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Sunday, September 20

Helzberg Diamonds Reno ROCKS

My son is getting married :) My son bought his woman's ring at Helzberg Diamonds here in Reno in the Meadowood Mall :)

I was there - we shared his story with the women behind the counters at Helzberg :) My son met his special girl while playing softball over three years ago. He played short stop - she played second base ;)

We went to pick out "that special ring" that only Erica can wear :) My son wanted to take her out to that ball field, and propose to her on second base - he did - she said YES - and a new family is born :)

Time passes - WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN A BILL YET - down payment done - forms complete - remainder of what's owed - no bill yet ?

Olga, from Helzberg gave me a phone call. She asked if Clayton did actually propose to his bride to be. I announced happily that yes he did. OLGA REMEMBERED! Olga asked if he did it at second base - I happily announced that YES he did :)

Olga asked again - did she say yes? WELL I again happily announced - YES she did say YES! (OMG - she's marrying my eldest son - how could she NOT say yes LOL) - BUT what makes Helzberg Diamonds ROCK - is that Olga the salesperson that sold my son the diamond ring for the woman he's chosen for a lifetime - cared to ASK!

Olga called - more than once until she reached us. She WANTED to know that all went well. We mentioned that we hadn't received a bill yet - she said - we haven't sent one yet! We wanted to make sure you were happy, and that he proposed, and that she said yes ;)

WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN ANY MORE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY!!! They wanted to make sure all was good and happy, and they even mentioned that sometimes things go bad, and ladies don't always say yes - and maybe the young man needed to return the ring ;)

HELZBERG DIAMONDS in Reno, NV - THE REAL DEAL! If you need jewelery - GO THERE!

Helzberg Diamonds CARED about my son's wedding proposal. They went above and beyond the normal course of duty :) I CARE about businesses that CARE - because I'm a business owner myself ;)