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Saturday, February 21

SB116 Seat Belt Law Passes Committee

I know seat belts are good for us, I wear one. However...it isn't now, nor has it ever been the government's job to protect us from ourselves. If we aren't big enough to do that on our own, we are not responsible enough to vote.

I need to know that I have legitimately done something wrong before I have to worry about police intervention. Making the "suspicion" that one is or is not wearing a seat belt probable cause for said intervention...I have an issue with. Even in a down economy...the city can do better than this for an excuse to raise money through increased ticket issuance. There are bigger fish to fry and money well spent elsewhere.

SB116 is proposed Nevada legislature for making the lack of wearing a seat belt a "primary offense" which means a police officer can pull you over anytime and anywhere for the suspicion that you might not be wearing the belt. A ticket I can live with, probable cause to stop on suspicion that I might get a ticket...I don't think so.

SB 116 Passes Committee:

Makes failure to wear a Seat Belt a primary offense.

Report on Hearing and Vote: Thursday, February 19, 8am

The Senate Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation, voted at 10:30 this morning 4 in favor 2 opposed to SB116. Schneider, Nolan (the sponsor), Breeden and Townsend voted in favor with Cegavske and Carlton voting no. John Lee was absent. Please thank Senators Cegavske and Carlton for voting NO. With passage from the Senate Committee it will now go to a vote of the whole Senate. In 2007, this bill was defeated in the Assembly, so our next big push will be in the Assembly Committee.

Thank: Barbara Cegavske bcegavske@sen.state.nv.us and

Maggie Carlton mcarlton@sen.state.nv.us

The room was full of “public safety” and medical people, cops, and other bureaucrats testifying in Carson and Las Vegas via videoconference. The bottom line is money. If this law passes the state can apply for grants. Nevadans already comply with 92.2% which is up from 91% 2 years ago--higher than some states that have primary seat belt laws. The education campaign “Click it or Ticket” is credited to the increase. Education works better than compulsory laws!

This is a freedom issue. It would allow the police to stop you at anytime for any reason, when you are doing nothing wrong. Testimony presented by Chad Dornsife of the National Motorists Association http://www.motorists.org/ spoke about how in North Carolina the Primary Seat belt law had been use as an excuse for road blocks by police who then proceeded to “check” everything else. They said the road blocks were successful because they were able to pick people up for so many other infractions.

Joining Eagle Forum and the Independent American Party in testimony against the bill were the public defenders from Washoe and Clark and the ACLU. What good company! They are concerned about racial profiling, liberty and privacy. We are concerned about “bumper sticker” profiling as well.

SB116 makes not wearing a seat belt a primary offense, which means the police can stop you at any time for any reason to see if you are wearing your seat belt. The current law prohibits the issuance of a citation for failure to wear a safety belt unless the vehicle is stopped or the person is arrested for another offense. By removing this provision, this bill allows the issuance of a citation for not wearing a seat belt even if there is no other violation. We are moving towards a police state.

Contact by Phone: Northern Nevada 775-684-6800, Las Vegas 702-486-2626 OR

Toll Free 800-978-2878 or 800-955-9080 or 800-992-0973, Toll free fax: 866-543-9941