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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Sunday, March 1

Rush Limbaugh CPAC

As much as we all know President Obama is a brilliant man and a great speaker...I never got a "tingle" up my leg as some did when he spoke. That is because I listened to WHAT he was saying.

I by accident caught Rush Limbaugh's keynote address to the CPAC conference today, and I must admit...my leg did tingle.

As a true Conservative I believe with my life that all of you are free to believe what you want and to side with who you wish. As for me...I WAS INSPIRED!

I was reminded that I have a great life! I was reminded that in all my bitching and complaining sometimes over anything that has happened over the last 30 years...I have it good, and I really DO have good people around me :) In my political activism I sometimes get down because I think I have no voice...I DO...WE DO...not everything happens in a day...but right always wins.

If you watched that speech or listened to it in its intirety, and then you cannot understand that Conservatism is the backbone of the USA and all of what the founding fathers intended for us... then I'm sorry... We'll never tell you "I told you so"...for we won't have to. When we no longer have anything to give to you...and you cannot believe there is no more...as you sat idly by believing with all your heart that someone somewhere was going to come and save you...then you may sit idly by with all of us when there might be no more hope or change.

As for me...I'm going to pick up my bitching butt and go forward. I'm going to remind myself of my own favorite quote that was given to me by the ex-producer of the late great Credence Clearwater Revival band when I dealt cards to him one night across a blackjack table in Reno, and he was of age 80 something.

Grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. It's greenest where it's watered. Stay home and water your grass :) I intend to water my grass and be thankful I have a large yard to water :) Nothing is perfect but some things are damn close, and I choose what's been damn close for over a decade at least in my life, or even longer :) I apologize to myself for ever thinking on a whim or a drink that anything would be any different :) I apologize to myself that it took me this long to give up the past, and know...that it's only right now and what we can believe that matters sometimes. Conservitism IS NOT DEAD...our mistakes die, our idioscryncies may last moments, but our core values and our core people last through anything. I'm gonna go hug mine, my kids, my companies, and my beliefs, and my husband...I'm going to LIVE my life and be HAPPY that I have a good one :)

Rush...thanks for inspiring me again to be steadfast and accomplished :) Thanks for inspiring me to realize what I have and NEVER BITCH about what I don't have...for it's ONLY MY choices and MY ACTIONS that determine such.