.state.nv.us

Mark Amodei & Mike McGinness voted NO in 2007 :)

Saturday, February 21

Current Nevada Legislature

Here are bills in consideration during this session of Nevada Legislature. Keep your eyes on them and by all means CONTACT your representatives or local news media if you have a voice.


Prohibits certain demonstrations at a funeral, memorial service or ceremony. (BDR 15-150)


Revises provisions relating to the reporting of campaign contributions and expenditures. (BDR 24-700)


Authorizes the creation of affordable housing districts in certain counties. (BDR 22-87)


Requires local governments to grant preference to local bidders bidding on certain contracts for goods or services. (BDR 27-753)


Revises provisions governing the issuance of drivers' licenses to certain persons. (BDR 43-77)


Provides that the head of a household which receives Temporary Assistance for Needy Families must accept certain employment. (BDR 38-137)


Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-205)


Revises provisions governing postconviction genetic marker analysis. (BDR 14-869)


Revises provisions governing charter schools. (BDR 34-550)


Authorizes the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada to waive certain fees and tuition for a child, widow or widower of a person who was killed while serving in the Nevada National Guard. (BDR 34-915)


Revises provisions governing the eviction of tenants from property. (BDR 3-655)


Establishes a moratorium on the execution of sentences of death and provides for a study of issues regarding the death penalty. (BDR S-764)


Revises provisions concerning certain prevailing wage requirements. (BDR 28-506)


Prescribes the requirements for surrogate decision makers to give informed consent for certain behavioral or medical research. (BDR 40-816)


Revises provisions relating to public health. (BDR 40-858)


Revises provisions governing the attendance of certain offenders at meetings of panels of victims of crimes relating to driving under the influence. (BDR 43-872)


Revises provisions governing driving under the influence. (BDR 43-871)


Makes various changes to the provisions governing common-interest communities. (BDR 10-1284)


Directs the Legislative Commission to conduct an interim study concerning the governance and oversight of the system of public education. (BDR R-301)


Designates February 11, 2009, as Tissue and Organ Donor Day in Nevada. (BDR R-638)


Revises provisions governing the approval of certain initiative petitions. (BDR C-883)


Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the taking of private property by eminent domain. (BDR C-529)


Revises provisions relating to drivers' licenses and identification cards to facilitate implementation of the federal Real ID Act of 2005. (BDR 43-391)


Repeals the Commission on Nuclear Projects and the Agency for Nuclear Projects and transfers certain duties to the Governor. (BDR 18-589)


Revises the date of the primary election. (BDR 24-370)


Requires pupils enrolled in certain grades in public schools to wear school uniforms. (BDR 34-662)


Prohibits certain persons from using a telephonic device to write, send or read a text-based communication while operating a motor vehicle. (BDR 43-776)


Authorizes the boards of county commissioners of certain counties to levy an ad valorem tax to pay the costs of operating a regional facility for the detention of children. (BDR 31-937)


Authorizes the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada to waive tuition and certain fees for certain members of the Armed Forces of the United States and their spouses and dependents. (BDR 34-198)


Creates the Public Education Stabilization Fund. (BDR 34-664)


Urges public schools to develop and implement programs for improving academic performance and maximizing learning opportunities of pupils. (BDR R-806)


Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the selection of justices and judges. (BDR C-177)


Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise certain provisions relating to elections. (BDR C-260).



Revises provisions relating to common-interest communities.


Revises provisions governing initiative petitions.

C- 665

SJR: Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to remove term limits for certain public officers.

24- 666

Makes various changes regarding elections.