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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, March 22

Scotty McCreery IS MY IDOL

Scotty McCreery IS MY IDOL 2011 - and I HATE reality TV.

Music centers me - ROCK or COUNTRY...


I chose his original audition for the video here -

YOU want to see how good he's become since?

OK - one more taste...

BUY the tickets one day - he's in the top 11...

Sharron Angle For NV Congress #2

Recently, I spoke to Sharron Angle personally.  I LIKE HER - I really do; she's a phenomenal woman.  Nevada, nor America YET is ready to take that step to Revolution.  Although I'd like to see it happen...

There are ALSO some other GOOD/GREAT politicians ready to run for Dean Heller's Congressional seat when he WINS the next seat to take OUT John Ensign in the Senate USA.

Rumors have it that Brian Krolicki and/or Mark Amodei will run for that seat.  I kindly held Sharron Angle's hand - and basically told her - while I like her personally - she has NO CHANCE in hell to win against either one of them.  It's true.

I just HATE to see a really nice woman put herself through that AGAIN - she's LOST a few elections already - HOW MANY times does she need to be told the citizens of Nevada will NOT elect her.  The media (as it is) is already slamming her SO HARSHLY - and in my opinion UNFAIRLY!  BUT - still remains - why spend ALL that money and go through that again.

I have a little mindset of my own like Sharron Angle - have even contemplated running for a small office of my own from time to time.  I don't agree with her some of the time BIG TIME on some issues - but a lot of the time - I say HECK YEAH!  I think a LOT of good people DON'T run for office for the same reasons.

I just say - Sharron - pick your battles - fight hard where and when you can - I support you as a fellow Republican Woman - but this one you cannot win.  Choose another battle...

Monday, March 21

My Latest Thoughts On Politics

On all fronts...I thing folks should think about this when thinking about what's going on today...

Tuesday, March 15


Not sure I wanted this to be my first post back on the blog trail - but business is business.

I live in Reno, NV.  A GREAT PLACE to live.  Unfortunately, our state "boasts" #1 in unemployment, #1 on foreclosures, & #1 in several other areas.

However, the GOOD side of those facts means that if you live here - you can buy a house for cheap - get a GREAT JOB - and your kid can excel in school like no other.

I've been trying desperately for some time to HIRE TWO Journeyman Diesel Pickup Mechanics for some time.  Where are they all???  One would think in the very state that "boasts" #1 in unemployment, folks would be lining up on the street for a job.  

After the "dot.com" boom and bust - no young people have experience in the "trades" anymore.  Nobody wants to get dirty - or work in mechanic jobs, electrician jobs, plumber jobs, etc.  The money is GOOD!  A guy with any experience under his belt doesn't make less than $20 per hour in my shops.  Basic beginners even make $17+ per hour.

I NEED MECHANICS!  I have a great busy shop and am so busy I need to hire TWO.

Please apply by phone at (775)-359-4477 - Fax in a resume to (775)-359-4487 - or apply online at our website http://www.dynamicdieselinc.com  

Sunday, March 13

Been A Long Time - I Want To Write Again

I'm back and I want to write again.  Stay tuned for the crazy opinionated woman to speak on cyber paper tomorrow...