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Wednesday, March 4

Nevada Sales & Use Tax Punished ME

I'm truly offended as a small business owner and regular taxpayer of Nevada. I feel like someone said to me, "Malinda...you're a good girl. Now GO STAND IN THE CORNER WITH YOUR NOSE IN A CIRCLE UNTIL JUNE! You're grounded until June 30th young lady! Thank you for being a good girl."

For those businesses that pay their Sales Tax bill early or on time...we've always been given a little smidgen back as a discount or tax cut. On average, it would give back about a $30.00 rebate on a $6000.00 bill. On the other hand...if you're EVEN ONE DAY late...the penalty is about $120.00. Now...I agree that penalties should be stiff for late payers, I've been OK with that standard we have...just thankful for ANY tax cut :)

The following was in my Sales & Use Tax bill for last month.

"IMPORTANT NOTICE: The State of Nevada has enacted temporary legislation intended to address the current budget issues for the remainder of FY 2009. These measures include a reduction in the Collection Allowance authorized for taxpayers who collect and remit certain taxes in a timely manner. Taxes affected are Sales Tax, Liquor Excise Tax for Sales to Consumers, Liquor Excise Tax, Other Tobacco Products Tax and Cigarette Tax. The collection allowance for these tax types will be reduced from .5% to .25% for the period beginning on January 1, 2009 , and for the period ending on June 30, 2009."

Another prime example of punishing the good and rewarding the bad. WHY did they cut my praise for paying on time in half...but didn't increase the penalties for those who don't pay in time or at all? I just don't understand the logic of the government!