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Tuesday, September 22

Obama on Letterman Show

President Obama went on TV yet again tonight on the David Letterman show. He's been on TV more times than he's had days in office! Anybody besides me question this strategy? GET OFF MY TV ALREADY!

RACE - YES - the race card was pulled again!

Letterman asked Obama how long he's been a black man - his response? "So the American people, I think, gave me this extraordinary honor. That tells you a lot, I think, a lot about where the country is at." Obama joked that he was actually black before the election - he wasn't :)

Obama's CORRECT response to how long he's been a black man should be NEVER!!! The race card is wrinkled, smelly, incorrect, and Obama IS NOT a black man :) Obama has a white mother, a black father, he's neither - he's just as much white as he is black - but yet America still praises the first black president. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT about the color of his skin, his DNA, his genetic code, or his hair, nose, eyes, etc.

WE THE PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT HIS POLICY - IF HE WERE TRULY 100% A TRUE BLACK MAN - AND HE DID A GOOD JOB - NOBODY WOULD CARE!!!! Jimmy Carter (truly the WORST president of all time - was as WHITE as an Easter Lily) was the worst president EVER in the USA. Obama is running a final second - and may take the lead if he's not careful.

If the race card is SO IMPORTANT to those KEEPING it in the media - WOULD YOU - YOU THE RACE CARD FOLKS - PLEASE ASK THE RIGHT BLACK MAN TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED? I'd LOVE to have a black president - I wouldn't even mind a purple, green, or blue president! JUST GIVE ME A PRESIDENT THAT READS THE BILLS - READS THE CONSTITUTION - AND GIVES A DAMN ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE! This man does NOT have your backs folks - cradle to grave is NOT something your government is supposed to provide.

He's GREAT for the entitlement crowd - which is HUGE! You've been indoctrinated to think the world owes you something for free - Obama's all about that - at the price of YOUR own tax dollars even though YOU think he's PROTECTING you from all that. Vote and weep my friends. The devil IS in the details - when it all comes down - YOU WILL LOSE MORE than you think you already don't have.

I'm so happy for Obama that he was impressed about a heart shaped potato that some lady gave him. Obama called that remarkable. YES we all like humor and home spun gratitude - but when your POLICY outweighs your humor - suddenly - it seems menial! A heart shaped potato with a GOOD president would be funny - and we'd all embrace that man's sense of humor. Obama is so far down the ladder right now - NOTHING funny he says makes WE THE PEOPLE laugh anymore, because I CRY when I see, study, and know what he's (the whole government) is doing to YOU - the ones that love him so much.

9.7% Unemployment? Who's doing the "averaging"? Where I live, it's 12.4% - where my in-laws live, it's up toward 15%...9.7 is but a drop in the bucket to most of us. GUESS WHAT? THERE ARE STILL JOBS TO BE HAD here in 12.4% ville... The MAJORITY of jobless - are the minimum wage jobs...BUSINESSES NEED SKILLED LABOR! Trade skills, mechanical skills, tech skills, management skills, even in "small-ville"...skilled customer reps, skilled folks with good work ethic and morals - ARE IN DEMAND!

Another "guess what" to those that just blindly BELIEVE statistics that are produced by the media? The "unemployment rates" are generated by statistics generated by those ACTUALLY receiving unemployment benefits! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Americans still "have" a job - but they've been cut back to 3-4 days a week, benefits cut, and salaries dropped! THEY are basically unemployed - but their numbers DON'T show...

Obama & administration have INCREASED unemployment benefits for 20 weeks now twice that I know of...there's only 52 weeks in a year - seems like bail outs never end. I can't tell you how disappointed I am when I hear folks I know personally tell me that "hey - they extended it - there's no real jobs out there anyway - I'm gonna keep drawing unemployment...I deserve some time off - I paid into it - gonna get what's mine!"

GUESS WHAT DUMMIES!? YOU don't pay into unemployment! Your EMPLOYER does! AND, if you run a good company, and don't have to fire too many, not too many quit - after 3 years or so YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENTS go DOWN. In this economy, in this unemployment explosion - there won't be a break for years! TOO many people are on it - and STAY on it because the government keeps you entitled TO IT! GEEZEES! NOW the government says "part time" employees can get unemployment for the days they DON'T get! WTF? There's NO incentive for folks to go and DO! Productivity is a choice - too many choose NOT to.

By the way - NOBODY on this planet would, could, or SHOULD fault those that are truly disabled, crippled, or distraught in a way that makes them unable to fend for themselves. This nation IS ONE of compassion, love, and charity. THOSE that truly CANNOT will ALWAYS be taken care of :)

For those that never realized that minimum wage jobs are for the ones in high school or college, the ones that keep tips on top of income, or the retired that want extra income but not too much to thwart social security payments, or the ones that like working in an easy position and have a spouse or other income? Guess What? You reap what you sow!

As to the war - Obama's OWN CHOSEN leader / general is begging for more troops in Afghanastan! Obama had that report over a month ago! Obama doesn't want to engage! He said...

"Obama said he won't make a decision on sending in more troops, though, until he completes a comprehensive review of the war effort and settles on his next strategy.

"I'm going to be asking some very hard questions," Obama said."

GREAT! Another "comprehensive review" - just what we need from the government when your OWN chosen general is THERE and TELLING you what's needed! How many soldiers will DIE while Obama needs to have yet another "comprehensive review"?

He's gonna ask HARD questions? How about the HARD QUESTION the sitting general Obama chose ASKED HIS Commander in Chief? GIVE ME TROOPS OR GIVE ME DEATH - that's the bottom line... Folks like to think (government at least) the TOP line wins... NO - NOPE - NOT EVER - it's the BOTTOM line that matters - the war is on the bottom line - and it's bad.



If ya don't want to be the big dog - then get off the porch! It's all really simple America. We can FIGHT and WIN - or we can come home. There is NO MIDDLE in war! Eight years into a war that could have been won in a few months is even tiring to me the right winger :) Bush had balls, but with a Lib majority - couldn't kick ass and take names like he wanted. Main stream America is indoctrinated into Kum-Bah-Ya - so make a decision people - kick or curl - just make the move!

Obama needs to settle on his next strategy - what Obama is doing is SETTLING on OUR FUTURES!...BS

AND on Obama's media blitz this Sunday / Weekend - yep - you guessed it - was on every station imaginable to mankind in the USA - but refused to show up at FOX...

Perhaps WE need to remember that he "didn't know well" the folks he "did know well"...

And - while most of you are swallowing that warm sweet oatmeal and cookies fed to you by your current government and your main stream media???... beware of the habanero and jalapeno peppers diced in the middle of your brainwashed pudding :)

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/09/22/obama-tells-letterman-actually-black-election/