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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, June 23

What Does A Free & Strong America Mean To You?


Give Romney's PAC $50 and you might win an all expense paid trip to see a ball game at Fenway Park sitting in the Romney Family's seats :) Consider it a raffle ticket :) Many complained that it cost something to enter...goes to my entry...America is still a FREE country. Pay it and enter ONE DAY LEFT...or don't...but DON'T judge those of us that did!

Here's my entry:

"PEOPLE RISE, carry forth what founding Fathers intended, ABIDE the Constitution. GREAT document at inception.

GET OVER ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY, GET OVER “Political Correctness”…Free Speech IS. QUIT getting FEELINGS HURT over someone DISAGREEING, then attempting to take morbid, legal action against said person… otherwise we’re stuck in moldy turmoil called endless conundrum!

GET MORALS back! SAY NO to someone, AND HAVE THEM understand NO MEANS NO…keep extremes between yourselves under cover of your private home, NOT in main-stream. It’s OK to have ENFORCED RULE stating things are better left unsaid or undone… Americans cherish freedom… keep some freedoms to yourselves if you don’t particularly like enforced rule of civility, moral behavior, or common sense!

BE FISCAL! It’s long been said that money is the root of all evil, but lack of it breeds evil! If America doesn’t FIRST deal with FISCAL; WE CANNOT heal social, political, or varied issues. YOU CANNOT SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE! Government has NO MONEY! They’re elected officials that serve US – WE DON’T SERVE THEM! Government HAS NOTHING they don’t gain from US! The more they take from those providing, the LESS WE HAVE TO PROVIDE. When they’ve taken ENOUGH to make all equal… NO MORE to take and NOBODY left to provide!

EVERYBODY has a calling. Take that calling to the best of your ability WITHOUT Government intervening, prosper and abound. Keep morals strong, efforts true. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST PEOPLE on earth…if we just go BACK to how America CAME TO BE!"

IT'S SO HARD for an activist blabbermouth like ME to say ANYTHING in 250 words or less...but I did it in EXACTLY 250 words. Although I couldn't cover illegal immigration here...I'm pretty sure enforced law and SAY NO 'bout covers that too :) Good luck to me and anybody else that entered or will...

Wednesday, June 17

Wednesday Hero - Pvt. William Long

Pvt. William Long
Pvt. William Long
23 years old from Conway, Arkansas
D Company, 2nd Battalion, 58th Infantry
June 1, 2009
U.S. Army

"My brother taught me valuable lessons and made me the man I am today," said Pfc. Triston Long, brother of Pvt. William Long. "My commander said, 'Make your brother one of us.' I will miss my brother with all that I am, and I serve in honor of him."

Pvt. William Long had just completed basic training and was set to ship out on June 8 to his first duty station in Korea when he and Private Second Class Quinton Ezeagwula were shot outside a Little Rock, Arkansas Army-Navy Recruiting Center by Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad. They were in Little Rock to speak to with potential recruits about their experiences.

Pvt. Long's father, Daris Long, a former Marine, wrote a letter to give to him when he shipped out for South Korea. In that letter he wrote, "Your day only ends when you’ve done your duty. You and your brother … are both heroes for having the moral courage to stand up when your country needs you most. You are in my hopes and my thoughts and my prayers. You are my son, you are my hero. I love you. Semper fidelis."

Along with his father and brother, Pvt. William Long is survived by his mother, Janet, who had served in the Navy herself.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From RedState, Sipsey Street Irregulars & Army Times with help from Kathi

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Wednesday, June 10

New Legislation OR Pre-Planned Conspiracy?

I SWEAR - I'm NOT a Conspiracy Theorist! However...I'm living in a time unlike anything I've ever seen in my lifetime, and I'm 46. I'm amazed lately at the lightning speed in which rules are changed...both nationally and locally.

Each new "regulation", or "new law" up to and including BOTH my "Obama" administration AND my Nevada legislation...has creepily had RESULTS BEFORE the ink was dry on the paper!

Obama signs a new bill...within 3 days it seems I get new updates on my business software to compensate for the new expenditures/rules! My Nevada legislature signs a new law, and before the ink is dry I get a letter in the mail explaining the NEW way I must fill out tax forms or meet tax obligations, and / or I get a strange check in the mail that might benefit me TODAY, but it WON'T benefit future home buyers!

Is all this stuff pre-planned? HOW CAN IT BE...it's NOT efficiency I ASSURE you that's causing all this. In years past...you almost had to ask or beg for new rules after they were passed in "Congress" to insure yourself you were obliging to new regulations before you might be penalized for not doing so. Today...news airs...next 3 days you get notification! In a country of 300,000,000 folks..."they" are NOT that efficient!

"They" also aren't fooling anyone! Folks that study bills before State Legislature or Washington Congress can READ BETWEEN the lines! Every county in my state has a different sales tax %. Reno has been 7.375% since I've been in business...but we had an allowance credit for paying on time that got cut in half in the bad economy. That comes out of MY pocket. Sales Tax that I PAY my county is none other than writing a check for that which I collect...called a "wash" for those in the business know.

For business owners...we got a "notice" that our allowance for making timely payments was cut in half from Jan.-June. Well...it's June. We also heard that sales tax going up was a passed measure in Legislature! Well...let me read you the letter...paraphrased yet accurate!

The previous reduction in the collection allowance (Jan-June) will remain in effect for ALL FUTURE RETURNS. In addition...the local school support tax of sales & use tax will increase from 2.25% to 2.60% (don't EVEN know what that is but SOMEBODY is paying it!)...as of July 1, 2009. Based on these increases...here...blah blah are new tax rates...Reno...7.725%????? While SOME...MIDDLE CLASS folks bear these increases...they make it seem like tax rates went DOWN from 7.735% to 7.725%??? Maybe some other counties really got humped...I only keep up with mine :) BUT...BANGING average folks for the INCREASES and LOWERING the sales tax to consumers by a miniscule amount...DOES NOT MAKE FOR LOWER TAXES!

HELLO!!! The INCREASES that are MORE are paid by the average folk, the same way you give us a percentage of a penny OFF our sales tax??? Don't you government folk THINK WE the LITTLE PEOPLE can actually DO MATH??? "You" GOVERNMENT stick a rose in our faces while you stick a hot poker up our butts and think WE don't know the difference given your convoluted formulas of "government math".

Let me spell it out for any Republican or Democrat out there. 2+2=4. Dividing CRAZY ideas into REAL numbers only leads to failure. YOU aren't fooling ANYBODY! Nevada Legislature's idea of 4...Obama and his Congress's idea of 4 is NOWHERE EQUAL TO 2+2! GIVE US A FREAKING BREAK ALREADY!!!!

"They" cannot EVEN account for all the bail out money...but by God...I've gotten notices of me paying MORE immediately! A bad bill passed in Nevada that is "good for me" as a homeowner that "already" owned a home...got a tax abatement check.

For new homeowners...they are going to pay taxes on full market value of anything purchased if my thinking is correct. The only "roll-back" to pre-so-in-so tax values was going to require this if my study is true! BUT...just saying...things are happening QUICK these days...like "they" ALREADY knew what was going to happen before it did!

Am I crazy? OR...does anybody else notice this?

Friday, June 5

Yen & Yang of Capitalism

When SUCCESS is no longer a viable OPTION...a FEW will continue to succeed for a short time.

When FAILURE is no longer a viable OPTION...ALL will eventually FAIL in a short time!

Obama Makes My Jaw Drop

I swear...I never thought I'd live to see the things happening right before my own eyes today. One man managed in 6 months to spend more money than ever before in 30 administrations before him. One man has managed to appall the masses (even the ones that voted for him)...

The last time I "overly" shook my head was when Jimmy Carter was in office. But today, I'm beginning to think I've contracted a terminal case of both Parkinson's Disease and TMJ all at the same time! I walk around each day with my head continually shaking and my jaw dropped (it's locked in that dropped position), as I watch my President throwing away 200+ years of history.

There might have been a report of a volatile dirt explosion...I'm not sure...but I'm pretty sure wherever the founding fathers are buried...a huge explosion occurred, as I don't think a simple "roll-over" would have been sufficient enough for them in their graves! I'm pretty sure their graves either EXPLODED, or IMPLODED, and the smell of RIGHTEOUSNESS must be prevalent wherever they exist! For the ones that were creameated...it must look worse than the LaBron James Powder show in the playoffs!

Obama now has Czars...bunches of them (about 13-16) I think...since when does the USA need Czars? (Czar is the definition of a ruler of Russia until the 1917 Revolution, or one in GREAT power). Nobody really knows who they are...who they report to, or what the consequences will be if they don't perform admirably? They just are, and they get paid WELL on YOUR dime!

I think Obama must have been "absent" for 9-11, and much before and after. I think Obama learned A LOT while he was in that Madrassa in Indonesia as a small child. After attending Rev. Wright's "christian church" for a long time...he hasn't been bothered with religion at all lately. I can't talk...I haven't stepped foot in a church for years either...but I PRAY regularly and those that know me know I depend on my Christian beliefs and spirituality to get me by always. Church can be at home, it can be anywhere...but most that participate at LEAST talk about that practice on a regular basis! Obama only preaches the NEEDS of the other peoples, not the Americans who hold Christianity dear. Don't get me wrong...Christians by belief accept, welcome, and tolerate freedom of all religions...I've just never seen such a "Muslim "christian" before"...

My President gave up Reverend Wright to spend my taxpayer dollars to travel to the Middle East and quote the Quran! NO OTHER POTUS has EVER done that! I see dictators and savage militants laughing at my President calling him Comrade and joking that THEY are more Conservative than he...and it's true. No doubt Obama is a Liberal...but to have Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro LESS Liberal than you is spooky!

Obama basically snubs Israel and the Jews...but he sure loves the Muslims...NOT the Christians or Catholics, or the Methodists, Episcipalions, Church of Christ, Jewish people, or any other Christian religion that actually believes in GOD and true kindness and responsibility! He said on his first day of his tour, he was happy to be there where Islam began! Couldn't bother to go to Israel though...Couldn't even bother to go to Kenya to visit Grandma who witnessed his birth...oh yea...he's had a gag order placed upon "that part" of his family since his Grandma "ratted him out" for NOT being born in Hawaii...he's spent about $2 Million in legal defenses against the 12 or so lawsuits against him for producing no legitimate birth certificate...when producing a legitimate one would have ended it all!

I've been alive for all Presidents from Kennedy through Obama, and NO President has ever "given me the CREEPS"...this one does. It's TOO CREEPY that he's managed to destroy America in less than 6 months. All politicians are a bit arrogant, but he's narcissist, and arrogant beyond any other. He continually makes speeches and looks from side to side, points that finger horizontally OVER and over...and NEVER LOOKS US in the eye!

A man that cannot LOOK YOU IN THE EYE has MUCH to hide! Pelosi or Reid cannot look into the eye either. (Excuse me...Pelosi DOES look you in the eye...she just waves her hands a lot and states..."I've said ALL I'm going to say about that." We're in a BIG MESS...and while I always try to get along with my Democrat friends...I hope this is the CHANGE you were hoping for...as for me...I just HOPE I survive long enough to see him gone out of office! It's a real shame to see what Obama and the Democrats and the liberal media have done to this Country!

Even the flag that flies in front of my house is depressed! The wind never seems to kick up in the right direction anymore to make it fly STRAIGHT OUT! It just seems to kind of limp there and fly sometimes, but mostly just hang...even in Nevada winds. When it is windy...it seems to just get all wadded up in itself! God Bless the USA even if our President WON'T.

And God bless Israel even if our President WON'T.