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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, May 5

Ed Carlson - Reno's Waver

Ed's BACK! I wrote a story long ago about Reno's icon eccentric Ed The Waver. A seeming hippie with a story of unconditional love that walked to the moon and back, and almost everybody waved :) STORY HERE.

The VIDEO portion of that story is "currently temporarily unavailable"! I've written those folks to FIX THAT SOON, because his video is priceless on many levels. I included the "link" in case it does get fixed. He does chant a strange mantra as he walks...it's on the video...that I can't show you right now! I've found no other record of that chant. But...Ed has graced our roads & highways since the 1970's with kindness and a WAVE :)

My son's girlfriend works at the VA hospital here locally...and thankfully is also one of the few that follows my blog (love ya E) :) Since she had read my previous story of Ed the Waver...she recognized him immediately when he came in recently for an appointment and she had the pleasure to serve him.

She told him of my story on my blog, and asked him if he could give her something as a momento of their actual meeting. He gave her an autograph. Now most would think that an autograph is just a signing of a name. NOT FOR THE WAVER! This must be the most amazing and most intriguing autograph I've ever seen. SEE TOP LEFT STORY PICTURE - CLICK TO ENLARGE :)

It took me a while to actually READ all of it...and decipher it...and try to figure out what seemed like hyrogliphs within it...BUT I FIGURED IT OUT!...and it only made me wish I could give this odd fellow a nod and say Thanks Again for being a true icon of Nevada... The strange "quotes" or "designs" within the autograph...are the WORDS he CHANTS as he walks our highways, streets, & neighborhoods and just continues his misson to WAVE :) Of course, the hand drawn within is his...traced...as another wave :)

God Bless you Ed....we're all still waving back, and I personally am HONORED to have in my possession a legitimate token of your life story in the form of your unique autograph :) THANKS E for sharing that with Mama C :)