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Wednesday, February 18

Facebook Terms of Use / Service

Didn't your Mama ever teach you that ANYTHING you post on the internet is THERE FOREVER for posterity, and you should have MANNERS? I agree with all the news stories that Facebook's "new" Terms of Service clause gave cause for pause! GASP!!!, HORROR!!! EEEKKK!!, yep, the wording and text was egregious!

HOWEVER...just because the ORIGINAL terms of service wording gave you warm fuzzies...DID YOU THINK the same wasn't true? People! We're GLOBAL now, and have been for some time!
I'm a geek, and I only have teeny little talent...but I can copy & paste, right click, save, pirate, determine IP addresses, and grab most of anything anyone posts on the internet. It's NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! Don't believe everything you read. Believe only 1/2 of what you hear, and believe only 3/4 of what you see and witness! Be GLAD some things remain sacred because they should be. Be GLAD if you are a crazy fool celebrity that everybody that knows that doesn't tell it all! Paris Hilton probably did 10x more than got on the internet...like we care!

If you post it THEY will come! Facebook means you no malice! It's ONLY YOU that might post something you DON'T want someone else to find out. YOU posted it...so YOU obviously wanted someone to see, read, or hear it! YOU posed for a photo, or wrote a story, or gave an interview! DON'T BLAME FACEBOOK if you get caught with your hand in some cookie jar or with your pants down! You did it to yourself! Until you registered, made a comment, wrote a note, or posted a photo...FACEBOOK or any other mammal on the planet didn't even know YOU existed. Don't blame Facebook for what YOU chose to be literary content! The World Wide Web is just that...WORLD WIDE. It's like a giant bulletin board and YOU put a piece of paper on it with a thumb tack. They're pointy and hard remember?...those thumb tacks?

If you've got so much to hide, THEN HIDE :) Every keystroke you make is cached! If you don't know the meaning of CACHE, Click on this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cache

I'd worry more if I were all of you what those around you might really KNOW about you. What do your neighbors know? What have those celebrity folks have seen through their windows at home that might come back to haunt them? What did you unknowingly say at a bar one night? WORRY NOT ABOUT FACEBOOK! If you have nothing to hide and you're proud of what you post...then carry on my brothers & sisters...don't let the main stream media scare you once again! We only need be scared of ourselves...or very proud of ourselves. I'm a firm believer of back up what you print even if it hurts :) See my blog for examples sometimes LOL :) If true, back up what others might say about you. We are all human.

THAT LINK is but a scratch on a fly's wing of what cache really means. "Caveat Emptor" might also be another good phrase for those upset about Facebook's "terms of service" to Google :) And, caveat emptor to what others might post about us all...it's the honor system and old fashioned decency that needs to prevail. If you post it of others, it's malice...without permission. Or is it? If what you post is TRUE, then perhaps it's free speech? If you post things you don't want others to see, it's self malice unknowingly...don't post it if you aren't willing to eat it, and own it!

If it gets posted about you and it's untrue...then sue...if it is true guess you have to explain it and eat it. We all hope that those close to us will keep our secrets near and dear. Don't blame the World Wide Web for your transgressions I guess. The box was dark & deep until WWW.whatever...but now it's not. Don't blame Facebook for covering their corporate ass in a conservative way :) AND REMEMBER, the GOLDEN RULE!!!!

DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOU! If the World Wide Web, or the general public would follow those rules, we'd all be a little better. If you do unto yourself by Facebook or general Web posting...then you're on your own :) It's a free country...destroy yourself if you must :)

OR...just be HAPPY to have fun on Facebook or any other website and ENJOY what you post and be proud of it! I love Facebook, my other websites, and life in general. I've known for years not to publish something that will bite me :) I've been bitten all the same though...ya can't please everybody and everybody isn't gonna like you. Just the way it is :)