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Thursday, January 19

Clarence Ray Allen

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding this execution. People in this country (especially the liberal left) make the death penalty out to be such a horrid thing. It's not. This man did irredeemable things, and just because it's been 23 years since he did it, his sentence was still given by a judge and jury of his peers...even upheld by a higher court. My opinion is certainly not worth much, but I do know it's shared by millions of Americans that are tired of the liberal direction in which our country is going. People need to learn that if you do bad enough things, you will die for your deeds. And, we don't need to support these people for 23 years until they pay for their crimes. Follow this link
  • Clarence Allen Story
  • for an article describing that execution...
    As I said, my opinion isn't worth much, but you will find the article linked above gives a very "fair and balanced" accounting of the whole ordeal...