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Wednesday, June 10

New Legislation OR Pre-Planned Conspiracy?

I SWEAR - I'm NOT a Conspiracy Theorist! However...I'm living in a time unlike anything I've ever seen in my lifetime, and I'm 46. I'm amazed lately at the lightning speed in which rules are changed...both nationally and locally.

Each new "regulation", or "new law" up to and including BOTH my "Obama" administration AND my Nevada legislation...has creepily had RESULTS BEFORE the ink was dry on the paper!

Obama signs a new bill...within 3 days it seems I get new updates on my business software to compensate for the new expenditures/rules! My Nevada legislature signs a new law, and before the ink is dry I get a letter in the mail explaining the NEW way I must fill out tax forms or meet tax obligations, and / or I get a strange check in the mail that might benefit me TODAY, but it WON'T benefit future home buyers!

Is all this stuff pre-planned? HOW CAN IT BE...it's NOT efficiency I ASSURE you that's causing all this. In years past...you almost had to ask or beg for new rules after they were passed in "Congress" to insure yourself you were obliging to new regulations before you might be penalized for not doing so. Today...news airs...next 3 days you get notification! In a country of 300,000,000 folks..."they" are NOT that efficient!

"They" also aren't fooling anyone! Folks that study bills before State Legislature or Washington Congress can READ BETWEEN the lines! Every county in my state has a different sales tax %. Reno has been 7.375% since I've been in business...but we had an allowance credit for paying on time that got cut in half in the bad economy. That comes out of MY pocket. Sales Tax that I PAY my county is none other than writing a check for that which I collect...called a "wash" for those in the business know.

For business owners...we got a "notice" that our allowance for making timely payments was cut in half from Jan.-June. Well...it's June. We also heard that sales tax going up was a passed measure in Legislature! Well...let me read you the letter...paraphrased yet accurate!

The previous reduction in the collection allowance (Jan-June) will remain in effect for ALL FUTURE RETURNS. In addition...the local school support tax of sales & use tax will increase from 2.25% to 2.60% (don't EVEN know what that is but SOMEBODY is paying it!)...as of July 1, 2009. Based on these increases...here...blah blah are new tax rates...Reno...7.725%????? While SOME...MIDDLE CLASS folks bear these increases...they make it seem like tax rates went DOWN from 7.735% to 7.725%??? Maybe some other counties really got humped...I only keep up with mine :) BUT...BANGING average folks for the INCREASES and LOWERING the sales tax to consumers by a miniscule amount...DOES NOT MAKE FOR LOWER TAXES!

HELLO!!! The INCREASES that are MORE are paid by the average folk, the same way you give us a percentage of a penny OFF our sales tax??? Don't you government folk THINK WE the LITTLE PEOPLE can actually DO MATH??? "You" GOVERNMENT stick a rose in our faces while you stick a hot poker up our butts and think WE don't know the difference given your convoluted formulas of "government math".

Let me spell it out for any Republican or Democrat out there. 2+2=4. Dividing CRAZY ideas into REAL numbers only leads to failure. YOU aren't fooling ANYBODY! Nevada Legislature's idea of 4...Obama and his Congress's idea of 4 is NOWHERE EQUAL TO 2+2! GIVE US A FREAKING BREAK ALREADY!!!!

"They" cannot EVEN account for all the bail out money...but by God...I've gotten notices of me paying MORE immediately! A bad bill passed in Nevada that is "good for me" as a homeowner that "already" owned a home...got a tax abatement check.

For new homeowners...they are going to pay taxes on full market value of anything purchased if my thinking is correct. The only "roll-back" to pre-so-in-so tax values was going to require this if my study is true! BUT...just saying...things are happening QUICK these days...like "they" ALREADY knew what was going to happen before it did!

Am I crazy? OR...does anybody else notice this?