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Wednesday, February 4

Hillary Confirmed as Secretary of State

Well, the mass media does it again. This time though, I'm gonna give a bit of credit where credit is due...and then slam back on said credit :)

Do we not have bigger fish to fry lately than whether Hillary, or Hilary, or Mrs. Clinton dissed her husband in her acceptance speech? Washington, the hill, the White House, OUR GOVERNMENT has turned in to a really bad episode of some lame reality show. Survivor? Lost? Desperate Housewives? All of these top rated and hugely "successful" broadcasts get about as much of my attention as do an episode of my own stomach flu which thank God I haven't had in years!

However, today...the "hot news" is that Hillary was "RUDE" to poor Bill in her speech. I'm gonna give the polyester queen a kudo here. Ms. Pantsuit (and what's wrong with pantsuits by the way?) got on national television and actually said something REAL!!!

She said (in her acceptance speech for Secretary of State) that she is grateful to Bill Clinton [her husband] for all kinds of experiences [laughter] which have given her an extraordinary richness that she is grateful for and beholding to. ??????? BIG RED FLAG HERE????

I'm giving Hillary huge credit here for coming on TV and giving him a dig. It's NOT like we didn't all know it anyway? Remember the "I didn't have sex with that woman" speech before... or the fact that he doesn't seem somehow to think that a blow job or a cigar in the privates isn't somehow related to sex??? And IF that woman didn't KEEP the dress with semen on it...nobody would have ever known???

I give Hillary huge kudos to have the power she does and come out and remind us all of what she went through and make "light of it". I give her huge kudos for having the brass ovaries to remind Bill Clinton (the other Democratic saviour before Obama the messiah) that he made a mockery of his position as President! However...SOME OF US DON'T THINK IT'S FUNNY!

I sadly was a cheater once. I made that error and lost a family over it because of a stupid and BAD AND CORRUPT move. I'm a really decent person and committed an egregious felony that even I never thought I was capable of. I understand human error and downright despicable behaviour! I begged forgiveness, didn't get even a nod. I was with a true conservative in the purest sense. Screw me...screw you! Don't blame him for that...I crossed a line that cannot be un-crossed. I've since remarried, I'm happy and successful, but once, he too slipped and fell into a bad woman's arms or crotch...however you might seem to view it. Really good people have bad things happen to them, some do...some don't...but a lot of us do, and most likely when it happened it was hugely our own faults that caused it.

The thing I find appalling is that while most of us just try to muddle through our discretions, learn from them and NEVER IN A MILLION years make the same mistakes again...watch those people come on TV and give a guy a DIG and then say...that someone that bent you over and broke your heart...someone that screwed another while married to you...but...but...you are GRATEFUL FOR THEIR EXTRAORDINARY RICHNESS - AND YOU ARE GRATEFULLY BEHOLDING TO THEM? I don't get that! NOBODY is GRATEFUL for that experience and I've walked both sides of that fence!

I think it was funny that she called him on TV...I feel like for any discretion I ever committed I should NEVER be bothered by someone that reminds me of it...but hey...I KNOW the damage it causes others when you commit a personal and emotional crime on them...it's NEVER funny. And to those people that have committed those same crimes against me...I AM NOT GRATEFUL, NOR BEHOLDING TO YOU... I would hope that at some point...enough digs are enough...but hey...folks never forget and Hillary pulled that dig off nicely :) He deserved it, I deserved it, and my current husband deserves it once in a while... You WISH it would go away, you don't WANT to chastise someone else for something you once were guilty of, but you just can't help yourself. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD LEARN FROM THE PEOPLE! Some wrongs can be forgiven, they just can't be "righted". So goes it with Hilary & Bill.

We all in life may have made our peace with each other...but I'm neither grateful or beholding to those that transgressed against me...nor do I expect others I transgressed against to be grateful for my transgressions.

It would just be nice for once for a politician to come on TV...even a newly confirmed Secretary of State to say something like..."Yeah...Bill fucked Monica...I forgave him because I love him, or I forgave him because we make a lot of money together and we're great business partners and politicians. He's not since that day ever done it again and we for our own reasons decided to learn from that grave error of humanity...and even though he's an asshole, he's MY asshole...And hey...I can be a bitch too, and if I was doing my complete part as a wife...he'd have had enough at home to keep him from straying...we're BOTH responsible for that error, and I'm just happy we got through it and have survived."

NOBODY ever comes on TV and says what is REAL! Although I praise Hillary for getting in a bit of her reality...nobody ever comes on TV and states REAL reality. Folks come on TV and state their drama, but they never talk about real reality, or the common sense things that make it better. I hate that about our government, and I hate that about folks in general. We all fail, we all err in our ways...but shouldn't it be OK to admit it? Shouldn't it be OK to talk it all out and DO SOMETHING about it?

I've corrected my failing ways, I did that LONG before I met my husband. When you have absolute repercussions...you change and in a hurry. I love my husband and he loves me, despite our human flaws. BUT...we don't hide behind our flaws. We talk about them and we deal with them. So should the politicians...they ARE the humans we so blindly elect to office. They ARE just normal folks. Only YOU and others not thinking make THEM into something other than we. I've met many celebrities in my careers, and guess what...all just like us!

So NO...Hillary wasn't RUDE to Bill today...she was just honest for once...until she became grateful and beholding for his bad behaviour. If she wasn't willing to offer up some sort of REASON that Bill might have taken the blow job from the chick in the typing pool...then she was just another person in the limelight continuing to pour sugar on sour grapes.

You can pour sugar on sour all you want to, or you can throw sour in the trash when it's too spoiled to survive. Until folks try to deal with WHAT makes SOUR then you're never gonna solve anything, and some folks have to live with NO...or IT CAN'T...

All the times in my life when I fucked up so royally (thank God there are few)...NOBODY was there to bail me out. NOBODY was there to say they were "grateful and beholding to me" for my mistakes...they just bailed.

Hillary is no different. It's all smoke and mirrors. I'd actually like to sit in a bar with Hillary as a girlfriend...I'd like to change her mind on how she speaks to the rest of us. It's OK to keep Bill after his "episode"...but just DON'T try to tell all of us it's all OK every day with her...it isn't. Rich politicians have the same lives we all do. There is NO FAMILY without a skeleton or two in the closet. It just is what it is and THAT is something we can all understand!

If our politicians want us to follow their lead, then THEY need to LEAD in a direction that makes sense. If you screw up YOU PAY and DEARLY. 2+2=4...It's NOT that hard. Don't try to come on TV and make a cute speech while lying to our faces. Bill Clinton DID inhale, Richard Nixon was a crook, and all should just be real.