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Tuesday, April 12

BUDGET Argument - Al Sharpton - Chicken & Pig

In this budget argument in Washington - I would have said - shut it DOWN.

A video came out stating we are all like an Egg & Bacon sandwich -

LOVE egg sandwiches on Sundays :) NOT the way Al Sharpton says it...
My liberal friend tried to see it another way...

I saw the video in another manner - I AM the pig's leg...PAYING for all the

entitlements...Liberals see themselves as the chicken laying the egg.

BUT in a bi-partisan manner - I have to laugh tonight - because my LIBERAL friend called me and asked me if I saw Al Sharpton on TV today???

NO I DIDN'T - but when I watched it - I saw what she saw...

As a liberal - she agreed with him - BUT HELL NO!

I saw it differently...Liberals are laying free eggs - and WE THE PAYERS
- and PRODUCERS are giving a leg. Entitlement folks feel
like THEY are
giving a leg - and we PRODUCERS KNOW WE ARE giving a leg
- I only wish I was only
laying an egg...

It was funny though that she called me to turn me on to this video KNOWING we would see it differently - and was OK with that ;)

A LIBERAL KNEW I would see this differently - and spin it another way...

About 50 seconds into the video :)

What does that say about their confidence in the way they want things???

THEY KNOW it's unsustainable - and the pig cannot keep on giving a leg
to pay for it all.

The same needy pig cannot keep giving a leg to hope for it... It is what it is.